Battle Of The Consoles: Sega

Battle Of The Consoles Sega Banner

Here at JoypadAndMe we want to set up and decide one of the biggest battles in the video gaming world. We want to know who and what will be crowned as the King Of Consoles. We will be letting our viewers and listeners decide just which manufacturer and which console will be crowned. We aren’t looking for the console that sold the most or which one was technically more superior, no, we want to know which console is the one that everyone holds dear to their hearts. Which one was the most fun to own and play. We will be pitting the consoles from each manufacturer against themselves and then against the winners of the other main manufacturers to see which one stands on top.

Sega-Master-System-SetThis time round we take a look at the gaming behemoth that is Sega. In the golden age of the console wars there were only two major players and kids in the playground were firmly in one camp or the other. Sega or Nintendo. Sega began way back in the 1940’s believe it or not. Back then they were called Service Games (SErvice GAmes) and originated in Honolulu then moving to Japan to begin making jukeboxes and arcade games. Most gamers however know them from the 1980’s when they really came into the fore front of people’s minds with the release of the Sega Master System, the 8bit powerhouse of home gaming that many adopted as their love affair into gaming.

From there on in we got the Sega MegaDrive or known elsewhere as the Sega Genesis which brought some their favourite gaming experiences playing Sonic The Hedgehog at what seemed like break neck speeds. To gain every last possible bit of gaming use out of the MegaDrive, Sega launched the semi Sega Genesisadd-on/new console known as the Sega CD which took Sega away from cartridge games and into the world of CD based games which we still use today. There was another add-on to the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis called the 32X which again added a new library of games and claimed more power etc but didn’t really take off in the way that the manufacturers had hoped. Strangely, launched at the same time as the add-on 32X was the next standalone console launch for Sega which took the Sega Saturnname Saturn. Boasting 32bit gaming power as well as multiplayer gaming via the internet in 1996! Some companies were having troubles making their games consoles use the internet in 2006 so to have an ability such as that 10 years earlier was seriously impressive.

The Sega DreamCast is one console that many people hold dear to their hearts. The DreamCast launched in 1998 and was on paper an amazing machine. CD gaming, internet access and multiplayer gaming possible, a host of accessories including the clever memory card with a screen and had the ability to play mini games on its own away from the console. A small, handheld device that plays games and interacts with a home console….we have seen that more recently but just remember, Sega was doing that back in 1998. unfortunately one thing pretty much killed the DreamCast, pirating game although other reasons such as competition and support have also been mentioned. The DreamCast was however the last console that Sega brought to its fans and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any hints that we will see a new Sega console any time soon.

Sega dreamcast

All of this is all well and good but what we really want to know and what we want to see is just which of these amazing consoles was and still is your favourite. Which one gave you your fondest gaming memories and is the console that you hold dearest to your heart.

Master System, MegaDrive, Saturn, DreamCast, Which of these is Sega’s pinnacle of success?



Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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