Losing Interest In Call Of Duty

I’ve been playing the Call Of Duty series for some time now and have looked forward to each release and for the past few i’ve also bought them on release day or pre ordered them. I’ve loved playing them and have fought to complete the single player campaign and risen to the challenge and fought to prestige first amongst my fellow players and once i’ve prestiged i’ve not hesitated in going round and round again. I wouldn’t class myself as a hardcore C.O.D. player but I think I can hold my own and can play a good game.

Strike 1

I think something has changed lately though with the release of Modern Warfare 3. I read the previews and watched the trailers and somehow something felt like it was missing. The all out need to play this game the second it came out didn’t seem to be as much this time round. I suppressed this however and pre ordered the game and got it on day of release. As soon as I got it I put it in and began to play, For the first few hours of multiplayer game play it felt good, it felt like an old friend had come back to play and I instantly knew what to do and with a little bit of game play I began to learn the maps and where to go etc. All was going well for a few days but then things began to change. While playing I noticed more and more cheats happening and glitching, the lobby system began crashing and running slow, it began dropping games midway into a session. I also began to feel the drag of moving up the levels whilst getting closer to the illustrious prestige. It felt more like work to get myself there. I persevered though as to make it to that particular mark before a couple of other players I have a close competition with. I made it but it felt like a lot of work and those last few levels to get to prestige felt long and arduous. Once I had got there I clicked to make myself prestige and then just put the controller and walked away, I had had enough and that was it. In the following few weeks I have gone back to the multiplayer on and off again and have moved up to about level 20 – 25 again but i’ve only played a couple of games at a time then turned it back off again, the urge to play for hours on end and push for more and more prestige has left me.

Strike 2

To change the pace I went onto the single player campaign thinking this would refresh my palate and bring me back into love with the game. I was wrong. From the outset this felt completely the same as MODERN WARFARE 2. Before any detractors say, yes I know it is meant to as it’s following on the story. The trouble for me is that it’s been 2 years since that game and I can see no improvements to the graphics, game play, enemy AI, or weapon balance. Everything feels the same and to be honest could have been a campaign DLC pack really. I again find myself playing one level then turning it off again, it just doesn’t hold my attention and make me want to complete it in one run or even complete it at all. What’s happening to me? Have I lost the love of the Call Of Duty Series?

Saving Graces Or Strike 3?

The one thing that has held my attention a little bit more is the spec ops side of this game. The survival mode is fun to just pick up and shoot anything that comes near you for a while and the challenges are fun for a short time, play them, grab the stars and then never go back to almost all of them. The only two that have really kept me going back time and again are the two training rooms or shooting houses. The urge to get the fastest and best time on these is quite fun and comparing times to others give you an ounce of satisfaction. All in all the spec ops side of this game again mirrors exactly what MODERN WARFARE 2 had with the one addition of the survival mode.

Since playing MODERN WARFARE 3 I have been thinking that maybe just maybe the reign of this series could be coming to an end. Yes this game will sell in the millions and the next one will do the same based on its name alone but as a competitive and engrossing game I think that is days are numbered. I’ve already pretty much given up on playing this as much as I have done with the other titles in the series, I’ll play it now and again if friends go on for a bit of friendly rivalry but I fear that will be the extent for this. MODERN WARFARE 2 and BLACK OPS hardly left my disk drive for months and months but this one is already destined for the shelf.

With the gaming developers designing and producing bigger, better, faster, more developed games, I think the Call Of Duty Series needs to either come out with something altogether new and different or end the series and let it live on in its supposed legendary status. The newest game could of and I feel should have been a DLC pack for the last modern warfare game.

I’m sorry C.O.D. but our love affair might just be over!

Jedi Junkie (Graham Coe)

Photos courtesy of Google Images


2 responses to “Losing Interest In Call Of Duty

  1. I don’t play competitive multiplayer so maybe I’m the last person who should comment but the single player was probably worst than usual.

    However the co-op survival mode is my favourite of the series.

  2. Au contraire Zombellic, I found the singleplayer the best of the Modern Warfare series, but that’s because I love close quarter urban warfare and this game really delivered on that. I can speak fir the multiplayer, having spent over 7 days on it. At first I hated it but then I ajusted to it, and I found myself quite liking it. I can’t really give up on it now because I invested so much time into getting good.

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