vdjomb’s Year of Shame Month 2

VDJombs Year Of Shame Challenge

What Have I picked up?

PS+ November Content:


  • Escape Plan (PSVita & PS4) already own;
  • Steamworld Dig (PS4 & PSVita);
  • Luftrausers (PS3 & PSVita);
  • Frozen Synapses Prime (PS3);
  • Hungary Hordes (PS3);
  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PSVita & PS4)

Review codes:

  • South Park Pinball, Walking Dead Pinball, from Zen Studios;
  • Chariot from Frima Studios (2 codes received passed to Graham for Extra Life purposes);
  • Stealth Inc 2 from Curve Studios (WiiU code) passed to Gareth for review)


  • SingStar PS4 App
  • The Crew Open Beta


What Have I been playing?

Having found I was becoming at little bored with Destiny, I opened the choice of my first game for me to play during my Year of Shame to Twitter and gave people the choice between Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, DmC (Devil May Cry Remake). All three I intend to play this year but thought this was a nice way to start digging into games I’d acquired via PlayStation Plus. After CodecMonents.com staff tried to fix the vote in favour of Raiden and his robot doggy pal, thankfully the 12 hours Downloading Vanquish was worth it as it won by 2 votes.

Vanquish_PS3Vanquish (PS3) was far better than the original demo I played many moons ago. Playing as a DARPA mech-suited grunt, you have to fight against bonkers Russian robots on some strange space station that has been used to destroy San Francisco. The plot is typically over the top but not in a bad way, visually the cut-scenes are fantastic especially a couple close to the end. Gameplay was better than I remember too. Lots of sliding and shooting tonnes of robots. I did find the first boss a total pain in the backside but only until I sussed how to take him out using the slow mo. I played it over a couple of days on Casual difficulty and the Trophies ding in plentiful supply, keeping me going to the rather abrupt and ambiguous open ending. With very silly end credits. I went back the next night with a trophy guide in hand to attempt to clean up a few easy shinnies I’d missed. No intention of Platinuming the game given the fact that one of the Trophies requires completing the game without dying and there are supposed to be some very difficult challenges.

Rating: Surprisingly good


Lego: The Hobbit (PS3)


I borrowed this a few months ago I’ve also finally started and I’m two thirds through . What I mean to say is that as the 3rd part of The Hobbit Trilogy isn’t released yet you can only play to the end of the second movie. The final part is coming as DLC after the final movie is release. It’s very much a Lego movie tie-in game, looks nice enough but I did notice lower quality pre-rendered cut-scenes that I expect and a bit of frame rate issues. The main change to the gameplay is the ability to craft objects by collecting parts, you can also trade pieces with NPC’s too, there’s also a building objects Mini-game which is a nice idea but relied up on way too heavily to the point of monotony.  Not a bad little game but I’m not in a rush to borrow it again for the third part

Rating: Not as bad a stepping on a block in bare feet.


I also managed to finally get so couch co-op my friend Dave (@BigCatMerv) which gave me the perfect opportunity to clear some Co-op games from my Pile of Shame.

Resogun (PS4): Only a quick game played but I can safely say I much prefer the independence of playing online as local co-op made playing a little restrictive.

Sports Friends (PS4):


4 Mini-party games (with two hidden ones) It was such a lot of fun, especially Pole Fighters which requires pole vaulters to knock a ball through a goal either by balancing on the pole and kicking it or using your pole to drag it to the goal. It looks a little basic but the game-play was great, we even went back to it after playing some other the others. We could see how Johann Sebastian Joust would be epic in a bigger room with more people hall holding more controllers and trying to knock each others to be last person standing. IMG_20141108_233814The Two hidden games where a lovely surprise, one called Get On Top is like a strange 2D wrestling game using the stick to try and pull your opponent over and make their head fall off, the other was a trippy version of Pong with artificially CRT screen bend included. This game was originally a Kickstarter and it deserved to be funded given how much fun these are. I’m hoping people give them a go via Share-Play as being free with Plus you should play them. I also went back like a lonely saddo and tried to open up a few of the trophies, some of which were really easy but one required I resort to the abhorrent behaviour to one of my DS4’s.


