EGX 2013: Futurlab

Velocity Ultra 2X

The Eurogamer Expo has a huge event this year and had a whole host of major titles being shown off to the public. Everything from TitanFall to Battlefield 4 was there for gamers to get their hands on. However, these are all very well and good but in between all these lay a little gem of a game that absolutely needs the attention it deserves. A small developer called Futurlab showed off its upcoming title Velocity 2X.

Eurogamer 2013

Futurlab created the original Velocity back in May 2012 for the Playstation Mini platform but due to popular demand they quickly gave it an overhaul and created the game now known as Velocity Ultra for the Playstation Vita. Velocity Ultra was a great success especially from a small indie developer. A classic arcade style puzzle style shmup that tests your abilities and reaction times to the maximum with amazing gameplay, slick visuals and a soundtrack that accompanies the game perfectly.

Eurogamer 2013Now Futurlab have shown off their next instalment: Velocity 2X. Building on the strengths of the original title, 2X brings you more of the arcade style puzzle shooter gameplay that we are now all used to and highly enjoyed from the original but now they have added a whole new part to it. In the original you are in control of the Quarp Jet for the entire game. 2X gives you that same control again but, for the first time they have added platforming sections where you take control of the pilot in what can only be described as some of the slickest, smoothest platforming that I have played on the Playstation Vita. The ability to speed through the levels and teleport to locations as with the ship has been transferred over to the platforming sections with an added ability to throw telepods to add to your abilities to get to hard to reach locations. I managed to get some hands on time with 2X on the Vita and can confirm that everything from the first game is there and they have added and improved everything to make a very strong title that will be in a lot of people’s ‘must play’ list.

We here at JoypadAndMe loved the original Velocity Ultra so we cannot wait to get our hands on its sequel. One of our team, Connor was distraught to have missed seeing Futurlab at Eurogamer and even more so when I managed to catch them at their Q&A session on the Saturday. It was great to hear the team talk about their influences and reasons for creating 2X. The option to pick a female lead and the art style have both been taken from their love of films with strong female leads such as Ellen Riply from the Alien franchise and other such influences as well as they felt it was more fun and gave them more scope to develop their character.

During their Q&A session the managed to show off their trailer for Velocity 2X after the display tv had some cable issues. Below we have the footage taken during the event.

Please note that this footage is good but does not show off the game to its full justice, Its hard getting perfect footage with so many people around. Anyway, check it out.

One of the funniest parts of the session was at the end when they asked the audience if they wanted to see just how ‘bad’ the original Velocity looked. They showed off the original trailer and I think to their surprise we all commented that it still looked great. For those that haven’t seen the original it was more like a classic shmup on a console such as the Super Nintendo or Sega MegaDrive but that classic style in my opinion and from the response of others only worked to give it more of a classic, gritty style that the retro market loves. Futurlab’s reaction to this was that they must always make great games. In my opinion this is the case as I simply can’t fault them. For a small indie team they create some of the best games of their type for the Playstation Vita.

Eurogamer 2013

Futurlab did confirm that they will continue to make games and have plans for new titles but as expected the could not give away and details on games or platforms at this time and that at this time the team are all fully behind Velocity 2X.

Velocity 2X is due to be released in 2014

We here at JoypadAndMe think that everyone should keep an eye on Futurlab as this is one indie developer that has a very strong future.

Futurlab’s first title for the Playstation Vita has already been reviewed by JoypadAndMe and can be found by clicking on this link.

Graham Coe

Jedi Junkie

Jedi Junkie


4 responses to “EGX 2013: Futurlab

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  2. Hey there guys – was really cool meeting the joypadandme chaps at the show – thanks for the article! We’re glad you’re looking forward to the sequel so much – we’ll be doing our best over the coming months refining the hell out of the game to make sure we justify your faith!

    Robin Jubber – Futurlab

  3. Hi Robin, I’m really excited for this game and was gutted I wasn’t able to be at Earls Court this year, looks like it went down a storm. I did watch the excellent presser it was great hearing about Velocity’s evolution. Can I just clarify, as there seems to be some confusion, is it Velocity 2X or Velocity Ultra 2X? Or has it not yet been decided? Cheers, Connor.

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