Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: Die Rise

Black Ops 2

I have started to enjoy zombies again. At first I was reluctant to start all over again but then I realised it’s a lot more fun when you’re playing with your friends.

I’m going to tell you our way of fighting off the flesh-eating zombies.

Black Ops 2

When we start off, we do what nearly every zombie player does, keep the pistol till you run out of ammo and let the zombies tear off every single barrier in sight and wait till the end of the round to start repairing them. Don’t forget the parts that are scattered around the first zone. Now most people would open the stairs to buy the PDW-57. But we found a way to get down the stairs without spending our money.

The next time you open the first set of doors and at the end of the hall there seems to be a drop (also where the zombies jump down to). To get down to the other part of the map you must slowly edge yourself off. Doing this too quick can result in you missing the ledge and falling to your death, if you look to try out this method I recommend you doing this with a friend so they can revive you. Now that you have the machine gun you may kill at will. But to get our points up we don’t go for the classic ‘aim for the head’. We look to aim for the body and legs just to get them few extra points. Be sure to create the trample steam so when those little creatures come, all of you can stay in the corner and use trample steams to kill them. They normally should start coming at the 5th level. Makes sure that no one fires a single bullet because doing so will cause you to miss out on the free perk that is offered to you. Then we start to make our way down by jumping down onto the mattresses below then make your way round and go down through the hole in the floor. Then you must head right towards an opening and start jumping down, but be sure you wait a few seconds after the jumps so you regain your health. Once you have done this correctly use all remaining pistol ammo then go ahead and buy the AN94. Then move the couch to proceed to the next area.

Black Ops 2

At the end of the next room you must run up a barrier and jump over to the other side. You will reach a room with a work bench and 2 lifts, first find any parts downstairs and start creating the new weapon. Open the stairs when you get the chance. After you walk up the stairs look straight ahead because there is a weapon part on the floor grab this and put it on the weapon. Go back up the stairs then head to the right opening the door you see. Then open the double doors, as soon as you walk in look straight and you will see a lever. Pull this and it will turn on the power meaning you can use the lifts for getting perks or heading to the roof.

The first thing you should look to buy is juggernaut this will give you an advantage when things get messy. One we all must go for next is ‘Pack a Punch’. This totally enhances your weapon giving that extra kick you need. It also increases your ammo capacity which is always a bonus. The remaining parts for the gun should be in the double lift room so snoop around till you find them.

Black Ops 2

When you create the new gun it is called the ‘squidlifier’ when you fire this at the floor everything that touches it starts to slide. This gun even knocks the zombies off their feet giving you the advantage to send them back to hell. Next you should head to the roof and the only way you are able to do this is by jumping on top of a lift. When you reach the top do not stay on it for too long. You will hear a bell if it is about to go up again, if you do, get off this immediately or you will be crushed and die. Now head up the big walk way on the side of the map and jump over to where you created the trample steam.

In this room the perks to get are quick revive which increases the speed of helping downed players back to their feet. And the other is speed cola this is just like fast hands on the multiplayer quickening your reload and aiming down the sights. However speed cola sometimes is in a different spot. If this occurs wait for the lift and jump on top of it to go to the place where you first started. Go to the left side and hopefully it should be there. The final perk that I recommend is double tap cola increasing the amount of bullets you fire. But this does use up ammo quickly but it is totally worth it.

All I can recommend now is that you find a nice room to settle in and try to make yourself at home so you know where the zombies are coming from then fight to the death!

Danny Cox

(Lazy Gamer)

Extra Life 2012


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