Rating: Poles that look like oversized wobbly willies.


Towerfall Ascension (PS4): A game originally exclusive to Ouya Android based console. A Retro-styled competitive battle game, based in a single room where you can fall through holes in the floor and appear at the top of the screen. Running and jumping firing arrows at up to 3 friends. What I was most surprised was that there’s a Co-op against AI opponents and my lord is tough. Well worth a play with friends.

Rating: Tough love


P.T.(Playable Teaser) (PS4) Being a fan of horror films but a major wuss when it comes to scary games, I needed someone else to metaphorically hold my hand. Having played the first 10 mins of PT with the girlfriend and turning it off at the first jump point, Dave had kindly offered to play through it with me. PT_JumpHanding him the controller for the first part, I knew what to expect but Dave didn’t and he jumped out of his skin which made me laugh. We then took turns to play through up to getting stuck and having no idea what to do. I’m not going to spoil the Playable Teaser for Silent Hill5 but there’s some genuinely disturbing imagery and clever tricks and puzzles. Makes me think I’m gonna be far too much of a wimp to play the full game.

Rating: 5hockingly good


Zen Pinball The Walking Dead table (PS3, PS4 & PSV)

I’ve not managed to play as much of The Walking Dead table as I’d have l liked but I have found it stays true to the look and style of the Tell Tale Games, but not sure I’m enjoying the make a decision mechanic as trying to hit very specific lanes to complete them is damn difficult. Rating: Left for Dead

Zen Pinball South Park tables (PS3, PS4 & PSV)

I could go on about how much fun the two tables are but instead you should read my review HERE. Check out below my score chase on Butters table. Rating: Less offensive but no less fun.


I also played a little of Pix The Cat(PS4&PSv) it came with PS+ at the start of the month and it’s a reasonable time waster but is far better on PSVita than PS4 as their appears to be a strange controller lag issue. Rating: PacCat


SingStar: New PS4 App became available for free and allowed me import some of my previously purchased songs from PS3 about thirty in total which is less than a third of the tracks I’d previously bought. A far from easy method to do this with a lot of issues with getting all your songs downloaded. IMG_20141108_234044Using my PSVita via Remote-Play worked better than I expected and freed up the main TV. SingStar on PS4 plays fairly similarly to PS3 version but appears to have few bells and whistles, with some obvious and not so obvious omissions. There’s no ability to play the party games that were previously fun on PS2 & PS3 or Online Multiplayer. The previous uploaded images and videos are still there, which is a good touch and made me go through and delete videos that no longer needed to be there. Due to licencing restrictions there’s no allowance to stream your performances to the world, which is an understandable shame. You can now use a mobile phone as a mic or the PS4 Camera, wired and wireless mic work but the latter seems not to be working for me.  My issue was that it wanted me to repurchase three tracks and I’ve had no response from SingStar about it being fixed.

Rating: Must Try harder

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

LegoMarvelSuperHeroesAfter the relative tedium of the unfinished The Hobbit Lego game is was nice to jump in to a full formed PS4 version and it’s magnificent. Very funny, feels set in the world and features a rather extensive collection of Marvel Characters. The Story was engaging and the open world aspects are massive. Some of the controls for flying are a bit guff but generally enjoyable. I’m starting to find it a bit of a grind after completing the story but I will progress with an aim to get the Platinum, it just may take some time.

Rating: Marvelous


SHAREfactory (PS4)

Not really a game as such but I keep going back into it so that I can edit captured videos for these articles. Thanks to FW2.0h0h I’m now able to upload them direct to Youtube which is an interesting option except for some of the issues I’ve had with PS4 uploads I’ve currently got two vid that I can’t upload as they’re stuck with an error code on them. That said SHAREfactory itself is really easy to use just select videos you want add to a project, name it and away you go. With a bit of editing you can come up with some nice gameplay vids. In the time it was taking to export the videos I was busy playing…


