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Here is where you will find all the reviews that the JoypadAndMe team have written for the Xbox 360 console. Released in 2005 the Xbox 360 has been a favorite of many a gamer for its impressive internet service Xbox Live  as well as its range of innovative gadgets such as Kinect that gives players many new ways to experience games.

Battlefield Hardline (Written by Danny)

Well here we are another battlefield game but this time it has headed into a different direction. Instead of a normal war-time game, it has switched to a drug war. In my opinion this is a good step mainly because many games franchises never take the risk of changing it up, it’s good to see battlefield took the leap of faith. Danny has been a keen Battlefield player since his article way back when he started with JoypadAndMe on why he switched from Call Of Duty to BattleField. After talking about the Beta for Battlefield Hardline previously on the website, Danny couldn’t wait to try the full game out and give you his thoughts on this step away from the standard Battlefield format.

Blue Estate (Written by Ashley)

Based on a comic book that no one I know has heard anything about, Blue Estate has very little to do with either the colour blue, or the socio-economic struggles of the housing market. I would say it’s about mafia boss Don Luciano’s prized horse, the titular “Blue Estate”, and the Pulp Fiction-esque kerfuffle that ensues in trying to rescue it, but really, Blue Estate has very little to do with anything other than daft, over the top madness. That’s not to say there isn’t a plot as there is, and it’s silly, but essentially, as with most on-rails shooters, the plot simply exists as a crutch to guide the player from one encounter to the next, whether that be a Korean nightclub, the warehouse of a fast food establishment or a golf course populated by Eastern European goons using grenades as balls.

Dragon Age Inquisition (Written by Julius)

If you have not played any of the Dragon Age games before, you are thrown into a world full of rich lore, so it may be daunting at first, but you will soon understand and love it. Your character is a survivor of a massive explosion at the Conclave – where the Chantry (similar to our own Church) were acting as mediators for the war between the mages and templars. The explosion left a massive tear in the sky (called the Breach) which leads into the Fade (a kind of dream/nightmare-ish realm where demons and spirits reside). Like with other Bioware games, they keep the cutscenes dynamic via the decision wheel, which pop-up in cutscenes and allow you to choose what to say, and your voiced protagonist will portray what you want.

Dragonball Xenoverse LinkDragonball Xenoverse (Written by Ashley)

Dragonball has finally solved the age-old question of how you add original characters and plot and then weave them into the path of a well-trodden storyline. The answer: time-changing shenanigans! Unoriginal? Maybe, but it breathes new life into the series, and poses a number of fascinating “What If?” questions. What if you swapped bodies with Captain Ginyu instead of Goku? What if Hercule wasn’t totally useless…? Summoned by Trunks through the power of Shenron and the Dragonballs to Toki Toki City, you play a silent warrior from one of five races: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, or from the unnamed species that Frieza and Buu belong to (Frieza Race and Buu Race are the names given here).

Far Cry 4 (Written by Sam)

The introduction is impressive and show cases a lot of the good things about the game. The graphics are nice as is the environment. I enjoyed exploring it and immediately after starting the game it was fun to spend a little while just looking about. There are lots of ways to navigate the world, you can drive, cycle, air glide, swim or grapple hook about. Or, if you invest in a particular development skill tree, which you should immediately and as soon as possible, you can even ride elephants and smash stuff up. Of course if, like me, you’d seen someone riding an elephant in the gameplay and, like me, tried to ride one before investing in that particular skill, you’ll end up on the less friendly side of the elephant smashing.

Fifa 13 (Written by Danny)

Another year and another FIFA. Every year we see the world’s best football game improving in some way. This year there has been a number of additions to make this game feel more authentic but yet more enjoyable. One of the new additions to FIFA 13 is the new first touch control. You are no longer guaranteed a perfect first touch to get beyond a defender, also you cannot just run on to each pass and burst past defenders because many times the player will not have the best control of the ball and the defender could quickly come in and snatch the ball away from you. You may think that this addition is one of the worst that EA could put into the game but week in and week out professional footballers all around the world all take a heavy touch at times.

