Sony E3 2013

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference a (Not so ) Live blog

So managed last night to stay up to watch the Ubisoft press conference but didn’t manage to stay up ‘til 2am to start watching the Sony presser and didn’t fancy watching potentially on a poor quality stream, patchy stream. So these opinions are based on watching the recording of the stream via youtube in the App on my PS3 this evening.

Sony E3

There are a few things I was hoping to see from the event namely the console, the games and the User Interface (UI) and features (ie PS+ and video capture), but the biggest was whether the elephant in the room (lets call him Bill) of always on, regular sign in, restrictive Digital Right Management (DRM) et al would warrant a mention, especially considering it was ignored by Microsoft in their Xbone press conference.

So the stream on Youtube starts with a build up to The Main event featuring that woman from The Tester and some body who doesn’t seem to have a clue but is nerdgasming all over the shop, so I hit fast forward… My god this app is counter intuitive…finally a blue banner saying

Next SECA E3 2013 Press Conference LIVE!

And we’re in, everything is blue and flowing, now the button symbols are all over the screen, and some kinda Daft Punkesq music kicks in, but now it looks like something from BBC’s PlaySchool (google it) with gamers through the windows shaped like the buttons.

At last some game footage mixing videos of games, past present and future as well as peripherals. Intro for Jack Trenton (President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment(SCE)), he enters the stage and welcomes gamers both at E3 and online mentioning it’s like birthday & xmas rolled into one due to the next generation launch. Mentions the PS4 presser but only teases the reveal and moves on to PS3 & PS Vita, great move in my opinion as there are so many PS3 games going over the next couple of months

“Stronger more vibrant platform… no better example thatPSVita.”Mentioned about the current & future catalogue, saying 10 games bought per PSVita owner and 60% bought from the PSN store. Discusses Indies on PSVita then onto bigger games: Batman Arkham Origins (Blackwatch!?),Killzone Mercenacy, Tearaway. PSVita remasters of God of War 1 & 2, Flower, Dead Nation all a perfect fit for the PSVita in my opinion. Now he’s talking about The Walking Dead Season 2 and first episode called 400 Days coming this summer, and a bundle in august with 1st season and new episode for PSVita, nice choice. He then mentions about Remote Play for PS Vita, “Utimate companion device for PS4.”

Sony E3

PS3 seventh holiday season – Trailers for The Last of US, wow loads of new footage.  Puppetteer looks very LBP. Rain which looks beautifully odd. Beyond 2 Souls – crikey this now looks different and awesome no control prompts showing but does appear to be in-game, with Jodie (Ellen Page) training to be a Spec Op(!?), then embarking on solo mission in a small township, which appears to go tits up. Grand Turismo 6 – hell, it looks next gen so damn close to photo realism, titles pop up about changes to the game (ie new rendering engine etc).

Sony E3

Back to Jack “Not too shabby for a platform in it’s seventh year” banging on about how awesome The Last of Us is, which I’m sure he’s right but I’ll have to wait until Friday to confirm this bold statement.

Now Batman Arkham: Origins, looks like the previous pre-rendered trailer about Batman having a bounty on his head of $50 million. Oh, it’s different it’s got in-game footage and the Joker. Jack’s back with details of PS3 exclusives including a 60’s Batman costume and level(!?).

Sony E3

Now talking Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto 5 exclusive bundle and branded Pulse headset more details to follow. Jack then reiterates that All shown launching before the end of the year.

PS4 again “relentless focus on the gamer” welcomes Andrew House (President & Group CEO of SCE) to Daft Punk .“Visually impactful” is how he describes the PS4, oh dear it looks like someone has copied XBone colour scheme but also style of a stepped on Liquorice Allsort. With angles on the corner making it less boxy and more paralelogramic. It looks about the same size as the PS3 Slim but I’d have to check dimensions to confirm this, still a hell of a lot smaller and thinner than Xbone.

