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I’m a massive PlayStation fan as I’ve asserted I have had all previous consoles within a short period of release but there are some reasons I’ll wait. So here they are:


Don’t get me wrong the PS4 is priced really well at £350 but the games are RRP of £60 that’s too rich for my blood. I love the idea of a Camera Bundle as I love the PSEye but it wasn’t well support at launch sadly, I fear this may be an issue with the only app being shown is Playroom.

System stability:

I bought a PS3 day one and within 11 months my BDROM had died, thankfully it was replaced by Sony but at the cost of all my game saves, not to mention the time spent on the phone with customers services to deactivate services after my replaced PS3 suffered the same fate after another 11 months. I chose to pay for the BDROM to be replaced and 3 months later my PS3 phat suffered the Yello Light of Death (YLOD) and couldn’t be fixed. I bought a PS3 Slim and touch wood it’s still going strong. My launch PS2 lasted 5 years without trouble so I was disappointed. Thankfully at no point did a Firmware Update brick my consoles but I felt like an unpaid beta tester for Sony. I’ve had no major issues with my PSVita and I’m sure Sony have learned from the PS3 issues but I’ll wait.

UI reliability:

As I mentioned previously I felt like a Beta tester for the XMB. Don’t get me wrong they system evolved amazingly over time but the browser and some of the TV apps are still badly borked. Remote play was a major selling point for me with PS3 & PSP and failed to deliver, the Jack Trenton promised Cross-game chat never actually appeared on PS3 but did come to PSVita in a fashion. With the fact that a lot of features like HD-CP, Blue-tooth headsets not being compatible, Gaikai not coming until Spring 2014 and only confirmed for North America to start with.


As has been confirmed over recent weeks a lot of expected features are absent from the PS4 Launch system. These include: Streaming Apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix et al; no DNLA streaming; CD / MP3 Playback; no game suspend option; no 3D Blu-ray playback; inability to upgrade Sub-accounts to a Master account. OK so I have other devices that can do all this and I should be buying a PS4 for…


I do think there are some lovely games coming out at launch but nothing that is setting my world alight. Add to the fact that certain games are going to be able to be upgraded for £10 to the next generation version. There (in theory) shouldn’t be anything stopping me buying AC4, CoD:Ghost on PS3 and dropping an extra tenner to grab the next gen version for when I’ve got the Hardware. Add to this the fact that a few games I already own are hopping on to the PS4 as free Cross-Buy games (including Escape Plan, Flow, Flower, Soundshapes) I would have the most games I’ve ever had with a launch system and not had to pay a penny for them. The games I’m most looking forward to have either been delayed or won’t hit the system until Next Year (ie DriveClub, Watch_Dogs, infamous: Second Son, Octodad; Dadliest Catch, Velocity 2X). Add this to the fact that my PS3 & PSVita pile of shame is growing seemingly exponentially thanks to…

PlayStation Plus:

As I’ve mentioned I’m being swamped by great games from PS+ on both my PS3 and PSVita that demand my attention, which I may well be sadly missed when my focus switches to PS4. Also as we’ve discussed about stacking PS+ content for PS3 or PSVita on our Podcasts, I see no reason that I won’t be able to use the web store to add PS4 games to my download list. Meaning I won’t miss out on Resogun or Contast, which will be free in November and I’ll have a ready made games collection to Download when I eventually buy my PS4.

The closest I may be getting to a PlayStation 4 for some time and I'll really miss using the Dual Shock 4.

The closest I may be getting to a PlayStation 4 for some time and I’ll really miss using the Dual Shock 4.

Ok so I’ve given my excuses as to why I’m not buying on release but there are a few features that I really want to try out:

Games in native 1080p, the new UI looks amazing and an actual innovative from the now over a decade old XMB, ability to stream and upload game footage. Ability to jump into other game people’s games is really intriguing. Increased friends list capacity is much needed for me who regularly has to have a cull to add gamers but thanks to the latest PSVita update I can build my list up without requiring a PS4. Remote-Play for me is the biggest aspect I feel I’m missing out on and one of the reasons I bought a PSVita, with me and would solve my partner and I arguing of the big screen in the living room.

Having already been hands on with PS4 the PS4eyes the idea of being able to record in 3D and potentially have 3D chats intrigues me, as does the PlayRoom app but I’m not sure it has more depth than PSVita Welcome Park. The DualShock4 does feel feel absolutely lovely, and controls realy nicely but I can’t justify this a reason to buy the next system.

So what do you think? Am I an idiot for not getting a PS4 day one? Are there other reasons I’ve missed? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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Connor McKervey (VDJOMB)

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for Joypadandme.com. @vdjomb on Twitter

Fear Not JoypadAndMe.com readers both Troy & Graham are getting PlayStation 4’s at launch and I’m sure they will be making me green with envy during our Podcasts.


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