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast And Furious (Written by Ashley)

When I first heard about this unexpected collaboration, my initial thoughts were of this effect: “I’d have thought this would have been more of a Need for Speed thing”. Squeaky-clean simulated racer Forza, working with the brash and ostentatious Fast and Furious series for gaming purposes? Even though the Horizon sub-series sees Forza take to da streetz (Ash’s Mind: Never say that again, EVER), it’s still a crossover of two completely different styles, but now I’ve had chance to play it, I think that’s the point. Strap in, turn the nitrous to full and let loose as we find out if Fast and Furious can add to an already very popular racing series.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved (Written by Ashley)

Originally entering this world as an Easter Egg of sorts in Project Gotham Racing 2, Geometry Wars took on a life all of its own. A Smash-TV inspired twin stick shooter, Geometry Wars channels your inner high schooler, and has you declare War on Geometry. Yeah, suck it Maths! I can’t wait for the next round of Algebra Incursions, or Quadratic Skirmishes. After Bizarre went under, people thought we’d never feel the sweet sensation of massacring shapes to the sounds of thumping techno and the sight of some insane colour explosions ever again. So let’s thank our heroes at Sierra for providing us our latest instalment of rainbow-flavoured delirium. For the uninitiated, the premise is simple: you, the Little Spaceship That Could, must destroy waves of evil geometry that hate you and everything you stand for…

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (Written by Gareth)

Warner Brothers revisit the world of Middle Earth in this new third person open world game, set in the dark corners of Mordor. You play as ranger who has been murdered along with his family by the Black Hand of Sauron. You are resurrected by a mysterious Wraith and become linked together, with the same goal of killing the Black Hand. Its time for you embark on your adventure to destroy Sauron’s army. The game plays like a ‘best of’ the last generation. The combat of the Arkham games. The gathering and outpost liberation of Far Cry. The stealth mechanics and free running of Assassins Creed. The side quests and openness of GTAV. Everything in this game has been done before, but here its entwined and stitched together wonderfully.

Mortal Kombat X (Written by Ashley)

It’s that time once again, where fighting game players up and down the land begin to display guttural, primal and violent tendencies, so much so that competitors can often be found disembowelled and lacking vital pieces of their skeleton. If you’re a little bit confused, allow me to alleviate: Mortal Kombat X has finally arrived, and oh my, it is a cacophony of blood, guts, and gore. With so much content on offer, I barely even know where to begin, so I’ll start as the game starts, with the Faction War. Upon first loading the game, you’re given the choice between 5 established Mortal Kombat factions: The Lin Kuei, the Black Dragon, Special Forces, the White Lotus and the Brotherhood of Shadow.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Written by Ashley)

It must be hard being somebody important in the Resident Evil universe, as once you become embroiled in bioterrorism incidents or zombie outbreaks, they seem to follow you around everywhere. A simple walk to the shops can turn into a fight for survival, or a family visit can inexplicably morph into a sudden mutation extravaganza. Or maybe this happens…          At a TerraSave conference with Moira Burton, daughter of series favourite Barry Burton, Claire Redfield is basically loving life and being appreciative of the fact she isn’t involved in another horrible freak show of bioterrorism, experimentation and all-round abject horror…

Saints Row 4Saints Row 4: Presidential Edition (Written by Ashley)

I think there’s something funny in the water cooler at the offices of Volition, because games like Saints Row don’t come from the minds of anyone rational; they come from the minds of loonies. Maybe their offices are attached to an actual insane asylum, and the inmates enter the premises unattended to create their own vision. It would explain the visible shift you can see the series take during its progression, as the crazies begin to infiltrate the production team. A title that was born out of a potential DLC idea, Volition expanded the idea and created the sequel to SR3. Ashley takes a look at the madcap world that you take on in the sandbox extravaganza that is Saints Row 4!

Titanfall (Written by Ashley)

Philip K. Dick posed the rhetorical question “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” with his 1968 book of the same title. Gamers are offered a similar query: “Do Gamers Dream of Big Dumb Mech Fights?” I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I love a good robotic slobber knocker every now and again. Nothing like a good old fashioned mechanical donnybrook to really get the motor running… Moving on from my dodgy word play, I present you with Titanfall, a game devoted to pitting Man vs. Man, Man vs. Mech and of course, Mech vs. Mech across a variety of maps and game modes. Normally at this point in my strict reviewing formula, I’d mention the story, but this game has about the same level of exposition and major plot points as a walk to the shops.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War (reviewed by Gareth)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War was revealed only a few weeks ago at E3 and too much surprise released pretty quickly. It’s the fourth game to use the UbiArt Framework engine (after Rayman Origins/Legends and Child of Light) and the second to be developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. When you think of puzzle adventure games, the last place you’d expect to be thrown into would be that of the First World War. A bloody, gritty and quite frankly horrific period that in other games would have you spend the entire time behind a rifle, playing as a clichéd ‘hero’, murdering very realistic enemies controlled by mouthy 12 year olds, who are plaguing you every five seconds. Not with Valiant Hearts.


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