This Geek’s Ce Chic – Metal Gear Solid Collection by Musterbrand


Peace Walker Collection

All the main items in this collection come in three colours Olive Green, Navy Blue and Grey. I assume these colours are chosen to represent the Army, Navy & Airforce respectively but I’m not certain. They all come with an attractive dense cardboard label attached with string, and feature a fabric sewn in label that hides a signature Kojima Exclamation mark in Yellow and a Musterbrand Enamel logo button. With exception of the T-shirts all the items are made from 100% cotton in a herringbone twill. They’re also a good colour match to the unlockable fatigues that Big Boss can acquire whilst playing through Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Given I wore a couple of these item when I interviewed David Hayter for our special Metal Gear Solid JAMchunk podcast they already have a special meaning for me.

Field Cap Sale Price £5 (RRP £10.80) SOLD OUT
wpid-wp-1441144233817.jpegBasic looking military styled cap with two ventilation holes either side to keep your head cool and in the style of the cap Chico wears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Well stitched, it forms an excellent circular shape, and makes it look utilitarian, with a stiff pre-shaped peak. Size is adjusted via a simple but effective Velcro fastening at the back, featuring a subtle Kojima Fox logo stitched on to the back right side. The colours are a good match to the Field Shirt / Field Trousers but not perfect. wpid-wp-1441140384722.jpegInside it has lovely detailed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker label. The Field Cap’s light, fits well and at £5 well worth picking one or all three like me.

Field Shirts Sale price £31 (RRP £62.10) SOLD OUT
wpid-wp-1441144245902.jpegThe thick rugged shirt, has a very military styling to it, coming in the same three colours as the Field Caps. With a two tone colours on the reverse of the collar, cuffs and pockets (Navy and Olive is Grey and the grey is Navy). With two good sized pleated pockets on the chest at 45 degree angles, with two poppers on each to keep then closed. Talking of poppers this shirt abandons the convention of using buttons to keep the shirt closed and has adopted for chunky metal poppers, which means it can closed or opened quickly. The cuffs also use two poppers, to keep then closed. The only buttons are the ones on either sleeve which are used to secure tethers (hidden inside the sleeves) for keeping the sleeves rolled up. Like the Field cap there’s a little Fox Hound label stitched on the bottom right, strikingly adorning the right bicep are the pop on / off rubber patches secured on the right bicep. wpid-wp-1441140270886.jpegA rectangular patch showing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker logo and more square shaped patch showing the distinctive Ban The Bomb influenced Peace Walker logo, in a complementary colour to the shirt. These patches are unique to Musterbrand and like the Assassin’s Creed Collection buttons they can be used on other items in the Metal Gear Solid Collection. I love that this allows for personalisation, as you can swap them between different coloured clothing, works well when mixing coloured items.
The shirt hides a lovely little secret and that is a stitched label on the underside of the left bottom edge, detailing the synopsis of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. There’s also the same branded label found on the Field Cap sown into inside at the back. Having had my Grey Field Shirt for over four years, I can personally testify as to how well this washes, it’s a bit of a pain to iron due to some of the detailing and the fact it’s 100% cotton but it’s really comfortable and hard wearing.

Field Pants Sale Price:£31 (RRP £53.10) SOLD OUT
Made from the same material as the Field Caps and Field Shirts and in matching colours. These ain’t your usual combats as it has two very deep open pockets either side both featuring coin pockets on the inside of each. They also feature a very low popper sealed pockets just above the ankle on each leg, the right hand one has a stitched on label that reads “Say Peace” in a speech bubble.wpid-wp-1441140170538.jpeg Like the Field Shirts these combats have the same interchangeable Silicon Patches. My issue with these is that the Metal popper backings are inside the right pocket, which puts your shiny unprotected mobile phone screen at risk of scratching if you tend to keep it in your right pocket like me.
The waist band features belt hoops and also adjustable Velcro tighteners, so they can be worn without the need for a belt. The bottom of the combats feature three size openings that can be adjusted by securing with a metal button. As I’ve said in my original This Geek’s Ce Chic article the combats are very long in the leg but you could always get them shortened professionally or simply turn up the bottoms. My Navy pair were a birthday gift four years ago along with the Grey Field Shirt, there’s some fading of the colour but given how much they’ve been worn and washed they’ve lasted better than some of my jeans. They’re a good fit and hard-wearing but the ankle pockets a little impractical for keeping loose change or heavy items in.

