Eurogamer 2012: Jedi Junkie’s Impressions PT. 2

With 2 days to spend playing all the titles on display I felt spoilt for choice. Some games I had head about long beforehand and were dying to get a hands on with them. Others were titles I was interested to see if they would live up to the hype. Some games I had either heard nothing or very little about and so were fun to see what these had in store.

In this second part to my Eurogamer 2012 impressions I took a look at Assassins Creed Liberation for the Playstation Vita, Grid 2 and F1 All Stars Racing

Assassins Creed Liberation

This was a vita title that I was really looking forward to getting some hands on time with to see just how well the vita will handle on of my favourite title series. I came away with mixed feelings. Let me explain. Firstly I will say that Assassins Creed liberation looks amazing on the vita. The screen really shows off the atmosphere that the game tries to give off as well as creating fantastic looking visuals with real work put into the depth and lighting. This looks to be a big, big game for the vita that will add a really depth based game to the vita title line up.

Now for my issues. I would like to of said that I enjoyed everything about Assassins Creed Liberation but I found a few issues with it that gives me some concern. One issue is that the controls felt a little off somehow. Character control on the ground felt ok but somehow not as fluid as with other Assassins Creed titles. I couldn’t put my finger on it particularly but there was something that felt ‘off’ somehow. By comparison though, the movement in trees and when jumping from tree to tree felt fantastic. This had obviously been looked at very hard and had a lot of time put in to it to make it feel smooth and fluid. Moving from built up area into the forested had a few people including me wondering how they would keep the free running aspect that the other titles in the series have used to great effect. My second issue was that it didn’t take me long before I found a glitch. When I was walking out of water onto land the character suddenly jumped from a walking movement into a swimming action hovering over that land. This probably isn’t a big glitch to fix but it didn’t look too good during the demo and while watching a couple of other gamers have a go I noticed that they came across the same glitch as well. With the game so close to release its a bit concerning that it didn’t take long to find a glitch. Hopefully issues like this will have been ironed out by release date, fingers crossed. The last issue I had was probably more of a personal one but I wasn’t a big fan of the way you switched between weapons. It didn’t feel as easy as it should have. Combat however was very smooth and easy to get into. Attacking one enemy and then switching to another felt easy and controlled as did the takedowns.

All in all I hope that they sort out the issues that I came across before release and this becomes the success that I really want it to be. That said, if it releases in the same state that I played it, im not sure this will be the console selling winner that we all want it to be.

Grid 2

All I can say about this game is wow. I was amazed that they were calling the demo that we got a chance to play as ‘pre alpha code’. This looked better than some games on the market today. I really enjoyed playing this. They route on display was a mountain side highway where you raced against an AI opponent. The scenery felt nice and crisp, everything looked really well thought out and planned. Driving off track into the trees meant you played a dangerous but fun game of dodging trees to get back on track. This usually ended up in crashing into one with very satisfying results. Damage was good-looking, a personal favourite of mine was blowing all the windows out and smashing the doors. The accompanying sound felt very nice, a real sense of metal buckling. The driving itself felt very competent, defiantly more arcade like than simulation. The AI driver seemed extremely competent. I couldn’t be sure on only a short amount of time playing but if felt as though the AI driver was able to defend racing lines and block overtaking manoeuvres. If this is the case then this will be a very welcome addition to any driving game. There is a lot still to come from Grid 2 and if they carry on they way they have started then we are all in for a fantastic game.

I look forward to getting my hands on Grid 2 again as soon as possible. This is a game to watch out for.

F1 All Star Racing

This is one amusing little title that I think many will be surprised at. It’s a kart racing game with a bit of formula 1 thrown in, or is that formula 1 with a lot of karting thrown in? Either way this is great fun to play. It plays very much like the karting legend that is MarioKart which is quite a compliment. The karts are cartoon representations of the formula one power houses on the grid today along with their accompanying drivers. Each driver has a massively oversized head that is both funny as well as easy to see who you are coming up against as you race around the tracks. The tracks themselves are fun to race one, smooth, open enough to overtake and knock your opponents around. They are also littered with speed boosts, powerups and all manner of things to make a race that little bit more entertaining. F1 All Star Racing doesn’t try to be a serious racing game and in doing so it becomes a great game to play with friends. This game screams couch co-op with friends as you lean one way then the other, elbowing your opponents both on and off the track for that little bit of advantage and cheering as you beat your friends. I think that this game will be a fun success that fans of family games, fun competitive games and kart racing should keep an eye out for.


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