Gaming Habits. New vs Old

Right. To start my first discussion on this site I thought I would start with something that from my experience divides a lot of gamers. Do you play the newest, latest games only or bounce back and forth into older games?

I’ve spoken to gamers of different ages and different interests and it seems that there is a complete mix in what each person does in regards to their gaming habits. Some people will only play the latest game out in their desired genres and once finished or bored they sell it or trade it in for the next newest title. Some, on the other hand will play the newest game then when bored, change to an older game in their collection, keeping the newer title in their list to become the aforementioned ‘older game’ to be played later.
For me personally I’m definitely the latter, I don’t like trading in games and would much rather keep them in my collection to play sometime when my interest is sparked again. Many games in my collection can sit there for a year or more before being given a breath of life again. There’s something almost nostalgic about playing an older game which you completed or beating that last boss that beat you so many moons ago but now seems so simple.
I’ve traded games in the past and felt sick at the amount they are worth and vowed never to do it again as they may again bring me joy.

One aspect that is considered in games when talking about this is their lifespan. I’m not talking single-player games but rather multiplayer online titles. It seems nowadays that most ‘multiplayer’ titles are online and rarely have a ‘split screen’ option like older games. Online titles do age quicker, the servers are closed, the players become so good or such a high level that it becomes almost impossible to jump back into, etc. The idea of keeping a multiplayer title in your collection for that gaming session with friends over seems to be dying out. Case in point, way back when people would get together in groups and play GOLDENEYE on the N64. This title is legendary for its multiplayer side and remains one of the most much loved games of its type. Compare that to a title like MODERN WARFARE. It’s multiplayer is the online type and as such as soon as the sequels come out more often than not its traded in and almost forgotten about. Both are great great titles but I’m betting that if you owned both, one stayed in your collection longer than the other.

For me I think I’ll always be a gamer who keeps old games just for that off-chance of digging out an old gem and playing it again. I do value gamers who trade in their titles for new ones as without them there wouldn’t be any ‘preowned’ sections to hunt through for a past classic.

Jedi Junkie (Graham Coe)


Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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