Fox T-shirt Sale Price £9 (RRP £18) SOLD OUT
This grey 100% cotton T-shirt is lovely and soft, with a massive Fox Hound logo on the chest. The problem is it’s so close to the same tone of grey as the shirt causing it to disappear. The logo must have something in the ink as at certain angles it becomes more clearly visible. It’s like the Stealth Suit of logos, which I’ve never come across before, the Tee also has the stitched Fox on the bottom right label. The stock is very low and ended up getting an XL size but at £9 I couldn’t pass it up. Compliments the Field Shirt and Combats well due to the different grey tone.

Peace Walker T-Shirt Sale Price £9 (RRP £18) SOLD OUT
wpid-wp-1441140315449.jpegThis has to be one of my best purchases from Musterbrand because not only is the sky blue colour and the soft touch 100% cotton unbelievably comfy but at £9 it’s a steal. The impressive raised Peace Walker logo is printed on the chest is subtle yet more noticeable than the Kojima Fox on the Grey Tee. Like the other Peace Walker items it has a stitched Fox label on the bottom right. I’ve worn and washed this a lot since I bought it and there’s no signs of fading or damage to the print. I like it so much I picked up a second one for storage as a spare. A must buy for Metal Gear Solid fans, and works brilliantly as a layer under the Field Shirt.

Metal Gear Solid V Collection

Many items were announced when Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was about to be released with quite a few coming later in preparation for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Most feature a massive Camo print label on the inside and Property of Kojima Productions in MSF yellow and some feature that same colour used for stitched lines. Gone are the Enamel Musterbrand buttons to be replaced by either a Stitched double sided label or a plastic stud.
Stealth Shirt £34
mgs_tshirt-frontI was really unsure about ordering this one, as I was concerned I’d have too many items with the yellow lines stitched into them. What struck me first was the unexpected XOF logo printed on the inside of the back of the neck. The next was the deep dark olive green fabric has an unusual texture, a 95% / 5% mix of Cotton / Elastine. wpid-wp-1441361115884.jpegThis material blend, coupled with the style makes it look and feel like Neoprene (the material wetsuits are made of), mainly due to the stitching on the neck, sleeves and waist. The dark olive colour with the yellow detailing compliments, whilst standing out from it. When wearing the Stealth Tee it looks like Boss’ Sneaking Suit top, and even though it’s elasticated doesn’t make me look like a string of sausages, thankfully. The fabric is surprisingly dense and works well as a bottom layer or just as a Tee. My only complaint would be the finishing on the edges of the neck, sleeves and waist (which I’m sure is deliberate but) looks a little roughly cut, which gives me concerns over it fraying. wpid-wp-1441140347410.jpegI’d have loved the XOF Logo printed on the outside of shirt but the rectangular stitched patch saying “Property of Kojima Production Metal Gear Solid Supply” is an excellent touch.

Green Fox £34
mgs_gen-shirt-green_fox-frontI was hoping this wouldn’t be like the slightly disappointing Grey Fox Peace Walker Tee. I’m very impressed with the print, unlike the Peace Walker Tees this is a deep print into the fabric and isn’t an iron transfer. wpid-wp-1441148138567.jpegThe colour is a darker shade to the light Olive colour is fantastic on the beautiful soft 100% Pima cotton fabric. There was a cheeky surprise on the back with the Kojima Production Fox transfer between the shoulder blades in black. A beautiful Tee and I’m thinking I’ll be picking the black one up in the near future. The only negatives I have is £34 is a very high price for a T-shirt and feel it is lacking the MSF yellow stitching of other items. That said the deep hems on the sleeves and waist make it look more stylish than your usual £15 Tee.

Utility Vest Sale Price £54 (RRP £74)
mgs_vest-frontWhen I was a child these were called body-warmers, I’m informed by someone with a greater knowledge of fashion than myself that they’re now called gilets. This particular gilets is a lot thinner than the puffy body-warmers of my youth but actually feels as warm due to the soft touch polyester shell material it’s made from. wpid-wp-1441144255544.jpegThe quilted, lightly padded Olive green gilet is beautifully stitched and contrasted perfectly with the bright yellow lining. There’s some exceptionally subtle details from the Kojima Productions logo printed on the chest and the yellow lines on the top and bottom of the side pockets, shoulders and bottom of the zip fastening, matching other items in this collection. I was also impressed to find an additional two deep patch pockets in the yellow lining of the Field Vest. A fantastic item in the collection perfect for wearing over a T-shirt or any of the Field Shirts and is the ultimate companion to the Mercenary Hoodie (see below). wpid-wp-1441140464604.jpegSadly unlike the Reversible Vest in the Counter-Strike collection the Ulitlity Vest is only designed to be worn one way, unless you want to look like the Soldier with the Key card near the singing Ketzel in Peace Walker.

