vjomb’s Year of Shame Challenge Month 4

VDJombs Year Of Shame Challenge

What have I picked up?

Only just in time for this months was


PlayStation Plus content which came on the 7th January:

  • inFAMOUS First Light [PS4] ;
  • DuckTales Remastered [PS3];
  • Woah Dave! [PSVita];
  • Duke Nukem 3D Megatron Edition [PS3/PSVita]

Already owned:

  • The Swapper [PS4/PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy];
  • Prototype 2 [PS3]


  • Resogun [PS3 / PSVita]


  • Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition [PS3]

Review Codes:

  • Zen Pinball Venom Table [PS3 / PS4 / PSVita]


  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (promo copy) [PS4]

Other: A son


What have I been playing?

Zen Pinball Venom Table [PS4 / PSVita]


I received this table without requesting it, as my first game of this month from Zen Studios. I’ve played a fair bit but not enough to give it a full review for the site yet but something just isn’t sitting right with me. It doesn’t have the humour or uniqueness of Deadpool table or the hectic and sweet charm of the South Park Pinball tables. It looks lovely and I’m always up for more Marvel Themed tables but it’s just really challenging. With the table split into two distinct sections above and below the meridian. Lower half has very difficult area to lock the ball which requires hitting set switches as they light up, hitting the incorrect one causes it to reset, locking three ball give a Multiball. There’s a clever challenge for unlocking Carnage and the chutes that lead to the top half of the table. Which leads to an area for random mission generation, these are more like Hurry Up’s than proper missions. There are chutes that come into play when the Battle between Spiderman and Venom unlocks. The looks and feel is great as is the soundtrack. It’s just not grabbed me as much as other tables and feels tough like one of the Star Wars Pinball tables, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting to try and get my review done.

Resogun [PSVita]

Really pleased to get this for free on the day before my son was born as it became my go to game during any free minutes I’d had. It’s fabulous on the OLED screen, no it’s not quite the beauty of the PS4 version but it plays the same as the Pre-DLC Version. It’s been a challenge to try and get one the trophies again as they’re not a shared list. IMG_20150125_134917Though playing Experienced difficulty on & off for nearly two weeks was rewarded by getting me the silver in the early hours of New Year’s Day.
Rating: Pocket-sized pew-pew perfection

Resogun (Ship Creator DLC) [PS4]
Having the shooter bug I went back to PS4 version and decided to Save the last Santas. Booting up my created Whitestar and tried to ding off more trophies. I even downloaded other people’s ships to clear a mission multiple times (ie No boost, No Overdrive, No Agility). Still one of the best games on PS4, and one of the greatest shoot ’em ups.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [PS4]


On the 3rd of January I finally received the [promo] copy of CoDAW, which you may remember I won back in November via Twitter from The Angry Microwave. After installing with a couple of bizarre issues including needing clear HDD space even though there was enough, then waiting for the patch to download.
Having skipped CoD:Ghosts due to not fancying it, maybe due to CoD fatigue from it’s annualised gaming franchise.
IMG_20150125_134853I must say this games looks good, not as pretty visually as Killzone: Shadow Fall in game but certainly more interesting to play, with cut-scenes that made me double take due to the near photo-realistic quality.
Game & storywise it’s a CoD game for those who live in caves basically they’re the Michael Bay movies of videogames. Big silly, over the top, dumb fun.
Playing through the story wasn’t without it’s issues, it’s still a corridor FPS, I also encountered bugs. Getting stuck in the scenery, Intel disappearing after saving, upgrades resetting but the biggest issue was that the game completion trophy didn’t ding. I’ll have to go back, to clear up other trophies but I’m not in a rush to chase the Platinum.
I did manage to have a few games of PvP with Karl doing Team Deathmatch, which is nice but the strange exo-skeleton suits and future weapons feel a little odd. I’ve not really played enough to say if I’d play past prestige but generally I’ll only ever reach it once and more on.
Rating: Got my gun off

