Microsoft At E3 2013

Microsoft e3

Microsoft kicked off E3 2013 with the statement that ‘as promised, it’s all about the games’. Well this time round they did actually show more than a couple of games.

The opening title was a big one to show off. Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain caught everyone’s attention. This time round it has gone open world and looked amazing. All manner of characters were shown off along with the ability to drive any vehicle in the environment and new stealth mechanics. A true blockbuster title if ever there was one.

They talked a little about the Xbox 360 and unveiled a new skew, a smaller, quieter version that is available right now. Ok, so its nice but we want to know about the new generation coming. Well we had to wait a little longer as they had one trick up their sleeves. Ok well maybe not up their sleeves as I think it may have been pinched from the sleeve of their competitors. Between now and the release of the new console, owners of Xbox gold will receive 2 free downloadable titles each month. 2 shown that will be in the list were Assassins creed 2 and Halo 3.

A new title shown off was the anticipated World Of Tanks. An online tank battle on a massive scale. Previously on the PC, this has now been optimised for the Xbox 360.

XBox One

The following titles were stated that they were all on to the next generation console and were all shown using the consoles in-game footage.

Well as they promised they did show off new titles.

First up was Max: Curse Of Brotherhood. A cartoon style adventure with what looked like it had a strong platforming angle.

Next up was Dark Souls 2. Dark, dangerous and full of action that will certainly excite those who enjoyed the original. I’m sure it will be just as mind bendingly tough as before so everyone better be ready to die, a lot!

Dark Souls 2

A lot of time by comparison was used to show an exclusive title to the Xbox One, Ryse. This is a roman esque title that looked to have huge battle sequences and strong combat. This could be one to look out for.


Killer Instinct was next up showing off fast and furious fighting and some isane combo attacks. Could this be the fighter title that sells people? we will have tro wait and see.

Killer Instinct

Sunset Overdrive. Well there is only one way to really describe Sunset Overdrive and that it, Mad! It looks like an insane combination of Pain mixed with Borderlands and using some Bioshock moves in there as well. The cell shaded art style looked great. Total insanity that could be great to get involved with.

Sunset Overdrive

Ok, so now on to one of their big big titles. Forza Motorsport 5. showing off all the graphical abilities with super clean and smooth videos of hyper cars racing around tracks. Using McClaren to show off just how nice the cars can look. One thing that they have added to the Forza series is something called Drivatar. This is a system that apparently learns your driving style, the way you attack the track and handle opponents. supposedly this system will learn your driving style so well that it will play the way that you play while you are away from the system. When you come back to the system you will be rewarded with points etc from your drivatars races.

Forza 5

As predicted Minecraft will come over to the Xbox One. It looked as good as it always does and will be sure to attract many gamers.

Some more of Quantum Break was shown explaining a little more. The lead character has been the subject of an experiment that went wrong and now has the ability to effect the fractured and displaced time around him. Still a lot more needs to be explained about Quantum Break but it looks interesting and slick.

Quantum Break

They showed off only briefly a small glimpse of an episodic murder mystery title called D4. very little can be taken from what they showed so this will be a title to keep an eye out for to learn more info.


A world/game building title called Project Spark was later shown off where players can quickly ans simply create their own worlds and add what they wanted to the world including terrain as well as simple small objects that can later be modified. n example was giving a rock the ability to become a pet and aid you in whatever you are doing.

Project Spark

In a break from showing off new games they switched to showing how Smartglass adds to the gaming experience. Players can compare stats and level completion with friends. One interesting feature that they have added is the ability for the system to set up matches of games while you are busy doing other things. Upload studio gives players the ability to edit DVR’ed game footage and edit it before publishing and sharing the footage to your friends and the rest of the world with Twitch TV.

Xbox live was then discussed with some interesting comments. The first thing to be changed is that the current Microsoft Points will be no more and instead they will go to normal currency. This will make it a lot easier for people to work out just what a game costs at first glance. Owners of Xbox Live Gold will now be able to share the benefits of it with their household which should make it better for multi user households. This combined with the free game downloads per month should make it much better value than it was previously.

Dead Rising 3 is another exclusive that they rolled out to everyone. It’s zombie bashing time again. This time round you take control of Nick Ramos in another open world environment 3 days after an outbreak. The pressed upon the audience that this will be an open world environment with no load times at all and had the ability to utilise the Xbox Smartglass to aid in gaming with giving the player extra options. The example given was calling in some artillery support to aid the main character when he became rather surrounded by hordes of the undead.


Next on the agenda was another 3rd outing. This time it was Witcher 3: Wild hunt. It seems that the game style of the event was open world as this was described as a multi region, open world RPG. Graphically it looked fantastic and along with all the Xbox one titles that they were showing off, was shown off with ‘in game’ footage.

Witcher 3

Now another big gun to be shown off. We already knew that Battlefield 4 was coming. We have seen the trailers and the hype building for it but they wanted to show off (in their words) the dynamic gameplay set on the land, sea and in the air all running at 60 frames per second. technical difficulties halted the show for a few moments and the people on stage did look somewhat confused and annoyed but these things do happen, even on probably the most important show for Microsoft this year. Oops. When it did get going they showed some gameplay footage which looked fast and crisp with the destructive environments that we have all become accustomed to with the Battlefield series. Planes were sliding off the deck of a sinking aircraft carrier as forces were battling it out. There did seem to be an awful lot of debris flying about and felt possibly a tad distracting but im sure the end result will be stunning as per usual. They also were ‘proud’ to announce that the DLC will be a timed exclusive to Xbox One.

Battlefield 4

2 more titles were shown off briefly with little explained. What Lies Below was shown and then a yet unnamed AAA title from Black Husk developers. Two titles to keep an eye out for more information.

Halo was announced. Was anybody surprised that a new Halo title will be on the next generation Xbox? Well there will be one. The sequence they showed looked super smooth and at first looked nothing like any previous Halo image and you could almost feel the unanticipated excitement when the now unmistakable helmet was revealed from under a shroud. This looks to be a beautiful game, how will the actual gameplay hold up, time will tell.


In a break from showing off game after game, Microsoft finally gave us one of the most anticipated bits of information that we have all been wanting to hear. The price. Well there has been a lot of speculation and now we know, $499, €499, £429. Judging by people’s reactions shortly after there is a mixed bag of people expecting that price mark and others believing its a little highly priced.

To finish off they showed off another heavily anticipated title. This time from Respawn Entertainment. Titanfall is their Xbox One exclusive sci-fi shooter with the addition of large mechs to aid you fight. This game looked so smooth it will definitely make a few gamers consider which console they may opt for. It seemed to have a clever mix of the CoD gameplay mixed in with elements from Battlefield to make a very powerful looking title that seemed to tick all the boxes. Is it enough to take the title from Halo? Maybe.


Nothing was mentioned during the event about the rumors and the confusion of the system’s always online or online once a day controversy. They also didn’t mention anything else about the tv functionality or any other features, stating that this was all about the games. Well they did have games here and quite a few impressive ones at that.

Was it enough? That’s for you to decide.


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