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Styling suggestions

Interested in some or all of the apparel I’ve discussed well maybe these tips will help you to become a Chic Geek like me

Customising buttons


I’ve made numerous references to the unique interchangeable Assassin’s Creed button sets from Musterbrand and I can’t overstate how much they add to the items and allow for personalisation of their garments. I feel the same way about the Metal Gear Collection silicon patches and how they add and change an item you own simply but effectively. For me the Brown Unity buttons match the brown leather style patches on each of the Syndicate items I reviewed, I think the Black Achilles button on the arm of the coats is a great way to wear your motto on your sleeve.

Mixing the collections 


I’ve given a few examples of how to mix and match with Assassin’s Creed collection items but you really should try it. You could also be bolder and mix up multiple franchises like in the image above:

  • On the left  – I’m wearing the the waistcoat I bought for the Jacob Cosplay, accessorised with Evie’s Pocketwatch & Jacob’s Shilling coin nechlace, over an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag longsleeve that you can no longer buy from Musterbrand;
  • Top Right – I’m wearing the Achilles Trench over a sold out Musterbrand Black Hitman dress shirt that you can longer buy, with the red tie I wore for the Jacob Cosplay;
  • Bottom Right – A Navy Assassin’s Creed Black Flag hoodie I bought when I did my first This Geeks Ce Chic article that’s no longer available with Jacob’s Shilling Necklace, waist coat detailed with red & blue pocket hankie.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for some other examples.

Special occasions or daily wear


Musterbrand’s clothing is certainly the couture end of Video game fashion and that can come at a premium but if you’ve got a special occasion you want to look stylish for or just wanna treat yourself then go for it. There are also many items that are hard wearing and casual enough to be worn on a daily basis. With numerous items and multi-buy bargains there’s no better time to give Musterbrand a try. You can thank me later ;-]

Experiment and dare to be different

Be bold, set the fashions don’t follow them. This may sound like hyperbole but try out different styles and looks. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like it, if you feel you look good it gives your confidence an amazing boost and believe me the quality of the apparel is noticeable. I’m not a big fan of the game Title across my chest but I do love subtle logos or themes, and try to wear my favourite franchises when ever I can. It’s quite a buzz to get nods from fellow games when the spot the reference.



The ultimate form of being bold is to emulate a character’s videogame dress style or wear clothing within theme. Join me for my next This Geek’s Ce Chic where I show how a noob like me can achieve some impressive results with nothing more than research, planning, some cash and fair bit of style. Which was inspired by my previous Cosplaylite of Arno Dorian from Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Thanks for taking the time to read my write up, stay tuned to for future apparel reviews. Feel Free to ask me questions about any of the items I own or if you want some styling tips.

I need to give a huge thank you to both the photographer Sinead for her amazing job with the images and Helen for being my willing Twin Sister for the photo-shoot. I also want to thank Knut and Henrik from Musterbrand for being kind enough to send items for review.

NB: Neither JoypadAndMe or myself are currently being paid to write about or advertise Musterbrand’s products and all expenses for the photo-shoot were covered by myself. These are my own opinions and may not reflect the views of other writers on 

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I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan and rapidly becoming obsessed by cosplay and videogame related clothing. You can find me on PSN, Twitter, Instagram, and talking about games on the    JoypadAndMe podcast.


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