Tiger Stripe Shirt Sale Price £44 (RRP £94)
wpid-wp-1441144264700.jpegMade from a similar 100% Cotton Herringbone twill as the Peace Walker Field items (though slightly thinner), this Tiger Stripe camo design is an impressive evolution of the Peace Walker Field Shirt. The Olive and near black Tiger Striping is much darker than the pictures on Musterbrand’s website indicate. Thankfully the pattern looks subtle and not garish, which I was afraid of. Featuring four pockets on the front: two blended patch pockets on the waist, a blended angular popper fastening pocket on the right side in the style of the Peace Walker Field Shirts and a green patch pocket on the left side of the chest. The angular yellow stitched lines feature again in subtle fashion. Gone are the popper fasteners down the centre to be replaced with hidden plastic buttons, these buttons also secure the cuffs. It’s worth mentioning the buttons feel a bit thin but if you examine the sides they have Kojima Productions eteched into the sides and highlighted in white, sadly on the shirt I purchased these were almost too subtle to be noticed even on close inspection.  Like the Peace Walker Field shirts The Tiger Stripe features Musterbrand‘s signature silicon detachable patches but it’s on the left arm this time, which can be used on the Peace Walker Collection. wpid-wp-1441361134331.jpegThe big selling point for me was that it comes fitted with a yellow Kojima Fox and the word Fox in the same colour and a second set of patches with DD and the Diamond Dogs logo in black. The stitching is fantastic, with the back being made from two pieces of fabric joined down the centre, the reverse of the collar has a zig-zag stitching, there are no visible seams in the arms, which is unusual. All the workmanship really justifies the high price tag, it’s an awesome shirt for the money. The Tiger Stripe Shirt can be worn over many of the other items like the tees, including the Mercenary Hoodie or under the Utility Vest. My only gripe is I really like the sleeve holders of the Peace Walker Fields shirts that this lacks but there’s nothing stopping you rolling them up. It’s worth pointing out there’s also Tiger Stripe Blazer done in the same material which also features the two silicon patches, which currently discounted to £59 from £124 RRP.

Mercenary Hoodie £99 SOLD OUT
mgs_hood-frontA thinner than expected but deceptively warm tightly knitted hoodie, made for a 50/50 mix of Acrylic and Merino Wool, it feels like a premium item.  wpid-wp-1441362448211.jpegThe contrast of Olive colour and black zip look distinct, with lots of signature stitched yellow lines symmetrical placed all over and matching other items in the Metal Gear Solid V collection. There’s two well sized pockets on the sides like kangaroo pouches, the neck has a draw-string that’s light and is a hollow cyclindrical tube all done in one with only stitches at either to keep it sealed.  wpid-wp-1441140529977.jpegThe fit is excellent but the full face zip seems an odd and totally impractical addition, as you can’t see through the hood when it’s zipped up. My other gripe is the ease of cleaning the Mercenary, it can be dry cleaned or hand-washed but the Mercenary is not suitable for machine washing due to the luxurious wool used. When matched with the Utility Vest it’s perfect for keeping you warm on colder days and looks fantastic. There’s an similarly Knit Hoodie in the Counter-Strike Collection but is far bolder in appearance.

MGS Scarf £39
mgs_scarf-front_02Matching the other items in the collection perfectly this is an exceptionally premium item, given the price tag. wpid-wp-1441361105521.jpegI was glad to see that the quality matches the Mercenary Hoodie but is made with 100% Cotton thus feels softer and the width and length are superb, far from standard. The two tone Olive green main and black tips are excellently matched. Again the signature angular yellow lines makes a symmetrical appearance, as does the Property of Kojima Productions label stitched on it toward one end. It’s perfect for keeping you warm on a cold winter’s day as the length allows plenty of wraps but that’s at high price tag for a scarf. Personally I feel the Scarf  should really have come with the Skull Beanie that’s also available given the price tag.