Sony E3

 Now talking about Media services being “Relevant and meaningful” which sounds like a well worded dig at Microsoft’s original Xbone presser banging on about TV. He says Sony will be offering more in the near future, capitalisation on Sony’s divisions. Now introduces Michael Lynton (CEO of Sony Entertainment, Chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment) with PS Move Sport Champions menu music (how odd). Talks about original programing plan with exclusive product tailored to gamers but generally lots of guff.

Back to Andrew and announces Music Unlimited& Video Unlimited being available at launch, as well as Netflix, Amazon Instant, MLBTV, Crackle. PS3 number  1 provider of Netflix in the world for streaming to living rooms. Redbox instant coming (to America) and Live Events Streaming and Flixster coming soon. “Working hard to bring the services to PS4.”Sounds very vague to me about them being there for launch.

Sony E3

Finally “game innovations and titles in the works”, so welcomes on Shu Yohida (President of Worldwide Studios SCE) Yay @Yosp, deserved big cheers from crowd. Talking about “14 studios working together and designing,  developing & testing PS4”. He then talks about being a frontline customer service advisor on Twitter, which gets a laugh. “34 titles in development, 20 in 1st year. 12 brand new IP’s”. Introduces in-game footage created trailer by Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn looks very steam punk in Victorian London (alternate timeline then) blimps, trains and guns as well as horse-drawn carriage and zombies!? The Order 1886, a PS4 exclusive. 4 titles shown at reveal in Feb are now have new footage added on Youtube and Facebook, to check out later but shows some footage from these titles. Firstly Killzone: Shadow Fall – Looks lush in the jungle with a drone that creates a shield and lots of Melee kills. Driveclub– Looking very nice. inFamous: Second Son – story trailer featuring a young lad with special powers (not dissimilar to Cole’s in Festival of Blood DLC) and his older brother, looks very pretty and flamey. Knack – still looking very Ratchet and Clank. He announces that all released a PS4 launch except infamous: Second Son due quarter 1 of 2014.

Sony E3

Now Yosp is talking about David Cage and Quantic Dream and the emotional expression of faces. Quantic Dream done another 12 min tech demo “running in real-time on PS4”. “I don’t believe it”  Victor Meldrew is back but not just his disembodied head (as revealed in Sony PS4 announcement)as The Dark Sorcerer. Nice facial expressions and tonnes of particle effects. Can’t wait to see the full version which Yosp says will be available from 1pm 11/06/13 on youtube.

Sony E3

Yosp is now talking about Indies by introducing Adam Boyes (Vice President Third Party Relations SCE). Introduces Super Giant Games talking about Bastion and their new game Transistor debuting on PS4 next year. Looks very neon isometric shooter, and now it’s a side scroller.

Offering self publish to devs, via Indies tab on store, “open & inclusive platform”. Shows off Clay Entertainment (Shank / Mark of The Ninja) with Don’t Starve – an open-ended adventure. Tribute Games( previously worked Scott Pilgrim vs…) with Mercenary Kings –side-scrolling 16-bitesq Metal Slug style “Hand drawn shooter”. Young Horses with Octodad: Deadliest Catch – wow, it looks very odd (I’m intrigued).  Switchbade Monkeys with Secret Ponchos -an isometric western style twin stick shooter which looks really good. Ragtag studios with Rays“Stealth action puzzler.. tasks you with recruiting a zombie army”, and looks lovely and hand drawn. Red Barrels with Outlast – scary looking 1st person horror in the style of horror film Recall done with the view as through a video cameras view finder, yes please.  Just Add Water with Oddworld Inhabitants and (showing) Oddworld: New and Tasty, a “remake” of Abe’s Odessey – which looks like the PS1 original with a bit of spit and polish. 17bit Games with Galak-Z – Side scrolling shooter in Neon colour scheme.

