Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious

 Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast And Furious Banner

Price: free until 10/4/15 – £7.99

Developer: Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games

Publisher: Microsoft

Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One

When I first heard about this unexpected collaboration, my initial thoughts were of this effect: “I’d have thought this would have been more of a Need for Speed thing”. Squeaky-clean simulated racer Forza, working with the brash and ostentatious Fast and Furious series for gaming purposes? Even though the Horizon sub-series sees Forza take to da streetz (Ash’s Mind: Never say that again, EVER), it’s still a crossover of two completely different styles, but now I’ve had chance to play it, I think that’s the point.

forza Horizon 2 fast and furiousAfter the Horizon Festival from Horizon 2, a gathering of the most fanatical car and music lovers, everyone’s favourite misspelt adjective Ludacris calls you up with a task; find and obtain 10 cars based on the Fast and Furious movies, such as the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, or the 1998 Toyota Supra. Later on, you’ll be racing against cars like the 2014 Maserati Ghibli S and the 2012 Nissan GT-R.

In order to attain these cars, you must complete 2 or 3 part events involving races, both against a group and one on one, breaking speed and drift records, smashing a bunch of signs in a dockyard because whatever, and racing a helicopter in a Showcase event. Essentially, all this serves as a preview or demo of what you’d see in the full version of Forza Horizon 2, but it also allowed Turn 10 Studios to mess around some new systems under the hood, like the introduction of nitrous.

The map itself is a portion of the full map from Horizon 2, locked to just the town of Nice and the surrounding countryside, but just like all Forza games, it looks gorgeous. Never, I feel, has the virtual European countryside looked so good… Not that you’ll have time to stop and look with all the racing you’ll be doing.

After rounding up all 10 cars, you’re treated to one last showcase event, which is rather thrilling, and then its game over, which is fine once you know what the game is supposed to be: a demo for Forza Horizon 2. You’re even prompted to buy the full game once you finish this mini adventure. This is meant to be a bit of flavour for the meal proper; an appetizer, hoping to tempt you to gorge on the main course.

Scores 3.5All in all, this game will last you about 3, maybe 4 hours if you want all the achievements (which isn’t too hard, I’d suggest you go for it). Whilst you do get access to new cars and toys, and the game teaches you every feature you could learn about the full version of Horizon 2, the length is a little short, but I think the price evens that out. Now, if only they had the vault hauling scene from the fifth film, that would have been amazing…

Overall: A short, enjoyable supercar romp.


New Staff Member Ashley Bates Banner Beveled


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