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Now this may be one of the hardest articles I will ever have to write. There are so many characters in gaming that I just love from Ezio from the Assassins Creed series to Johnny Gat from the Saints Row series.

I have opted to go for a very strong and inspirational character and that man is….. Captain Price.

Captain PriceNow what can I say about Captain Price? We first meet him in Call Of Duty 4 and when I first met him I thought oh here we go another arsehole Captain who I can never please. But soon after he warmed to my heart especially when you must run off the ship after its been bombed. The second I started slipping from the chopper you don’t know how many buttons I mashed to try to pull myself up. But there he was in the right place and the right time to pull me up.

The moment when you flash back to him only being a lieutenant in the sniping mission ‘All Ghillied Up’ you can see how he became a badass.

At the end of Call Of Duty 4 we are left with a major cliff-hanger the moment after you shoot Zakhaev and the other soldiers around him, you see Price lay on his back not moving or breathing. Now when the good Russians turn up I was praying to GOD that the soldier revived price. The second he started pounding his chest I knew it didn’t look good.

Now in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 we don’t see Captain Price until the Gulag mission. Which he then joins up with the taskforce but disobeys Sheppard. When Sheppard betrays his country  and works with Makarov Price and Soap set off on a mission to kill Sheppard to stop the destruction on the United States.

Once again after an amazing gun battle and chase on boats it all comes down to a one on one fight with Price And Sheppard. Soap has been stabbed and cannot help his Captain. Lying there helplessly we must watch these two slug it out. Things take a turn for the worse when Sheppard seems to get the upper hand and stands laying punch after punch into Price’s face. Now Soap with the only weapon available to him is currently in his stomach, fighting through the pain he pulls it out and unleashes a deadly throw killing Sheppard.

Once again Price is not moving we don’t know if he’s dead or just knocked out and things start to look worse as Soap begins to close his eyes. But in the nick of time Price Awakens to help you, also your old friend Nikoli is there with his helicopter ready to lift you to safety.

captain-priceIn Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 we pick up where we left off in 2. Soap is still bleeding out from the battle with Sheppard thankfully Price saves him.

Soon after that Price leads Soap and Yuri from Sierra Leone to Somalia in search for Makarov.

Now when Price finally learns of Makarov’s location in Prague him, Soap and Yuri go out to end this once and for all.

But unfortunately Price’s friend Kamarov is captured and killed during this operation. Makarov then tells Yuri that he shouldn’t have come leading Soap suspicious on how they know each other.  Makarov blows the building Soap and Yuri are in. Price must now help Soap get medical treatment before it is too late. Battling Makarovs forces through the streets of Prague we really see how much Soap means to Price.

Price and Yuri get Soap to a Rebel base hoping to treat him before he dies. However their efforts do not come with reward. Just before soaps passing he tells Price that Makarov Knows Yuri. As soon as Soap passes away I could feel nothing but comfort for Captain Price his best friend has just died right in front of him. Now he’s pissed and you never want to piss off Captain Price. He leads Yuri away and punches him down the stairs. Demanding that Yuri tells him how Makarov knows him, when this happens I was completely shocked that we learn from Call Of Duty 4 that Makarov and Yuri have been with us all along.

Captain PriceAlso Price must lead men into trying to rescue the Russian President and his daughter and a major battle and completely outnumbered they must try to escape. When they are trying to take off they become overwhelmed by enemy forces and are forced to leave men behind. The sound of Price shouting at his fellow men when you are being lifted to safety made chills run through my spine also giving me a taste for revenge.

Filled with hate and anger Price and Yuri learn that Makarov is in a hotel and they go over to kill him. They are wearing Juggernaut suits with heavy machine guns. After killing most of Makarovs men you must enter the lifts to try to get to the top before Makarov can escape, but a helicopter blows up the lift nearly killing you and Yuri. When you reach the top you see a helicopter trying to leave but Price being that much of a badass leaps towards it and hangs on. He kills the pilot but loses control of the helicopter causing it to crash.

We awaken to Makarov coming out of the helicopter with his trusty pistol in hand, now I thought this must be the end for him he had nowhere to go. But thankfully Yuri comes out of nowhere and starts shooting unfortunately being so badly wounded he has a horrible shot which lead to Makarov killing him.

Now Price filled with anger and hate for all his friends and soldiers he has killed rushes at Makarov and starts beating him senseless wrapping a rope around Makarovs neck and slamming him into the glass floor. Eventually the glass breaks and you are left staring into Makarovs face as you both fall. When the rope tightens you are left with the image of Makarov finally dead.

Now what does Price do? He sits there and lights his Cigar after a job well done. Anyone who can watch someone hanging in front of them while smoking a fat cigar after all the pain he has caused people is a legend in my book. And Captain Price is defiantly a legend.

Captain Price

Captain Price is one of the greatest characters in video gaming history due to his persistence, leadership and the ability to control any situation. Price demonstrates the true meaning of the rank ‘Captain’.  He is an amazing character and one we should all look up to.

Danny Cox

(Lazy Gamer)

Extra Life 2012


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