Play Expo 2015 Manchester: Gallery

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JoypadAndMe headed over to Manchester on October 10th to Event City to attend this years Replay Events ltd gaming event called Play Expo. Play Expo is a coming together of retro games, current gen games as well as board games, anime, cosplay, film and tv. The event has grown over the years and with this years event boasting autograph signings from the likes of Darth Vader himself, David Prowse as well as many others and the ever popular cosplay showcase and competition it was shaping up to be another success. Graham, Danny and Ashley headed down to see what was going on this year.


PE2015 06

A good selection of the gaming was themed with particular games or franchises. Favourites included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter and Batman.

PE2015 12

Hundreds of screens, More PC’s and consoles than you can imagine plus so much more, that’s Play Expo for you.

PE2015 02

PC gaming had a bigger show at this years show over previous events. Gamers young and old got the chance to try out different games on a range of various machines.

PE2015 07

Group cosplayers were out in force at Play Expo. Ranging from gaming characters to anime classics.

PE2015 10

The pinball section of the show seemed much larger this year. A wide range of classic tables were out for everyone to try.

PE2015 21

Show security was tough! Agent 47 made sure everyone behaved themselves.

PE2015 09

It was great to see younger players trying out the pinball tables which many had never seen before.

PE2015 03

Don’t mess with Sub-Zero. His sense of humour is….Frosty to say the least.

PE2015 24

Not into retro gaming? Not a problem, why not try out games that aren’t even out yet. Dark Souls 3 was there for players to get a first look at.

PE2015 17

We’ve seen many Lollypop Chainsaw cosplays over the years and we think that this is one of the best.

PE2015 08

Every console imaginable was out for everyone to try. Intellivision to PS4 and everything in between.

PE2015 20

Sometimes cosplayers just go crazy with their designs and creations. Wings and horns are not easy to move around a convention in!

PE2015 15

We have no idea and frankly no words that can explain this photo or in indeed the demonic look in our very own Ashley’s eyes.

PE2015 18

The cosplayers this year really came out fighting with some amazing creations.

PE2015 19

Body armour and body paint makes for a great cosplay creation.

PE2015 11

The vendors were of course back again this year to tempt every last penny from your wallet with nostalgia tugging wares.

PE2015 23

The winners of the cosplay contest were the Army Of 2 group cosplay.

PE2015 13

There were various gaming tournaments being held though out the event. Fancy yourself as a winner? Enter next year and test your skill.

PE2015 14

The cosplay judges seemed to really enjoy their jobs.

PE2015 05

The arcade machine are always a popular draw for gaming fans to relive their youth.

PE2015 16

PlayStation 4 consoles were on hand for everyone to try our different title including a range of indie games.


We would love to hear your thoughts on this years event. Did you attend? What did you think? What were your highlights? Please let us know by writing a comment below.