This Geek’s Ce Chic – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Collection Lancaster Hood Review

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Lancaster Hood Sale Price £37 (RRP £49) *

Given that the Jacob doesn’t come with a hood, I was interested to see how the Lancaster would work with the Jacob coat and as hood in it’s own right with other clothing. Received folded in a plastic wallet with only a barcode identifying the SKU. Unfolding the Lancaster it becomes noticeable how deep black the wool used is, light appears to fall into it, which is an incredible feat. The European made wool is a lovely blend of 70/30 Acrylic / Wool with half brioche stitching, the length is a major wow factor and made me curious as to how it would wear.


Thankfully placing it over my head reveals a pleasant surprise being that the lower half of the hood actually becomes a fully formed scarf without the need to wrap it around. Due to the amount of material used it can be very comfortably worn with the hood part down but putting the Lancaster up give you the distinctive look of being a member of the Brotherhood. There’s a thick stitched seam that runs perfectly central and allows for very easy positioning and aiding the hood to sit very well on the head. Due to the fabric’s thickness the Lancaster eliminates the need for an extra hat or scarf to be worn and has an almost chainmail look due to the knitting. The Lancaster is spacey enough to wear a bulky set of Over Ear Headphones underneath, whilst keeping them hidden from prying eyes.

jacob-and-evie-coats-120.jpg.jpegA surprise for me was the addition of the square of leather effect floral embossed and adorned with a Syndicate emblem Musterbrand interchangeable button. But due to the fact you’ll probably wear the hood underneath a coat’s collar only you will know it’s there. The only real criticism I can level at this item is that it’s not quite close enough to the styling of the Hood worn by the Frye twins, but I’m just being overly picky as I’m sure that would have required extra work and bumped the price up.


I really do adore the Lancaster maybe even more than my Guillotine Hooded Scarf I got with the Phantom set. Mainly due to me finding that trying to wrap the Guillotine can be a bit awkward and time consuming and I’m little lazy so this suits me perfectly, looks awesome and wears brilliantly.


  • Incredible black colour and soft wool blend

  • Saves the need for wearing a scarf or hat

  • Can be worn down comfortably

  • Amazingly spacious, plenty of room for a big pair of cans

  • Not a perfect match to the styling of Jacob Frye’s in game Hood

*Musterbrand products were supplied for review. Neither or myself are being paid to advertise their apparel. Photo-shoot and travel costs were covered by writer.

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