Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions PT. 3

In the next installment of my series of series of articles from the Eurogamer Expo I took a look at three more upcoming titles. The worst part about the games in this article is that I can very easily see each one being added to my ever-growing collection of games as these are all really good titles. Check them out and see for yourself.

In this section I take a look at Need For Speed Most Wanted, Playstation All Star Battle Royale and the next installment in the mighty Call of Duty series: Black Ops 2

Need For speed Most Wanted

This was a game I almost forgot was going to be shown and I have to say that if I hadn’t of checked it out I would have made a big mistake. This game really is a big deal. Imagine the best of what the Need For Speed series has to offer and then combine that with the best of what Burnout Paradise has to offer and you now have this latest upcoming title. Criterion has created what looks like could well be a strong contender for game of the year! As anyone that knows me, im a self-confessed Gran Turismo fan but i also used to love playing the Need For Speed series as well. Personal highlights were the underground games on the Playstation 2 and Pro street on the Playstation 3. After seeing Most Wanted in action I knew it will be a game that I will be picking up. After getting a hands on and playing it, i can say that this is a title i cannot wait to play again and again. This could very well take a lot of my time away from Gran Turismo.


The open world aspect made for great fun exploring at high-speed while being carefull (or not so careful) while police were about. Driving felt super smooth and the controls felt very sharp and responsive. For me personally it was more of the little things that made me fall in love with this game. The car responded exactly how I would have wanted it to and had some great little effects such as the car leaning to one side a little as you took a corner sharply or when you accelerate away the front end lifted partly as the weight was displaced due to acceleration. It sounds daft but sitting there pulling donuts in the Porsche was great fun as you saw the car spin around and leave lovely tyre marks on the ground, the front inner wheel struggling for grip and the scream of the engine dying to go up a gear. When you finally relented and pulled away you got a great sense of loss of grip through wheel spin but not so much that it felt like you were driving on ice. Crashing through billboards was also amazing fun just as it was in Burnout Paradise especially when you realised that some of the billboards had adverts like Bioware and one showing comedian Michael McIntyre.

It’s these small little touches along with very solid and fun gameplay that will make Need For Speed Most Wanted into a full on driving game dream. There is no other way of putting this, It’s A Must Buy!

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

The legendary first person shooter series continues with its next installment from Treyarch. This was probably the game that most people were queuing up for more than any other game. The lines were horrendously long. The game however seemed to be worth the wait. The game overall was very smooth and the movement felt nice and fast. The graphics were again clean and crisp but nothing felt overly new to me from the last Black Ops game, The colour palette has been changes a bit to bring a more modern feeling to the game. Sound quality was excellent, on more than one occasion I could hear a bullet screaming past my head and I could tell that it was fired from a sniper rifle or an assault rifle, usually just before a second one slammed into my head and I was left ready to respawn. The controls seemed very strong and responsive although I will state that I was personally hindered due to the fact that all the stations were using Xbox 360 controllers and I haven’t played a first person shooter on one before so it took a little time to get used to it all. It didn’t take long however and I was happy with the way everything controlled and managed a few good kills here and there.

The customisable loadouts have been cleaned up and now look the best from any Call of Duty game. There are plenty of options available and it felt like there was a real depth of what you could do to create your own personal loadout. The inclusion of a ‘Wild Card’ perk in your loadout was interesting. Adding this meant you had to remove something else ie. Grenades but the options offered from the ‘Wild Card’ added a potential extra level of customisation to give you a real personal loadout. It looks as though the CoD points system wasn’t included which is a little bit of a shame but it looks as though Treyach know what they are doing so im sure it wont be missed for long.

The level designs looked great. There looks like there will be a really good mix of tight, claustrophobic levels as well as more open layouts ready for players to do battle. A couple of personal favourite were a Cliffside town level that had lots of lovely villas to run between and set up killing spots as well as plenty of scope to run through the shadows and take out the enemy. One level that looks as though it would become a favourite although I didn’t manage to get a chance to play on it was on a cruise liner. This one looked nice and close quarters, great for teams working together to clear out room after room while sweeping from one end of the ship to the other. A lone gunman offensive on this level looks as though it would easily be outmatched by teamwork.

Black Ops 2 seems to be Call Of Duty improved to the next level.

Playstation All Star Battle Royale

This was one title that I came to Eurogamer not really intending to look at. It was one that I had probably heard others talk about and didn’t think too much of what I heard. If you have heard the same then I urge you to at least give it a look and if possible a try. This is one fun and crazy beat ‘em’ up game. Everything is fast paced and fun, The graphics looked very colourful and bright, maybe a bit too bright in places but that is probably a personal thing. What will make this game sell I think is the ability to do 4 player couch multiplayer. This will be the kind of game where kids will jump on it with friends as soon as they get home from school or when mates get back from the pub etc. This will be a great game for friends to compete against each other just like back in the day. Online multiplayer also being included adds more options to the game and with the amount of pro fighting game developers, players and testers they have brought in to help get this game working right should make this one to watch. The combat from all the characters seemed varied and fun. I can see many people having more than one favourite characters they like to play with. This also seems like a game that is primed ready for DLC characters which as long as they are done right and balanced well then I can see Playstation All Star Battle Royale having legs and lasting a long time.


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