Flight Bag £74
wpid-wp-1441148254914.jpegA lot bigger width than I expected this over the shoulder bag is ideally suited for carrying a 17″ laptop around, especially given the padded pouch. The front flap has two black fabric bands across its grey exterior and the two detachable Silicon Patches of Fox & Diamond Dogs. The flat is kept in place with two magnetic buttons, which can’t be seen from the exterior. Lifting the flap reveals a full width document pocket in the grey material with a concealed zipper on the front. There’s a full width zip across the centre, keeping the contents of bag safe, opening it up reveals an exquisite lining done in two tone black Tiger Stripe which also features on the reverse on the front flat. Inside the Flight bag is a good sized compartment, the one side is padded and features a strap in the centre secured by a popper, opening reveals a padded on both sides compartment for keeping a laptop safe. There’s also a stealthy zipped concealed pocket patched into the lining and displaying a camo print label. Had this just been a standard over the shoulder bag I would have thought the price a bit high but the padded laptop pouch is excellent. If you’re required to travel a lot with work this makes a great overnight bag too.wpid-wp-1441140434027.jpegI do have a couple of niggles, one is the lack of any padding on the adjustable shoulder strap, the other is there’s a stitched carrying handle on the back side near the top, whilst being secure and has the MSF yellow stitching feels very odd to carry the bag when filled.

Other items worth mentioning that I didn’t pick up:

mgs_parka-front_hoodScout Jacket: £209
As previously mentioned in my first This Geek’s Ce Chic article I coveted the Scout Jacket and it was a tough choice but plumped for the exceptionally stylish Assassin’s Creed Phantom Set. The Scout Jacket looks like a fabulously practical water proof winter coat perfect for a British winter, and like the Tiger Stripe Shirt and Bag features the two sets of Fox & Diamond Dogs patches.

MSF Hoodies RRP £59
mgs_gen-hood-grey_frontmgs_gen-hood-black_sideIt was tough not picking up one of these bad boys the Grey Skull Instructor looks like an ideal training hoodie, with the distinctive MSF Skull logo in the actual colours on the chest. The black Skull Stealth one looks really nice too but given the near invisible Fox logo on Peace Walker Tee I was dubious it would be the same, given the monochrome MSF logo.

Snake Leather £419

This is the ultimate piece of fan memorabilia with a serious price tag to match. An accurate replica of Big Boss’ Leather Jacket worn in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, with the iconic Diamond Dogs logo embossed on the chest on the right side. Made from genuine black Bull Napa leather with an angled zip in the centre and limited to only 300 made, this is the ultimate in wearable and collectible DLC. The Snake Leather is a prefect addition to those (like myself), that would love to try out a bit of Big Boss cosplay but it will hurt your bank balance.


It’s a fitting collection of apparel to mark the final chapters of Big Boss’ career. Having a great militarian style, whilst remaining wearable yet functional, stylish and avoiding being garish or cheesy. The Peace Walker Collection is incredible value, especially given the current price and their compatibility with the Metal Gear Solid V Collection patches and complimentary look. wpid-wp-1441145785697.jpegEven though the Metal Gear Solid V Collection is expensive there’s one unique feature that is worth the price, the yellow label with the words “Property of Kojima Production”. Given the furore of that studio’s closure by Konami, I was surprised Musterbrand hadn’t yet been requested to remove them. So if you want to grab yourself a bit of gaming history and you like the military look, then go for it. I hope Musterbrand are able to bring more Silicon Patches such as MSF, XOF, Fox Hound or Portable Ops logos in the future because I’d certainly be buying them.

tldr: Summary:

+ Very high quality materials used with great detailing and a comfortable fit, washes really well with minimal fading.
+ Unique styling, allows for looking sharp, distinct, with plenty of options available.
+ The Peace Walker Collection is amazing value for money, a great way of sampling the high production quality of Musterbrand at a bargain price.
+ Interchangeable patches for customisation to your own taste / mood

Metal Gear Solid V Collection is only in Olive green / brown (with 2 exceptions) and has a high price tag
– No matching Field Trouser / Combats for the Metal Gear Solid V Collection I definitely would have bought some Tiger Stripe / Olive ones had they been made.

It’s worth noting that Musterbrand are currently running an incentive for posting a review of past purchases made. If it’s posted on their site they’ll reward you with a 10% discount on your next purchase. I’d recommend keeping an eye on their social media as they do a weekly sample give away on a Wednesday via Facebook & occasionally tough quizzes with impressive prizes and often net you a 15% discount code

Full disclosure:

This is not a paid advertisement, all purchases with the exception of Mercenary Hoodie & Olive Field Cap (kindly donated by Musterbrand) were purchased by myself with my own money using a discount code. Official product shots were provided by Musterbrand.

wpid-wp-1441140555217.jpegA massive thank you to Sinead the photographer / photo-editor and my sister-in-law Helen for assisting in the photo-shoot. Even if I did need to perform some CQC to get the items back from her.

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