Sony E3

Wow that was a major information blast very hard to catch all of that and some very promising new IP in there. “A richness & depth that can’t be found anywhere else… exclusive console Debut on PS4”says Yosp.

Blockbuster games now talking on Diablo III on PS3 & PS4 including exclusive item. Now Square Enix via recorded message from Tetsuya Nemura (Director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII) in Japanese with trailer of said game, looking as typically beautiful as every Final Fantasy, awesome character models and scenery, now what looks like rather magical in-game footage too and ends by Teasing Final Fantasy XV logo, and now for a teaser of Kingdom Hearts 3 with a little in-game thrown in at the end and advert for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD on PS3. FFXIV on PS4 & PS3 exclusively says Yosp.

Sony E3

Now, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag introducing Arno playing by finding a level via Google maps by the looks of things, ha. West Indies 1717 footage seems a bit buggy on CG cut-scene but looks very pretty, now in-game wandering around a drunken pirate camp again screen freezes, now  Edward Kenway is tailing a target through a very lush looking jungle, again footage keeps sticking but Kenway is silent killing enemies with a cutlass, double takedown and lots of gun fire from Kenway, now free running through loads of explosions to get to the his Ship, straight in to piloting the ship, nicely done, love the seamless transitioning. Looks better than PS3 Assassin’s Creed 3’s Naval battles. Climbing rigging to get on to a military ship and taking out officers all over the deck. Major freeze at the end, I feel sorry for Arno, horrible place for the game to f’up on you.

Sony E3

Creative director from (didn’t catch his name sadly) WATCH_DOGS talking about hacking at will in future Chicago with in-game play live demo. Christ almighty that looks incredible for live footage! It’s raining and Aiden Pierce is in a car avoiding coppers in cars & chopper, oops spotted by chopper, lost them in a tunnel, hacks a gate and parks up. Now to player control, he enters a coffee shop via back door, news reports mention Aiden, he gets to near where he needs to be and distracts coppers using view from security cameras and hacking various devices, aids T-Bone’s escape and has to do one himself, hacks a police chopper and brings it down. Then spotted by coppers, takes out lights using phone hack, beats a copper and knee caps two others in slow-mo bullet-time. Wow, that was totally incredible, I can see that being a day one purchase for me. In game footage live demo was way better than shown during Ubisoft presser earlier. Adam states PS owners getting  1 hour exclusive game play and character skin for Aiden.

Sony E3

Now talking about Sports. Clever video of a chat of some B’baller who’s talking to a virtual version of himself, NBA142K revealed.

Now talking about The Elder Scrolls Online partnership with Bethesda softworks, OK that looks rather good, single player and online in Oblivion, lots of 1st person shots. Spring 2014 release date shown at end of trailer. “Exclusive beta 1st on PS4”says Adam.

Now a world premier of… Mad Max, No gameplay shown and no real details so will be hard to take much from the sequence shown other than it’s a movie licence that has promise if worked with properly. Warner Bros and Avalanche Studios exclusive.

Jack Trenton is back on and stating;

140 games in development over 100 in 1st year, nearly 40 of these exclusive to PlayStation. In addition to creating an amazing library of new titles on PS4, We’re equally focused on delivering what gamers want most without imposing restriction or devaluing their PS4 purchases.  For instance PS4 won’t impose any new restrictions on the use of” sounds breaks up due to extensive cheering and an applause but screen behind Jack says PS4 Supports Used Games.*So Jack’s mentioned the Elephant in the Room and shot Bill with a massive Blunderbus and a smile.

Sony E3

“Guess that’s a good thing. We believe in the model that people embrace today with PS3 and continue to demand. Just heard you there. When a gamer buys a PS4 disc they have the rights to use that copy of the game, they can trade in the game at retail, sell it to another person, lend it to a friend or keep it forever”

More massive cheers and applause.*Now Jack’s carving into Bills still twitching carcass.