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [PS3]

This is a game I’ve been meaning to play for a long time but kept getting distracted by newer bigger releases. You play as an older & younger brother each controlled separately by their own side of the controller. Looking and feeling similar to a Team Ico game, with a story that moves the characters and yourself through a range of areas and emotions. Looking beautiful and playing very well with a control scheme that may not be unique but is effective and doesn’t cause an aneurysm. With some genuinely surprising moments that help develop an empathy with the non-English speaking leads, which I’m not going to spoil. After completion, I went back with a guide to collect the remaining trophies.
Rating: Short but bitterly sweet

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth [PS4]

Still playing this incredibly addictive randomly generated environment / enemies shooter. Finally managing to Kill Mom only to discover that it opens up another area called Uterus. I also managed to ding off a few trophies and unlock more playable characters with different perks / disadvantages. Due to this games random nature I’ve got no idea how close the Platinum is to achieving as some trophies require finding all the items & secrets. Most of the trophy details are hidden too. Looks like I might be consulting a guide for help soon, if I can put it down long enough.
Rating: Still to be decided but given the amount of time I’ve put it to it’s fair to say it’s compelling

Pure Pool [PS4]

Pure Pool Banner

Trying to play any games with a very small baby is tough but when Cat was feeding, I would play Pure Pool. Which is still really good and I completely stand by my review. It also game me time to try out the USB Music Player that was added to the PS4 in Firmware 2.00. I spent many a game clearing off Career mode whilst listening to some decade old mixes from two of the guys over at CodecMoments.
Rating: Go read my review.

What have I missed?

Given my almost comedic interactions with a highly inept level of customer service from Tesco on Twitter due to the gift voucher I mentioned last month being invalid. Having to return it to work for replacement as it was a defunct card. I was aiming to spend it on Assassin’s Creed: Unity which at the time was £22 on PS4. Looks like the universe is preventing me from adding to my Pile of Shame. There have again been some fantastic savings at retail and not so great discounts on PSN. I’ve also had trouble getting time to play as much as I would like but check out the next section for why…

How have I felt?


I was due to become a father on 11th December but like many anticipated releases it was delayed. Nathaniel Oliver McKervey born on 18th December at 4:48 and my gaming life hasn’t been the same since. That said considering he was one of the main reasons for doing a Year of Shame Challenge in the first place I can hardly be disappointed can I. Thankfully having Resogun on my PSVita was a god send, as I spent a couple of days at hospital with Cat & Nathaniel after his birth.
I’ve been dealing with a serious lack of sleep too but very worth it. He’s been unhappy to be laid down but unlike Graham I haven’t had to result to one-handed gaming. Though balancing a baby on your chest whilst trying to play is do able but difficult. There has to be a better way!? There’s been times when I’ve been able to play whilst Nate’s laid asleep on me or like Brothers and CODAW, grabbed in bites during his time feeding with his mother.
Due to Nate not appearing on time it meant I got to hook up with the lovely fellows for Year of Shame Challenge 3 to record the introduction podcast for their start of their Year of Shame Challenge from January 1st, as misery loves company. You should go and grab the Intro episode on iTunes or via podomadic here. You can also follow my cohorts Colm, Stuart, Matt via Twitter too. The first full episode will be recording at the end of Jan.

Fantastic month for gaining trophies granted most were from Resogun getting a quintuple ding the night after Nathaniel’s birth was pretty memorable. But 100% Brothers was a great feeling and not too tough and has motivated me to try and get some shiny Platinums.

By the numbers:

Games played: 7
Games Completed: 3
Platinums gained: 0 (but 1 game 100%)
Trophy total: 5757 – 5674
Trophies gained: 83

Connor McKervey (@vdjomb)

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter. Currently taking part in a Year of Shame Challenge.

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter. Currently taking part in a Year of Shame Challenge.


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