Gaming With Kids

Gaming With Kids

I have two kids and one problem with being a gamer and a parent for me is when is the right time to ignore your kids and play a good game…the answer is never. Games are never more important than your children and you should never neglect your bundles of joy just to have the hit of a fake accomplishment you get from playing.

Games will always be around they don’t age, your offspring do and they age fast super fast, like holy fook, that fetus got big quick. Spend time with them when ever you can and enjoy the little thing they do. Hey but maybe your thinking “but I need some me time” well boo hoo put down the tissues and man up.

Obviously there are times when its ok to hook in to the virtual when they are around –

  • Newborn babies are easy to game around whilst also keeping a watchful half eye on
  • When the kids are in the bath cos they love the bath and don’t mind spending hours in there
  • Tea time, giving them a big meal will keep em busy for a good half hour if not an hour
  • They have been naughty and sent to have a good long hard think about what they did in their room

The golden time for some hardcore gaming is when the little rug rats are in bed, you have worked hard all day, spent time with the kids and now you get your reward that you deserve not just that its your right to have a good gaming session now…………..maybe. The final barrier to you and your game is the other half. You love them but damn it they need a hobby of their own to get them out of your hair, you have worlds to save. How you deal with the situation is on you. I have no quick trick, if you have any send em to me.  The only trick I do have is to raise the room temperature snuggle up on the couch with him/her ideally under a blanket and hopefully they will soon drift off or even better go up to bed on their own leaving you free to game to silly o’clock in the morning.


Anyway the reason I wrote all the above is basically to say Terraia on ps3 is a brilliant game to play if you have kids and a lover (2 kids 1 lover is the sweet spot for this). The game is basically a 2D mincraft with splitscreen (4 players) and also online support (8 players). My 4 year old boy, 6 year old girl and my wonderful Girlfriend (psn-LifeAmoungTheDead) actually love this game, not only that, I do too. It has a deep enough progress and goals to keep me playing hours on hours and the gameplay is simple for my kids to enjoy. So yeah buy Terraria its awesome.

(If you have any other games that are great to play with kids then let us know. ED)

Comment below please I need the love 🙂

Jason RezNeonSkull



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