“In addition PS4 disc based games don’t need to be connected online to play”

More cheers and applause. *Jack has now removed Bill’s feet and turns them into 4 perfect umbrella stands.

“Or for any type of authentication. If you enjoy playing single player games off line PS4, won’t require you to check in online periodically.”

More cheers and applause.*Now Jack’s sawing off Bill’s perfect Ivory tusks and fashioning them into beautiful ornaments.

“And it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated in 24 hours”

More cheers and applause.*Finally Jack’s Removed Bills head and is giggling like a school girl as he wears it as a headdress and pranced around the stage.

Sony E3

“Of course… build the best gaming network in the world..tuned to your preferences, immediate and intuitive and a breadth of entertainment offerings that is unmatched in the industry…several PSN capabilities that will be available day one on the PS4, such as being able to play games that are being downloaded in the background, cross game voice chat, to transition to a friend’s network based on real world friends to provide a more meaningful social gaming experience. And the new share button to immediately upload live stream via uStream. PSN also offers incredible value to our customers through PS+, and we’re very focused on expanding the benefits of the service. Thank you.”

“We’ve received lots of questions from our community over the last several months about whether the existing PS+ memberships, will apply to PS4. I’m please to confirm that you PS+ membership will carry over to PS4.”

More applause.*Jack’s left Bill’s carcass to the carrion eaters who are now swarming the bloody corpse on the metaphorical pachyderm.

“So members will have access to all the benefits across, PS3, PSVita, and now PS4 for one price. In short if you’re a PS+ member today or become one tomorrow you’re already set for PS4.” Now he lists benefits of PS+ stating “…for less than $5 per month. As well as the ability to fully to immerse themselves in the incredible PS4 games with online multiplayer”

Sony E3

That sounds like you need a PS+ subscription to play online multiplayer to me, but I’m subbed ‘til August 2014 so doesn’t effect me. (Since the press event this has been confirmed although online uses of other apps such as Netflix do not need PS+ subscriptions and will work independently).

“PS4 member that aren’t PS+ member will be able to enjoy the single player games for free and access to all of your media services won’t require PS+” Now talking about Instant Game Collection (IGC) being “an incredible success… member satisfaction is currently at 99%. I’m happy to announce when PS4 launches PS+ members will get immediate access to Drive Club PS+ edition as part of the Instant Gamers Collection.”

Massive cheer and applause.

“Driveclub PS+ edition… it’s the perfect game for the Instant Game Collection…PS+ Member will get a new title every month for free including Don’t Starve, Outlast and Secret Ponchos” I’m glad I mentioned those above.

Jack says we’ve saved something special for you from Bungie and Activision and reveals world game-play premier of Destiny. Starting with a vista of cloud covered mountains and a river, trees in the foreground all looking rather swish. Earth many years from now reads the title, lots of rusted cars on a bridge on with a skeleton still buckled in. As a bit beastie with a gun lands on it, and a VTOL screeches through the sky. The beastie roars and another joins. Cuts to VTOL slowing as a humanoid figure disembark.

Sony E3

Now in 1st person gun in view. Commentator says “Old Russia, now we’re gonna meet some friends beyond that wall”. Ok, so two player, glorious looking commentated live demo. I see why they saved this to last. Throw orb (“my ghost”) into the air and it flies around and lights up the area. Now a few enemies that we saw earlier are attacking and melee-bashing the player as he tries to kill them with a revolver. The lighting is immense, as the player unleashes some kind of force style power, player two dies and bigger enemy is taken out by lead commentator. Stats pop on screen as shots connect, very Boarderlandsesq, even down to the weapons being picked up. Now past the wall and meet up with another player inside an open area, as a huge ships comes in, they seamlessly join a public event which has loads of people bombing about some on jet bikes !? Makes me hark for the days playing Co-op Resistance 2, I think I could really get in to this game, which I was previously a bit m’eh about. I hold my hands up and stand corrected.

