vdjomb’s Year of Shame Challenge Month 5

VDJombs Year Of Shame Challenge

What have I picked up?

PlayStation Plus games arriving Feb 4th

PS4: Apotheon; Transistor (Cross-Buy)
PS3: Thief; Yakuza 4
PSVita: Rogue Legacy (Cross-buy); Kick and Fennick

Review code: Minutes (Cross Buy)

Freemium: Fat Princess: Piece of Cake (PSVita)

Other: None

What have I played?

Resogun (PS4)

So I’ve been hooked back into this fantastic shooter, mainly thanks to Tenchy88 for doing some online co-op that he streamed. I decided I would try for Platinum as I only had 1 trophy left which is completing Experienced difficulty without using a continue. My good God is it tough but I’m determined to have gained the shiny Platinum by end of my Year of Shame. There’s also some DLC due imminently that I’ll be checking out in the coming months.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PS4)

Still playing this digital crack of an indie and I’ve managed to kill Mom’s Heart numerous times and I’ve even managed to do in Satan. Why not checkout how overpowered I was in the video below.

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake (PSVita)

A freemium match 3 gems puzzle game with mild strategy elements. There were two reasons I’ve cained this firstly by completing to level 15 I was supposed to win a PSN code for Fat Princess on PS3 by linking the game with Facebook, sadly I couldn’t get it to work. Secondly I’ve got a ridiculous addiction to match 3 games ever since Columns on Sega Mega Drive. Over the last few years I played more Treasures of Montezum Blitz on my PSVita than any other game. Being a hater of Freemium games, but thankfully  I’ve still never spent a penny on them.
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake published by Sony Santa Monica is simple and geared towards making you part with your cash due to the limited lives (Stamina) that refresh after time. With a Gold coins for real cash system that I find deeply insidious. There’s an option to buy an unlocked version for 200 coins by either winning them or buy giving real cash for virtual currency.
There’s an option to use stat boosts and level up characters either via grinding collecting diamonds or Coins. The battle revolves around clearing a specific gem to launch a type of weapon attack. Swords attack a single enemy, Shotgun damages the first row, Bombs attack an area, with a Priest delivering health recharges. The main difference is that collecting the Pieces of Cake allows the eponymous characters to arse bounce the enemies, when you’ve collected enough. It’s very playable and I keep going back daily as an update added Daily play bonuses.

inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)

I picked this up as a Collector’s Edition at release but only played through Bad Karma on medium and found the game looked good, played really well but became repetitive due to the cut n paste style area clearance sections. The story is well acted with Troy Baker as Delsin an unknowing Conduit, who gains powers, starting with smoke. Sadly I found him a big douche and the story felt like it was going through the motions, especially given how well rounded and diverging Cole McGrath’s was.
I started my Good Karma Hard playthrough and decided to play the story, ignoring anything other than blast shards for upgrades and Graffiti tagging which is the best use of the Dual Shock 4 to date in my opinion.
As I expected the story diverges so little which made me think Delsin even playing to become a Hero is a total angsty teen douche. There’s an interesting Cole’s Legacy optional missions that came as part of Collectors Edition but really isn’t worth paying for, as I played through them previously.
I loaded up my previous completed inFAMOUS playthrough to ding a few trophies including dropping from the highest point in the game and Double air vent dash to comet drop trophy. Returning to my Hero playthrough to continue the story, as I upgraded I did find the difference in the powers between Good & Evil are really good, just a shame  the story doesn’t diverge enough for my liking. I noticed something in the prologue that as rather clever that I missed the relevance of during my first play. I finished the final boss battle which was no way as tough as when I first played it and resulted in my first Platinum of my Year of Shame. Whilst playing I inadvertantly recreated the infamous Uncharted 4 live demo bug.

