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So you’ve read the reviews of four of items in Musterbrand’s sensational Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Collection* but there are still other items within their Assassin’s Creed apparel line that would work really well with the Jacob, Evie, Lancaster and Hansom and here are my recommendations.

Shilling Hoodie /  Fairfax Hoodie Sale Price £76 RRP £109

As I mentioned both the Jacob and Evie are a little thin but you can easily add a hoodie underneath. I haven’t actually received one for review but I feel safe to assume that if the wool is a good as the Mercenary hoodie from the Metal Gear Solid Collection collection then it will be a perfect item to compliment both the coats and Hansom scarf.

Loot Bag RRP £59


This has literally just been added to the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate collection due to people requesting it as a perfect companion to the Jacob and Evie coats due to it’s black look. Given the amount of space I have in my Metal Gear Solid bag, I can imagine this will easily fit a laptop or make an excellent overnight bag and fit the Assassin’s Creed theme due to some fantastic detailing.

Achilles Trench Coat / Dark Achilles Trench Coat  RRP £84 / £119


I bought the replica coat of Achilles worn by my namesakes mentor in Assassin’s Creed 3 and of Shay Cormack’s ex-colleague Assassin’s Creed: Rogue in beige for my sister’s wedding last year and I rocked it. The Achilles is a fantastic length trench with removable red cuffs and some beautiful stitched lines on the canvass style cotton, four interchangeable Musterbrand buttons down the centre and an Assassin’s Creed Emblem on the back between the shoulder blades. Two deep patch pockets on the sides are perfect for phones / wallets and hard enough wearing to hold keys in. Sadly there’s no inside pockets and the liking it a bit of a cop out, there’s a small piece of material in the back of the neck adorned with the Octagon AC logo and clever red lines on the inside seams. it’s also available in black with would perfectly suit the Lancaster hood or Shilling hoodie and the red detailing on both would be perfect for the Hansom.  

Templar Outfit (Cormack Trench Coat & Crusade Hoodie) Sale Price £114 RRP £198


At the price this set it really great value and I need to act quickly as I really love the packaging of these two together, and would allow me to do an Arno vs Shay cosplay shoot in the future. The black trench is not dissimilar to the styling of the Dark Achilles, ie patch pockets, detachable buttons and cuffs but with the addition of the Templar theme. From Templar buttons and a subtle black cross in place of the Assassin’s Emblem on the back, combine this with the grey and black wood hood featuring the detailed Black cross on grey and leather style sleeve square and Templar themed interchangeable button. The Crusade would match the Jacob in style but not necessarily theme. The Cormack would work really well with both the Lancaster or the Hamson due to their colours being a fantastic match.

La Liberté Sale Price £129 RRP £169


I love the cut of this and Helen the model in the Evie clothing in this shoot has been after this coat but sadly it’s no longer available in her size. Unlike my Arno it’s more of a short jacket but features a hood and the same supersoft moleskin cloth of my Arno coat, as well as the Blue AC:Unity themed buttons. Perfect for female Assassins, especially if paired with the Hansom scarf.

Templar Button Set £14


If you want to give either Jacob or Evie’s coat a little styling of the opposition kind you could well pick up as set of these Templar themed interchangeable buttons, with the Templar motto etched in gold around their circumference. The black buttons would work well with the Hansom or Lancaster too or you could create a Templar cosplay with the Jacob or Evie coats forming the basis.

Silver History Button Set RRP £17.50


Unlike the Templar Button Set these are presented in a handy presentation box. I picked up the Jackdaw button set before they sold out and the box it a great way to show off the different buttons. These are same buttons that come with the Achilles & Dark Achilles Trench Coats except in silver instead of black. The super subtle Assassin’s Creed emblem and the fantastic Latin inscription of the Assassin’s motto would bring a level of bling to any of the Syndicate Collection.

Phantom Set (Arno Coat & Guillotine Scarf)No Longer Available


I’ve already discussed these two items when I reviewed the Phantom Set but I can certainly see myself wearing the Hansom or Lancaster with the Arno and utilise my extra Unity buttons on the items to keep them in theme. Or use the Syndicate buttons on the Arno to give it a more Victorian theme. The Guillotine Scarf works well with the Jacob and using the blue Unity buttons accessorise the Jacob coat perfectly.

*Musterbrand products were supplied for review. Neither or myself are being paid to advertise their apparel. Photo-shoot and travel costs were covered by writer.

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