Sony E3

Andrew House back saying about exclusive deal with Bungie for Destiny on PS4. Now he’s talking about Giaki and PS gaming library “all access experience“. Will be available in 2014, beginning with the US. Our cloud based service will provide PS4 and PS3 customers, followed by PS Vita with immediate access to a catalogue of critically acclaimed games PS3 games. These games will be streamed using Giaki technology. What that means is amazing gameplay that is fast and responsive. Playstation cloud service is a lofty ambition, but one we expect to see evolve rapidly in the coming months, as access to console quality content becomes more seamlessly accessible across a range of devices. We have worked tirelessly to bring the playstation ecosystem centred around PS4, together in ways that meet the demands of todays gamers. The world of console based and handheld and cloud based technology is more expansive than ever before. We will continue to work with the worlds brightest and best developers and media partners to create a portfolio of titles and entertainment that is simply unbeatable. And we’ll continue to offer the best value on the market.

I’m very proud to announce that PS4 will be available $399 / €399 / £349.”

Sony E3

Massive cheers. “In US and Europe this Holiday season, it’s a very compelling price that offers incredible value, given the amount of entertainment PS4 will provide to gamer over the next decade and beyond.” Well that seems like an optermistic statement, 10 year life cycle again then!? “Is Playstation the best place to play? Without a doubt!”

*Jack hands over his Bill’s bonce head dress as Andrew states “The gaming landscape is changing with new business models and new ways to play, but at PlayStation concepts like true consumer ownership and consumer trust are central to everything we do.”Big cheers.

Thanks everyone after promising to be the best. Roll video game montage, it’s not a presser without a montage.

Sony E3

Wow, that was impressive not only for the amount of accurate audio typing I’ve just had to do for those speeches.

For those of you who’ve skipped to the end because the above was too may words here’s some summing up.

  1. 1.       Games and lots of them, with support for Indies and new IP.
  2. 2.       Still Life in PS3 with some really brilliant titles coming over the next few months during the time you should be saving to buy a PS4.
  3. 3.       PS Vita has some really nice games coming but did show us them, poor form and will integrate with PS4.
  4. 4.       Media guff, movies musics, yadayada.
  5. 5.       Ubisoft seem to like to show off their wears on the PS4 with AC4 looking great but buggy, WATCH_DOGS is my game of the show.
  6. 6.       The console was finally revealed and looks interesting but no ports were shown or mention of PS4Eyes.
  7. 7.       Price was revealed as $399 / €399 / £349 but no mention of what you get for your money ie HDD size, PS4 Eyes, HMDI cable, is HDMI cable included. Or costing on accessories like extra controllers, or can the HDD be modded out like the PS3.
  8. 8.       Release given as tentative Holidays 2013 with no set date.
  9. 9.       Lots of thumb biting at Xbone with no DRM, Used games allowed, no requirement for always on / checking in with mother every 24 hours.
  10. 10.   PS+ required for online play but considering what you get for it £40 a year is a total steal as far as I’m concern and still cheaper than Xbox Live sub I believe.
  11. 11.   PS+ subscriptions continuing on to PS4, and IGC give Driveclub at launch
  12. 12.   Gaiki streaming service due next year, not really a major surprise to be honest.


Well I’m excited, looks like I may well be sticking a pre-order down somewhere but not sure where yet. What do people think of the Presser? Any major surprises? Anything you feel should have been cover that wasn’t? Are you looking forward to anything that was shown? Were you previously sold on getting an Xbone and new you want a gaming machine?

Feel free to stick any comments you feel be below.


Thanks for reading.

Sony E3

*This author and do not condone the killing of large mammals for the entertainment of a gaming audience or any audience for that matter, be they real or metaphorically. Jack Trenton did not actually sacrifice an elephant live on the internet and fashion it into grotesque ornaments or pass a head dress to Andrew House. These events are entirely fictitious and subject of the ravings of a person having spent too much time trying to audio type.


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