Loosing My Religion

Loosing My Religion

Once again we are greeted with a new cod and new things thrown in our faces and to be honest it’s getting less enjoyable each time.

Mainly because the campaign has lost its excitement the multiplayer is so repetitive I just don’t feel like im getting my moneys worth anymore and at £55 it seems like im losing a lot.

Call Of Duty GhostsI will start with the campaign due to it not following on from any other game I thought that might be a good thing but once that I was a few missions in that all started to change. Now of course the graphics and animations are superb but character wise I couldn’t connect to a single one like I have in the past. To me the campaign story didn’t seem to have just that little spark that could have set it off. Now to be fair most stories have been going downhill in my opinion and I get least excited about every new game that is announced. Usually I am looking at trailers, interviews, everything involved about the game and now it’s just “oh the new COD is out?” its just not the same anymore.

Now online, I used to absolutely spend hours upon hours ranking up but now I cant even play one game of it without getting bored. The maps still are nowhere near big enough to play on, unlike BF4. It’s just so frustrating getting shot from every angle due to the map being all crammed up with nowhere to go. I really thought for next-gen they would step up big time but that just seemed like a pipe dream. This is why I spend more time on its arch-enemy battle field it just feels more accomplishing when I rank up due to the amount of points you need.

Battlefield 4

Call Of Duty GhostsNow I’ve never really liked the weapons on COD and this year has just added more fuel to my argument. Even with the worst possible weapon your dead within 2 shots and it’s so frustrating. Now that you have cod coins or whatever they are called just so you get better equipment and to be honest I just haven’t got the time for that. I just want to get into a game pick a weapon and start shooting because i’m not one of the try hard people who need to get every attachment and every camouflage on the game to show off to their friends.

Now I am nearing the end of this article most of you probably feel like its my fault in not liking the game as much as you but the game isn’t helping my feelings. The only reason I buy the Call Of Duty games lately is to see if anything has changed and probably the main reason is because my friends buy it. Now the reason I used to always want to buy it was because it was exciting and I couldn’t wait to jump in. Isn’t that the main reason we pay ridiculous amounts of money for these games, to have fun playing it they are there for our entertainment.

Battlefield 4

Now if you are still interested in these games please continue to buy them, you will probably enjoy it more than me. Unfortunately my love for the Call Of Duty franchise is starting to flat line and I am discovering a new love for Battlefield.

Now I were to give Call Of Duty Ghosts a score, I would have to give this game a 7/10. Good on places but lacking excitement.

Danny Cox

Lazy Gamer

Extra Life 2013


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