Shop Around And Save Yourself Some Money

In these hard times everyone is looking for a deal and ways to save money and gamers are no exception. The beauty is that gamers can save money everywhere if they are prepared to look around for deals on games and consoles.


High streets are a good place to start. Going around from shop to shop and looking at the prices and comparing them to other shops can save you some money. Deals can be found everywhere when you look around. Independent game stores are becoming rarer and rarer these days but if you do find one they usually have good deals to compete with the larger chain stores. Supermarkets are becoming a great place to look for consoles, accessories and games. They offer heavily cut prices especially on big name titles on day of release as they buy in bulk and want to undercut their opposition and make the sale. I’ve bought games on day of release from Asda and had up to £15 off the recommended retail price.

If your prepared to wait for deals both supermarkets and larger chain stores also do promotions such as the ‘buy one, get one half price’ deals or the ‘3 for the price of 2’ deals. You can end up adding some great titles to your collection in this way.


If you are prepared to wait for titles that you want to play then maybe the pre owned market is where you want to be looking. You can find some amazing deals on games that can be as little as a couple of weeks old. Personally I like to save a bit more and wait a few months and pick up some great titles for a fraction of their original price. I’ve bought pre owned games at £30 off retail price on many occasions. Recently I picked up Batman Arkham Asylum game of the year edition for £15. That means I got the £40 originally priced game and as it is the game of the year edition it also included the dlc as well so add the price of the dlc to the saving and it becomes a really good deal for a really good game. Yes, it means waiting a while to play some games but I think with so many titles coming out every year that it can become impossible to play every new title straight away so saving money on the titles that you would not be playing straight away is just an added bonus.

Some games companies have realised gamers are doing this and adding what’s called online passes. This is a system where you get a code in the box when you buy it new and once you use the code you can play any multiplayer aspects to the game. If you buy the game pre owned then the code is usually already used and therefore you cannot play the online aspects unless you purchase the online pass from the games company usually via the online store on your console. Many people both in the games industry and gamers debate as to if the online pass is a good thing or not and if they are here to stay. If you want to play a pre owned game then take the possibility of an online pass into account and work out if the combined price is still worth buying pre owned or buying new. If you are looking at a game that doesn’t have an online aspect to the game then you have nothing to worry about.

The larger chain stores like Game and Gamestation also do the same kind of multiple purchase deals as the new retail titles so you can pick up a collection of great pre owned games for a fraction of the original retail price.


Some great deals can be found online. This is where shopping around and finding great deals couldn’t be easier. Pick a title you are interested in and then go to different company’s websites and compare the prices. It’s surprising at the difference in price you will see. One of the biggest and best places to look is Amazon. Amazon has a truly massive range of games, consoles and accessories at almost unbelievable prices and if you check back regularly you can catch some great deals with impressive amounts of money off. They do daily deals and weekly deals which make it worthwhile.

Online shopping is being blamed for the demise of high street shops that can’t compete with their prices. In many ways I do agree with this and there is nothing better than going into a shop and looking through the rows of games and finding a bargain but as I said at the beginning, times are tough and we don’t have as much disposable income to splash out on games as we may of had in the past so if I can find a better deal online then that’s where I will be buying it from. That said, online shopping is easier when you know what you want to look for, if I’m just in the mood to buy a new game but I’m not sure what I’m looking for (we all do it) then browsing the pre owned and the special offers can sometimes spring up some titles that I wouldn’t of thought of buying before but a good deal can swing my decision and I’ve picked up some great titles due to this.

Checking some gaming websites with forums or twitter can be a great way of finding deals. Forum communities such as the great community at usually post good deals and where they can be found as everyone is looking for a deal and a friendly community will always help each other out. On twitter, following @postabargin is well worth doing as they tweet several great deals that they find every day to make your bargain hunting all the easier.


I would highly advise everyone to shop around as prices vary greatly from place to place. One example I found recently was for the PlayStation 3 console. In Blockbuster they were advertising a 120 GB slim console for £234.99. Within 2 hours I walked into Morrison’s supermarket and saw a 160 GB slim console for £150. That’s a bigger hard drive and a saving of £84.99! That’s an insane saving and well worth checking out. With that kind of saving you could buy a couple of new retail priced games or a few pre owned games and still have money left over.



Jedi Junkie (Graham Coe)

Photos courtesy of Google Images


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