Revisiting An Old Acquaintance

Every once in a while I look over my game collection and find a title I haven’t played in a very long time. Sometimes this is for a good reason such as the game was just so bad it should never be played again. On other occasions it purely because they have been hidden amongst the masses. Recently I have brought back a title that has been hiding away unloved in my collection. The game in question: Battlefield Bad Company 2, specifically the multiplayer portion.

This game was a day one purchase for me after listening to the hype and interest in this title before it came out. Both myself and my  two brother in-laws picked it up with the intention of working together in this shooter. We were all very used to the Call Of duty FPS style and I think we were expecting a similar thing with this title. Of course we were wrong. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a third person perspective shooter in its single player mode but a first person player perspective in its multiplayer mode and I think this is what put us off slightly. We spent some time playing and we had mixed feelings. It was fun but it didn’t have the feel that we were looking for and in the end two of us gave up on the game fairly early on. The other lasted a little longer but even he gave up and went back to Call Of Duty. So this game went onto the shelf and was lost in the collection until recently.

I was expecting one of two things when I started this game again. Either there would be nobody playing it at all and therefore would never get a game or the people still playing would be the hardcore gamers that only play this and have become so good anyone new player would have no hope of getting anywhere and would be forced to give up again.

I was happily wrong on both counts.

As soon as the inevitable update was installed the game loaded up and I took my first step into the multiplayer in a long time. Now due to an unfortunate incident involving a YLOD on my previous Playstation 3 and before the cloud saving advantages of PS+ I lost my save game data so I really was starting off as a level one noob. This I thought was going to make me a laughing-stock with every other player being level capped and I would be cannon fodder and sniper practice. I got into a multiplayer game instantly, no waiting for a game to get the needed players, I was in straight away and off I went. At first it felt a little strange, the movement and gun handling felt different to other shooters ive played but happily it started to feel normal quickly. In my first match I managed to hold my own and kept a 50/50 kill/death ratio and had fun. The second match was the same, the maps were unfamiliar but I was getting to know them and at least getting to know where the main killing fields were and where the best places to catch out over-confident players were. In all I played about ten games in succession and was never completely destroyed. Some I won, some I lost. The fact was I was holding my own in a game I had previously given up on a long time ago.

The reason for this was very surprising. There was actually a very good mix of high and low-level players in each and every game. I could see a wide variety of skill levels being shown in each match. More often than not, the lobby was filled with players ranked between the 5-10 mark. This made the game feel very fair and clean. I never once saw a player glitching or cheating or completely owning the battlefield. On a couple of occasions there was a high-ranking player sniping and they were able to pick off players with skill and ease but with a help from other players flanking the sniper and one or two lucky shots at times, we were able to take the sniper out and capture the objectives. It actually felt like a fun and challenging gaming mission to take out the sniper and as I said this was only on one or two occasions. Each match played out differently even when playing on the same map.

This might be a little gem hiding in people’s collections as this is an established shooter that hasn’t been corrupted by loud mouthed kids swearing everywhere or been hacked and glitched to within an inch of its life. This game has remained pure and as the developers intended. It’s not the greatest shooter out there im sure, some people will always prefer the run and gun aspect of the Call Of Duty series. Others will prefer to always be playing the newest shooter on the market. This however is one I urge people to check out again, take the box off the shelf, dust off the disk and jump back on. I don’t think you will be disappointed. If you haven’t tried this game then I suggest that now is the time to have a go. This game can be picked up really cheap now so there’s no excuse why anyone can’t give it a go. Battlefield Bad Company 2 makes for a refreshing change to the shooter norm of today.

Go and get that headshot

Graham Coe

(Jedi Junkie)


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