Rating: Mildly famous

Minutes (PSVita / PS4)

I’d heard great things about this game from people who attended last year’s EGX. With an EU game patch due at the same time as the North American PSN release on 10th February, I was kindly sent a code by Red Phantom Games. I managed to play few levels before getting stuck. It’s a unique puzzle game with 60 progressingly difficult levels each lasting 60 seconds thus the name. The left stick controls a circle with the aim of collecting [to start with] coloured lines which fills the outer ring of the circle and avoiding [to start with] black lines. Too many black lines and your circle explodes, meaning you have to start over. The Aim is to hit a set score awarding stars, as you progress extras are unlocked to assist you. The ability to change the size of your circle using the shoulder buttons which can effect you score by halving or multiplying it depending if you de/increase the size. Later you’re awarded specials mapped to the face buttons such as slowing down the lines allowing navigation past some tricky crossing lines & other black obstacles. Others create a shield or blow up objects around you or allow you to reduce the damage you’ve taken.
As you progress through you start to see how and when to maximise your score by changing size and collecting all the lines. There’s a little smiley face called a MinuteMan to look out for and collect by touching the PSVita’s screen of DualShock4 Touchpad causing the game release a little giggle. Which made me smile the first time I spotted on on PS4.
You can also aim to collect all the colour for 100% collection, 3 stars based in increasing score and no damage received. Achieving all of these conditions award you with a Perfect Minute. Which is tough as all hell, but keeps you coming back for one more go. I’m not in a position to give the game a rating yet as I’m awaiting for the patch to drop.
Rating: To be decided

Trine 2 (PS3)

I’d asked Twitter what I should play and Justin Smith kindly offered to help me get through it with the aim for dinging off a shiny Platinum Trophy. As PS3 chat is a bit shit we used Skype to be able to chat and co-ordinate our playing. Controlling one of three Characters (Wizard, Warrior & Thief), who each have their own abilities. Trine 2 is port of a relatively old PC game, 2D puzzle platformer, that looks really pretty but is notoriously easy to Platinum on PS3 due to the limited number of Trophies, nearly all of which are gold trophies. Justin had a handy walk-through for how to achieve the trophies, all but two were achievable together in co-op only requiring one of us to satisfy requirements. We played over a couple of nights quickly discovering we could “cheese it” by using the Wizard to levitate a created block with the other player on. Thus allowing us to generally ignore the puzzles. By level 6 we’d got all the trophies we could together and I had to Fly Solo for the two remaining talking of which that trophy glitched because I died as I killed the massive snake this preventing the Double ding to signify completion. I didn’t finish the story by 9th February but I’m planning on cheesing through it with Justin next month.
Rating: Trite too cheesy Platinum.

What have I missed?

Again time to play is something I’m missing but that is to be expected thankfully I found a way to play with baby in tow. Release wise there’s only been Dying Light release of any real significance but given the ridiculous pricing for download version and a physical release delayed I’m not too bothered now.
Given the amount I’ve spent on gaming clothing which is easily the amount I would have spunked on games during November to February, I’ve got myself kitted out and wrote about my experiences with This Geek’s Ce Chic: Insert Coin Vs Musterbrand

How have I felt?


As eluded to I’ve managed to game even with an 8 week old baby thanks to a 12 foot piece of lycra fabric. This sling has been invaluable as Nathaniel hasn’t been sleeping laid down. Getting Nate in the sling has allowed me to Platinum inFAMOUS: Second Son and record a JoypadAndMe podcast. Sadly allowing Catherine to sleep in shifts has been tough to maintain, whilst trying to work an eight hour day after 5-6 hours sleep. So Cat’s now Co-sleeping with Nate, meaning I’ve got more time on an evening to game but I’ve got little energy at the moment.
Getting a Platinum with Justin on Trine 2 was a lot of fun with him carrying / levitating my dumb arse through it. I’ve also got it on PS4 and I’ll maybe try and grab other JoypadAndMe staff to play in 3 player co-op and stream it. The trophies on PS4 actually require way more time to complete and look very tough. I nominated my Four in February which are Trine 2, Minutes, DmC and Machinarium. Having started three of those you’ll have to join me on the next YoS Challenge 3 podcast when it airs in March to see if I’ve ticked them off. Talking of which the first full episode for the Year of Shame Challenge 3 podcast is available. Feel free to grab it from Podomatic or on iTunes and give us some feedback.

Month 5 by the numbers
Games played: 6
Games completed: 2
Trophies gained: 50
Trophy total: 5808
Platinums achieved: 2

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Connor McKervey (@vjomb)

Hull based self confessed PlayStation fanboy, never far from his PSvita.  Writer, dev liaison and podcaster for JoypadAndMe.com. CUrrently trying to to fail his Year Of Shame Challenge.

Hull based self confessed PlayStation fanboy, never far from his PSvita.
Writer, developer liaison and podcaster for JoypadAndMe.com. Currently trying not to fail his Year Of Shame Challenge.


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