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Assassin’s Creed Unity Collection Phantom Set – Current Sale Price £169 (RRP £219)

wpid-wp-1435877982650.jpegOfficially licensed by Ubisoft Assassins Creed: Unity Arno Coat and Guillotine scarf form the Phantom Set, which was ordered online from and delivered by courier in a brown box, with both items packaged separately in their own clear plastic wallets. I couldn’t wait to get them unpacked and try them on for size. Which is why I hurriedly did the below video of the unboxing and posted it on YouTube here:

Guillotine scarf (RRP £49.99):

wpid-wp-1435877994465.jpegFrom the images on Musterbrand’s website I was expecting the scarf to be more of a snood in design and was impressed to discover it wasn’t like that at all. It’s a long hand knitted dark blue scarf (much darker that the image on the Musterbrand’s site implies). wpid-wp-1435877898342.jpegMade in Portugal, with the centre forming a hood and the two ends finished with two triangular leather triangular points and a leather Assassin’s Creed logo patch. The fabric is an unusual blend containing 40% Viscose, 25% Polyamide, 25% Merino Wool, 5% Angora, 5% Cashmere, with gives it a luxurious yet rugged texture, looking almost like chainmail due to the type of knitting.
The length is idea for wrapping around and keeping you warm during a cold winter’s day. The Hooded part has two distinct lines that help shape the hood and allow it to sit well on the head without looking like an old ladies headscarf. The Guillotine scarf can be easily dropped back to be worn more like a standard scarf, but the style means you don’t need to wear a hat to keep your ears warm, which is a bonus for me as I’m always misplacing hats.

Arno Coat – Current Sale Price £159 (RRP £209):

The first thing that struck me was the weight of the coat (3kg), folded and packed tightly in the Musterbrand labeled clear plastic packet.
Upon removing the professionally folded coat the reason for the high price is immediately apparent, the softness of the Ombre Blue Cotton Moleskin is incredibly soft and exceptionally thick. wpid-wp-1435876192763.jpegThe brown leather style detachable collar and cuffs are striking and give the coat a very distinctive look. Resembling 18th Century French Military coat, very much inspired by Assassin’s Creed Unity’s lead Arno Dorian in game attire.
The coat is covered in plastic buttons that resemble copper coloured metallic buttons and are deceptively accurate. These ain’t just aesthetically pleasing but serve a function to keep the cuffs in place with two outer visible buttons on the sleeves and three inside the coats cuff discreetly securing the cuffs to the sleeves. The collar is held in place with buttons and also a sturdy discreet zip.

wpid-wp-1435876261974.jpegRemoving the collar allows for the signature Peaked Hood to be attached by the same zip, giving the coat a different look and making it more suited to wet weather.
The detailing on the outside of the Arno coat is impeccable with beautiful stitched lines and subtle but noticeable Assassin’s Creed logo sewn on the back. The Double breasted style is held in place with a two-way metal zip and three poppers. On the front and centre part of the coat sit six Dark Blue Assassin’s Creed Unity logo detachable / replaceable zinc buttons and can be easily customised with Musterbrand’s Unique system. These can be rapidly changed for the various packs available separately from £15 for a pack of six, and are compatible with previous Assassin’s Creed Collection items as well as the currently available Musketeer and Fusilier Cardigans.