Luftrausers (PS3/PSVita)

luftrausersOriginally discussed by Troy during a previous JAMcast and lovingly called “Loose Trousers”, this game looks and plays like an iOS / Mobile game but with the joys of having physical controls on the PSVita. The Aim being to fly an experimental gunship and shoot down enemy planes and destroy boats, Battleships, submarines and Airships. As you progress and tick off specific achievements unlocking new aircraft parts that can be interchanges to create your own personal style of airborne destruction. Not since Jetpack Joyride have I had a game on my PSVita that was simple and so damn addictive I spent pretty much two days solid playing through. Trying to get to the end and clear all the trophies, by just having one more go. The graphics are very simple looking but flow smoothly with a World War 2 style vibe going on. The trophies are tricky and some of the combination of parts make for some wacky names and controlling Aircraft. I actually finished the game in the early hours of 10th November but I’m ticking it off my Pile of Shame for this month.

Rating: A Bitesize Blast


The Crew (Beta/Demo) PS4

Having not got into the previous two betas and the non-appearance of Driveclub I was glad to see a code for this in my inbox as I’d been in need for a bit of “Next Gen” racing. Firstly the file size was odd as it said it was a 14gb download but seemed playable after about 4.5gb. Which it, was up to a certain point where I couldn’t progress as it stated I was at 28% downloaded. So Ubisoft strikes again, this was something I experienced with AC4 Black Flag when I was trying to replay the PS4 version which was a £10 upgrade because I bought it on PS3 Disc. The idea of being able to start a game before 100% DL is great, but what is the point if your ISP is a rubbish speed and you’ll be unable to play any further until the next chunk downloads. So sadly I didn’t manage to play past the prologue and it gave me no opportunity to explore.

The story struck me as very heavily influenced / ripped off from Sons of Anarchy but with cars not bikes. It looks rather nice with cut-scenes on a par with Assassin’s Creed 4 / Watch_Dogs. In game is alright visually, my issue was with the controls which felt exceptionally loose, and cars felt like they were floor surfing rather that interacting with terra firma. I managed to try about 5 vehicles, 3 of which were during a Test Drive to choose my starting car for the story. It was good as it gave me a bit of practice with the twitchy controls. I advise that it’s a beta / demo so maybe things will change but this close to release I’m not expecting much to. I can’t give any input on the Multiplayer or an opinion on how it compares to Driveclub as I’ve got zero frame of reference.

Rating: Stalled at the Lights


How’s it been?

It was good opening the voting to people to get me to play something for a start to my Year Of Shame and it was a lot of fun, the demo for Vanquish really didn’t do it justice. I can kind of see the appeal of Lego Games but The Hobbit reminds me far too much of Lord of the Rings on PSVita, which really became a grinding drag and I can kind of see that happening with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Finally brave enough to play the impressively looking and disturbing P.T. which has made me think I may well have to avoid Silent Hill5 as it’s gonna freak me out too much. Getting some couch co-op with a friend has been something I’ve missed out on and was loads of fun with Dave. Now that PS4 allows for Share-Play I can see Dave and I playing more but over the internet.

I’ve also had issues with the PS4 not outputting sound to my amp correctly and gimping it down to PCM stereo. I won’t bore you here but I’ve managed to solve it and it’s far better now with games pounding out in 7.1 Surround Sound. Though I have discovered that PS4 gimps 7.1 down when playing 3D Blu-Rays to 5.1 in the same way the PS3 does disappointingly. Also issues with PS4 firmware 2.00 has been an annoyance but caused me no major issues other than uploading to youtube no working properly.


What Have I missed?

Well it’s coming into the start of Silly season and I know that there are some massive games coming that I’d really like to be playing thankfully only 1 I’m tempted by has been release and that is Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, having skipped the cross generation Ghosts I’m in the mood for a good FPS and the review seem to indicate I should be. I know next month will be far harder due to one of my favourite franchises getting two games this year. But I’ll discuss that next month and with the news that one of the games I’d missed out on due to my Year Of Shame is coming free with PlayStation Plus in the next couple of months gives me something to look forward to.


My Month in Numbers:

Games acquired: 8 (+2 passed on)

Games played: 11

Games Completed: 4

Trophies achieved: 93

Platinums achieved: 0

Trophy total: 5597


Connor McKervey (@vdjomb)

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter


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