Guilty pleasures in gaming.

Looking back through my collection of games I looked at which I’ve bought to complete, which to compete online with and which I’ve bought to try out. Then a couple caught my eye that fit into an altogether different category. Which games are my guilty little pleasures? These are the games you can’t help going back to every now and again and playing for a while just for the plain and simple fun of playing them, not trying to gain a trophy or even get a high score really but just plain and simple fun games. For me there are two highlights in this category. I can’t help myself, I have plenty of other titles I should be playing but every once in a while I just go back to PIXELJUNK MONSTERS and PEGGLE. Both are nice clean fun games that are very addictive and feel like good old friends that you can go back to at any point and just play for the fun of it.

PIXELJUNK MONSTERS is an iteration of the tower defence style of gaming and is one of the best examples of it I’ve seen. You play a little tiki man character and your job is to save your woodland creature friends from being killed by a range of evil woodland creatures if they manage to get back to your hut. You can do this by placing different types of towers along a set path that can destroy the enemy before they get to your hut at the end of the map. The deeper you go through the game the more options you have in what types of tower you can use, single shot arrow towers, flame throwing towers, cannons, electricity and more. Each has particular strengths and weaknesses against different types of enemy. You can’t help but fall in love with this game. It’s fun, simple to understand and any age could play it. Some might say it’s too cutesy to play and these are usually the ones that stay glued to some first person shooter every day till the next one comes out and doesn’t expand their horizons. This game is seriously addictive and although I’ve completed it god knows how many times, I still come back to it every now and again for some simple fun entertainment. It’s a cheap small game on both the playstation and the psp and I highly recommend it.

PEGGLE is another plain simple easy to get in to title. All you have to do is bounce a ball so it hits as many pegs as you can before it hits the bottom and you have a set amount of balls to clear a certain amount of pegs. Each level is different, colourful and fun, it is another title that some will say its cutesy looking and yes I agree but it’s another fun, simple to get into addictive game. Yes it won’t hold you as interested as long as a CALL OF DUTY or a SKYRIM but you will come back to it time and time again just to play a level or a round. There is an online element to this game and it is quite fun, this is an old title but every time I’ve gone online to play I have never had a problem finding players. This is also one of the games I have found that work with the remote play feature on the psp which makes it portably addictive as well.

One guilty pleasure I’m tempted to take up is SINGSTAR, I can’t sing to save my life but after playing it a little last year using someone else’s copy I keep getting the urge to buy a copy and have a little fun wailing my head off to some of my favourite songs. There is something quite appealing about singing into a microphone and forgetting everything around you and just simply having fun. I’m sure this is a guilty pleasure of many both singers and non singers alike. This title might find its way into my collection over the next few months as another guilty little pleasure.

These are my guilty pleasures, simple games which are just fun to go back to when you just want a game to keep you entertained for a short time without the need for a deep, in depth storyline or similar feature. I’m sure everyone has a personal guilty pleasure that they keep for just such circumstances and I hope they give you as much fun and entertainment as mine do and I hope they keep doing so.

PIXELJUNK MONSTERS available on Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and there is now a facebook version.

PEGGLE available on Playstation 3, Xbox Live Arcade and IOS Devices.

SINGSTAR available on Playstation 3.

Jedi Junkie (Graham Coe)

Photos courtesy of Google images.


2 responses to “Guilty pleasures in gaming.

  1. I get the same thing with Chime Super Deluxe and Pacman Championship edition EX i play at least one level of any one of those a day. I just never gets boring in short bursts like that

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