wpid-wp-1435881427821.jpegOn the inside the striking Red, White and Blue of the Tricolore lining the back with a lighter shiny blue, the same material as on the reserve of the detachable cuffs and collar. wpid-wp-1435876247718.jpeg wpid-wp-1435876256673.jpegThe coat features two inside pockets the left side a square moleskin patch pocket with a single copper button to fasten it and the right has an almost hidden deep zipped pocket. The outside also has two pockets held by single poppers with a soft lining; you wouldn’t dare store your keys in.
wpid-wp-1435876275177.jpegGiven I’m not exceptionally tall or slim I was concerned about whether this uber stylish coat would fit me. Having previously ordered items in large, I was very satisfied that it fit me perfectly in the Large size I ordered. My girlfriend had trepidations about me spending so much on a coat but when she saw it on her fears were completely allayed. I’ve had numerous compliments on the look and fit.
During the tail end of winter the thickness of the material comes in to its own and the weight is perfectly manageable even for a nerd like me. I do have an issue with a couple of things, the cuffs do make me feel a bit self-conscious as they make the coat look like a period drama costume but that is kind of the point. wpid-wp-1435876214597.jpegThankfully they can be easily removed, making it look less dramatic but more practical for daily use. My other issue is the dual use collar zip, means that only either the collar or hood can be worn. Given Phantom Set comes with the Guillotine scarf that’s not such a big issue for me but may be a gripe for some.
wpid-wp-1435876210211.jpegBefore I dropped over two tonne on clothing I checked out designer coats in the same price range and I can safely say I made the right choice. None of the designers delivered a product suited my geeky nature or had the same attention to detail that the Phantom Set has.

wpid-wp-1435876175386.jpegI’m very pleased with the Phantom Set and disappointed that winter was over far too quickly for me to get more than a couple of weeks wear out of it. With that said, as soon as the temperature drops I’ll be representing the Assassin’s Brotherhood and donning my Arno and Guillotine scarf to battle the elements.

For female Assassin’s Creed fans you may be curious to know that Musterbrand have La Liberté (RRP £169) as similar but more feminine styled jacket.


Full disclosure:
This is the second Arno I’ve received due to a couple of manufacturing failures with the first. Thankfully the customer service from Musterbrand was exemplary, with a relatively painless return and replacement organised as rapidly as possible.
Also whilst awaiting my replacement Arno coat the price was slashed by £50 on not only on the Arno but also the Phantom Set too, Musterbrand were unable to refund me the difference but did provide recompense for the trouble of having to exchange.

If you want more details you could always check out my opinion on The Last Save Loaded podcast Episode 100 Part One (available on PodOmatic or on iTunes).

Verdict: New Score 4
+ Striking to look at and versatile, optional styling with additional personalisation with Musterbrand’s Buttons.
+ High attention to detail and comfortable warm fit.
– Premium price tag
– Hood and collar cannot be worn together.
– Very seasonal due to fabric thickness.

Connor McKervey (@vdjomb)

Our resident Assassin's Creed aficionado, PlayStation fanboy, PS Vita obsessive, podcaster, writer and developer liaison.

Our resident Assassin’s Creed aficionado, PlayStation fanboy, PS Vita obsessive, podcaster, writer and developer liaison.


6 responses to “This Geek’s Ce Chic: Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Phantom Set

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  2. Hey dude nice review about this Coat.
    I have just one question, might be a little bit personal but I just want to be on the safe side so:

    Which body size do you have and which Coat size did you purchased ?

    Alex :)

    • Hi Alexander, glad you like the review. I bought the Arno coat in a Large size, I’m about five foot seven inches & slightly podgy around the middle but I’ve got quite broad shoulders.

      It would be worth checking out the sizing chart on Musterbrand’s site & checking your own measurements with a tape measure, to check which size would be best for you.

      If you’re thinking of buying before December 4th 2015 use the code BLACKFRIDAY2015 to save 20% on your order.

      Let me know if you buy it and what you think.

      Thanks Connor

  3. Great review, very informative and helped a lot. I just have a few questions and it would be great if I can get your opinion.

    First, I am 183 cm or 6 feet tall and on the skinny side, I was wondering if you think the large would fit me? And how is the arm length on the large?

    Also, how did you specifically measure your arm length?


    • Hi Nick,
      Glad you liked the review. Given your height the large might be a bit short in the body. If you look at the sizing chart on the Musterbrand’s full site it gives measurements. I measured from shoulder to wrist as the diagram shows. For me the sleeves stop just before my thumb at rest which prevents arm movement being restricted, for reaching & stretching. You stated you’re skinny so I’d check the chest & waisted circumference measurements against the chart.
      Hopefully that has helped you.

      Remember if you order before December 4th 2015 use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY2015 and save 20% making the Arno great value.

      Let me know if you decide to pick it up.

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