Sony Is On Fire!

Sony Is On Fire

New Sales Numbers Are In. The Verdict? Sony Is On Fire!

Sony has announced that they have sold 5.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide as of February 8th, 2014. This surpasses the corporation’s projections of having 5 million units sold by the end of March. This announcement also comes 4 days before the scheduled release of the PlayStation 4 in Sony’s home market of Japan.

Playstation 4The PlayStation 4 first went on sale in the last half of November 2013 in North America and Europe, and very quickly sold 2.1 million consoles in the first 2 weeks. The intervening months can be illustrated by the fact that, in contrast to the rival Microsoft Xbox One, PlayStation 4 consoles have been largely out of stock on store shelves and online retailers. This success can be attributed to a well orchestrated pre-launch marketing campaign, paired with a price that is $100 less than the Xbox One console. If sales continue to be as strong going forward, it’s a safe bet that there will not be any warehouses anywhere in the world full of PS4s at the end of March.

It’s important to note that Microsoft’s Xbox One console hasn’t been unsuccessful, despite a slew of pre-launch PR nightmares, and a $500 price tag. All indications are that Microsoft has sold in the neighborhood of 3.6 million Xbox One consoles since its November 22nd launch. While this number is quite a bit smaller than the PS4’s, and the gap will only get larger after the upcoming Japan PlayStation launch, it still amounts to a faster selling console than last generation’s Xbox 360 in the same amount of time. Market Research group NPD sales reporting numbers also show that Xbox One led software sales in the month of January. Pair that with the March 11th release of Titanfall, one of the most anticipated game releases of 2014, and its exclusivity to PC and Microsoft consoles, and it’s easy to see that the Xbox One is far from a failure.

SonySonyThe Sony corporation recently announced that it was selling its Vaio computer division. They also announced that they would be spinning their television division off into a separate company, which would allow the financial numbers to be reported separately from the rest of the Sony Corporation. This move would also make it easier to sell off the ailing television subsidiary if they are unable to turn it around. With these moves and the potential massive success of the PlayStation brand, Sony stands to have one of its most profitable years in quite some time.

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