Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions PT. 5

With this last installment in my Eurogamer series of articles I wanted to focus on one more thing that was at the expo. One thing that I was interested in seeing at Eurogamer was the community that is involved with gaming. Since starting JoypadAndMe I have got to know many different people who share the same interests as I do. Going to something like the Eurogamer Expo give people like me and many others the chance to meet up with these like-minded people. During my time there I had the fortune to meet up with a few of these people.

One such person ive wanted to meet was Ami Nakajima. I’ve been a fan of the Wipeout series of games for as long as ive played on any of the Playstation systems. I can fondly remember racing around on the original wipeout for many a day. Ami Nakajima is the Community manager for the Playstation Vita title: Wipeout 2048 as well as being a long time Cosplay ambassador for Wipeout. The funny thing is that we both live in Liverpool yet have never met until coming all the way to London. She always has time for fans when at shows as well as on twitter so it was good to meet in person.

One group of people I was glad to catch up with were the podcasting team from Last Save Loaded. These guys have just started podcasting again after a short break and we have spent some time gaming together in varies forms. Justin ‘Onyersix’ Smith has appeared in a couple of out Gran Turismo Gamernights and I have spent some time with Joe ‘GBJoey’ Calvo on both Killzone 3 and Borderlands. It was great to meet up in person and share a beer. These guys are a great team and have a fun podcast that is well worth listening to.

I also managed to meet up with Charlotte Hardy Pickering. Some of you may remember that just before the Eurogamer Expo she wrote an article for this website that talked about her love of gaming combined with her Epilepsy. She was at Eurogamer helping to raise money for Special Effect. It was nice to finally put a real face to a name. Again the funny thing is she is another person from Liverpool that I only got a chance to meet miles away in London!

Finally it might sound funny but there is a child in all of us that cant help but come out every once in a while. For anyone that plays games especially people around my age, we have grown up with certain cartoon and game characters. Two in particular are Sonic the hedgehog and Mario. Having these two walking around the Expo was too good an opportunity to pass up to grab a quick photo. We can all pretend to have grown up and moved on in our gaming lives but we will always have a soft spot for these two characters.


One last photo opportunity that I could not pass up was not with the ‘virgin booth babes’ but the far more realistic Alien. I have been a huge fan of the alien films and the subsequent games for as long as I can remember and there was no way I was going to leave without a photo alongside probably my all time favourite character/creature. Anyone would know instantly that it was just a man in a suit but for fans of the films you still got a slight nervousness when you saw it peering round the corner at you. A photo with the alien made for a fitting end to my trip to the Eurogamer Expo.

Ami Nakajima can be found on twitter = @AmiNakajima.

Find out more about Wipeout 2048 and what she does at

Last Save Loaded Team

Last Save Loaded can be found on twitter = @LastSaveLoaded

The Last Save Loaded can also be found on iTunes

Joey Calvo can be found on twitter = @GBJoey71

Justin Smith can be found on twitter = @Onyersix

Rob Mcllroy can be found on twitter = @Robschach

Jake Del Toro can be found on twitter = @JakeDelToro

Charlotter Hardy Pickering can be found on twitter = @SaucyCHP


Final Words

Id like to say thanks to everyone I met there especially my two fellow website writers, Paul ‘Wellbeingosteo’ Fiander and Jon ‘Darth Nutclench’ Evans. This was the first face to face meeting for the three of us since getting together at JoypadAndMe. It was a great time and I look forward to coming back next year and doing it all again to see a whole host of new games and new experiences.

Roll On Eurogamer 2013


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