What are these people thinking…about E3?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will be held from June 5th through the 7th in Los Angeles, California. It’s one of the biggest events in the video game industry, where all the manufacturers and developers tend to unveil what they have in the works and where the industry will be headed for the next year. Being the only member of the Joypad and Me staff that is on the correct continent, I have been enlisted to cover the event for the site. However, since my inkjet printer has run out of ink, I am unable to present the “proper” journalism credentials to get a trip to the actual event. So I will attempt to cover the expo as well as can be expected from 1000 miles away.

The internet is rife with articles full of speculation on what will be unveiled during the conference. Not wanting to be left without our own guesstimations of what to expect, I took it upon myself to conduct a man on the street (or more accurately man on Twitter and Facebook) poll to see what people expected of the Big 3 (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) at this year’s E3. I didn’t get too many responses, which I’m certain says nothing about my ability to make friends, but the ones I got seemed like they would make for an entertaining if not ludicrously accurate article on the subject.

I’ll start off with the biggest name drop that you will find in this article. THE Yoshifett (@YoshifettBRB) of Big Red Barrel podcasting (Boom and Flix) fame replied simply with, “3D motion controlled zombies.” This is obviously wishful thinking on his part, as these are his three most desired features in any upcoming game. While his comment wasn’t manufacturer specific, I doubt that all three will be willing to cater to his desires, no matter how internet famous he is. I do however believe that all three will be given proper service in one form or another, so he needn’t worry.

The founder of this very site, Jedi Junkie (@Jedi_JunkieBRB), replied to my inquiry with, “more sequels! Heavy push on motion control, and possibly big push on the handheld market from 2 of them.” This seems like a very bold prediction frankly. I have no idea where he is getting these wild ideas. That is unless he thought I was asking what he was expecting from E3 2011. I’m only kidding boss, don’t fire me.

A nice young chap, Jason Maxwell (@jvmaxwell) who’s superior Klout score proves that his word should be trusted more than mine, gave predictions on each of the manufacturers individually. “from Nintendo: An underwhelming Wii U showing.” With the utter lack of news on this piece of kit, I don’t understand how he could possibly doubt its success. “Sony will try and pimp the Vita and hammer home exclusives on both platforms.” By “both platforms” he obviously means that they plan to port every single PS3 exclusive over onto the Vita as well. “MS: Lots of Kinect, and they try to “win” E3 by announcing the 720. Lots of chest thumping about sales figures.” So, business as usual then?

All of these predictions came from Twitter, but the craziest and most entertaining responses came from my Brick and Mortar friends on Facebook. One friend from my home town, Derek Sauder who goes by GeneralDiggler on Xbox Live predicted, “Joint efforts to make cross platform gaming a reality.” A sentiment which was colorfully echoed by Ismael Vallejos, who is known as MoeBalls505 on Xbox Live, but those of you who have spent any time in the Bernalillo County jail probably know him better as “V Nasty.” He likened the coming together of the Big 3 to the meetings of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin during WWII. Ok, not exactly THAT historical. He put it more in terms of the famed West Coast hip-hop group, Westside Connection. “So Nintendo will be WC, since they are the weak link. Sony will be Mack 10, bad ass back in the day but slowly falling off. Finally Microsoft can be Ice Cube; effin’ (edited for content) G back in the day, now they still make gangsta games but also kid friendly.” I won’t dispute these claims as I fear for my life, so here’s hoping for an “It’s a Small World” coming together of the Big 3. If it does happen…I’m going to blame the Mayans.

No matter what happens at E3, it is virtually guaranteed that the gaming world will be paying close attention. Exorbitant claims will be made. The fires of speculation will be fueled. Fanboys will cry tears of joy, sorrow, jealousy, and rage. Every site on the internet will light up with their take on what was unveiled, what it means for the future of gaming, and who “won” the event. We will be no different. Stay tuned for OUR take on E3, right here on Joypad and Me.

Troy “NMReign” Starrett

Images courtesy of Google Images.


3 responses to “What are these people thinking…about E3?

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  2. I do think Sony will make a big push with Vita. They need to do something about the poor sales, but also steal some of the thunder from Xbox, who are suffering a lot of criticism with Kinnect. I expect some sort of COD vita announcement may be in the pipeline. Xbox will try and push its dwindling exclusives catalogue, and Nintendo will pull something out of the bag at the last minute about the Wii U which could be a game changer. Also heard rumours of Sony buying Onlive, so we could see cloud gaming technology coming to the PS3, perhaps a platinum tier PS Plus service?

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