Gameplay Awards 2011

After a years gaming, playing both old and new titles i decided to produce my gaming awards review of 2011. These are based purely on my personal gaming experiance over the past 12 months. I decided to keep it quite short as there is no real need to make up needless titles and awards just for the sake of it. I kept the awards to the important points in my gaming experiances of 2011.

Best New Game Of 2011

– Assassins Creed Revelations (released 2011 – played 2011)

Great storyline, nice conclusion to the two main characters without finishing the complete story. Great graphics and smooth playing style. Great mix of artistry combined with compelling gameplay that encouraged me to carry on till the end.

Worst Gaming Experiance Of 2011

– DC Universe Online (released 2011 – played 2011)

Too many glitches and lag issues made the game totally unplayable for me. Great idea for a game but with being an online only game it needed to be a smooth, glitch free affair.

Biggest Gaming Suprise Of 2011

– Costume Quest (released 2010 – played 2011)

The games seems initially child like in the storyline and the artwork but after looking again i saw that it was inentionally done like that but also had a deeper more interesting gameplay to it. Its a well rounded, fun, different type of game. An RPG but on the lighter side that any age could play and find fun. Theres nothing offensive or risque involved, just good honest fun.

Best Free Game Of 2011

– Burnout Paradise (released 2009 – played 2011)

Given free on PS+. Full title with huge depth and massive playing appeal. Large single player aspect, large online aspect, plenty of fully developed, smooth flowing, attractive DLC. A game worth playing at any time.

Jedi Junkie

Photos courtesy of google images.


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