Newcastle Film & Comic Con 2015

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The Film & Comic Con Newcastle is based in the Metro Radio arena. Since I live in the north East of England, I try to get as many conventions up here when I can. Conventions are quite new to my area so it’s fun seeing tonnes of people nerd out without having to travel to somewhere like London.

Newcastle Comic Con 2015Since conventions are somewhat new to this area they are usually quite small and a tad unorganised, but i am happy to say this convention was well organised and made it easy for me to know what panels are happening and where everything was. The staff were always friendly and some even sparked up a conversation as to who I was wearing cosplay wise. (I went as Zero Suit Samus Saturday and Misty Sunday).

I’m a person who loves seeing cosplay and I enjoy conventions when they make cosplayers feel welcome. NFCC was a very comfortable place to be in costume. I felt as if i could take a huge costume and be comfortable walking around in it, unlike most conventions you would have to take stuff like that off if you want to look around the dealers room. Although I was surprised to see not as many cosplays as I’m used to, there wasn’t as much as I thought there would be, but considering it is a newer convention it’s to be understood.

This convention had 2 different panel areas, one for it seemed to be mainly relaxed cosplay panels and the other was guest panels. Since this was held in a concert hall there were always plenty spaces to sit so that was never an issue. The guest panels talked about their carriers with Q&A sessions and the Cosplay panels were all different, talking about how to sew, cosplay photography, make up and so on. This was nice to see as most conventions don’t allow these kind of panels and save the room for guests . It was refreshing to see that effort was put into giving people the oportunity to see and enjoy costume/community type panels and meet/interact with other people in the community without forcing a group meet somewhere in the middle of the convention floor being in the way of everything.

Newcastle Comic Con 2015The dealers room is always the first stop for me. The dealers room took up all of the convention floor, which isn’t usually a good thing since people like open places to sit and get away from the crowds, but like i said before this was in the Metro Radio Area. It had so many places to go and sit if you wanted to get away from the busy crowds. This dealers room was good, it had the stuff you would expect to have at any convention, comics, figures and posters. It didn’t feel lacking at all and even picked up a few dresses for myself and a Star Trek Tribble for my Father.

I talked to a few people who had both general and ViP tickets. They all said they they got in with ease and didn’t wait an outstanding amount of time in queues. Obviously people who had general would have to wait in a longer line, but that’s what you get with general.


Newcastle Comic Con 20154Cosplay photoshoots.

this doesn’t really have much to do with the convention itself but if you get a con with cosplayers there will be photoshoots. I didn’t go with that intention but i bumped into “Geordie Gent” who also had a panel and grabbed a few images with him. Then on Sunday I was with “Kitty Lappin Cosplay” (facebook link below) A really good friend of mine and “Alasdair Watson Photography”(facebook link below) . Who I hung out with and had a shoot outside. Outside there are some good places for photographer to get some awesome shots. Inside the convention isn’t really fit for a photo shoot. Even the staff outside were happy and having banter with us laughing along with us posing super weird in odd costumes.

All in all FCCN is a nice, chilled convention to hang out in for the weekend. It isn’t over priced, the staff are friendly and there is plenty to do. I would recommend this to friends and I will most likely will go again next year.

Kitty Lappin Cosplay FaceBook Page

Alasdair Watson photography FaceBook Page

Look out for Katie at upcoming events and conventions.

Don’t forget to check out Katie’s Cosplay & JoypadAndMe FaceBook pages for more information on upcoming events as well as what our team get up to.

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