vdjomb’s Year of Shame Challenge

VDJombs Year Of Shame Challenge

I’d decided a few months ago to just try and tot up my number of games that I have in my back catalogue. The number is over 100 covering the three current PlayStation platforms.


My retail Pile of Shame games that I have not yet finished. NOTE: The Three games at the top are still in their wrappers.

Including games that I’ve always wanted to play, as well as a quite a few I’ve always intended to go back and gain the shiny Platinum Trophy. The constant release of new games has kept giving me a reason to put it off but enough is enough.


As I’d previously mentioned that in December I’m going to have the scary pleasure of becoming a father for the first time. As I understand, babies are damn expensive so I need to curb my spending. As my untouched games list has been getting out of control due to my subscription to PlayStation Plus, I feel it’s time to stop the rot. There are also so many games that I own and want to play for the first time or revisit to 100%.

YoSRules (1)Trepidations:

Main worries are:
Do I have enough content to keep me busy for a full year? The chances are good given the fact that not only do I have nearly 100 titles to play, which includes games I want to try to boost up my Trophy rank with, currently standing at 5462 trophies.
Will I be able to resist purchasing the new big titles (ie Assassin’s Creed Unity, Alien Isolation, Farcry 4, Batman: Arkham Knight) coming out over the next few months? Thankfully I’ve got PS+ for a year so that’s gonna keep giving me new content. Also given the rapidity that games drop in price preventing myself purchasing will mean I’ll likely be able to pick up all the games I’ve missed after my Year Of Shame is over.


Pile on the left is games I plan on revisiting, hopefully for shiny Platinums. It’s worth mentioning that these piles represent a very small fraction of my Pile of Shame due to the amount of games held in my PSN download list.

What do I aim to achieve?

Hopefully by the end of my Year of Shame Challenge I will have finally cleared through some games I’ve always wanted to play but have been putting off. Ideally I will have revisited at least 12 games to gain Platinum Trophies. Managed to prove I have some will power over my spending habits and may be even change the way I view buying games. If nothing else after a year some other bigger titles will have dropped rapidly in substantially in price. May be I’ll have even convinced some of our staff or listeners / readers to join me in a year of game purchasing abstinence.

I’ll also be looking for recommendations and encouragement from the Joypadandme readers, podcast listeners and staff to keep me motivated / sane and help me resist the temptation to buy / increase my Pile of Shame.

Special thanks:

I just want to thank three guys that have been an inspiration to be finally starting up my own Year of Shame Challenge (@YOSchallenge2) these are the three host of Y.O.S. Challenge Year 2 Podcast or via iTunes. The rules they set for themselves I have basically stolen and used as a basis for my own YOS Challenge.

So thank you and well done to Justin Smith (@onyersix) & Adam Ducker (@flameboy84) Co-Hosts of Last Save Loaded podcast and their cohort Colm Sherridan (@Solm67) for completing your Year of Shame and for the shout out in your final YOS Challenge podcast Episode 12

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter


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