This Geek’s Ce Chic – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Collection Jacob coat Review

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Jacob Coat RRP £189 *

Packaged folded and sealed in a Musterbrand branded plastic sleeve weighing less than I expected. removing the Coat reveals the level of care put into making sure this item arrives as perfectly as you’d expect, with tissue paper covering the buttons on the shoulders and wrapped around the toggles fasteners. There’s also a rectangle of tissue paper protecting the back, which is revealed when you allow the coat to drop, thus unveiling the trench coat’s length.

jacob-and-evie-coats-1-1.jpg.jpegThe first thing I noticed was the texture of the coat feeling rugged and practical for winter weather with a subtle wax coating for waterproofing, made from a 70/30 mix of cotton and polyester. It also gives the coat it’s worn, off black or very dark grey look, which is closer to the colour on Musterbrand’s banner images, rather than the product images, which make the coat look like an off navy colour. There’s some amazing stitching details the most noticeable is the cross-hatching, which features on the collar and giving the out turned lapels a quilted look. The use of this as a panel down the back centre of the coat with curved stitching is exquisite.

jacob-and-evie-coats-39-1.jpg.jpegThe stitching also helps to give the coat a great fitted shape and the perpendicular lines on the legs look fantastic, as do the three discreet tabs on the back of the right shoulder blade, which bare a striking resemblance to a throwing knives sheaths. The shoulders feature an epaulette on each side that can be unbuttoned and the cuffs have four matching buttons for decorative purposes only. Unlike many other Assassin’s Creed coats the cuffs feature four purely aesthetic off black, marbled circular buttons that are not detachable but do have a wide enough opening for even a thick hoodie or jumper to be worn comfortably underneath.

jacob-and-evie-coats-2-1.jpg.jpegThe lapels also serve as way to close the coat with a button just under the collar, giving the coat a distinctive Victorian period look. The other closures on the coat are a vast improvement over the popper closings of previous items, with three black toggles with hint of white marbling through them matching the colour of the circular buttons.

jacob-and-evie-coats-11-1.jpg.jpegThese toggles are held in place by the deepest of black corduroy thread, this same material is used liberally, yet specifically throughout the coat, for all the edging. This adds a soft texture to the functional fabric and added a level of class due to their juxtaposition. This is evident with the angular side pockets, which are deep and vertical, lined in red and feature flap coverings to keep rain out and edged in the corduroy threat. The full length lining inside is a glorious crimson red satin polyester with a leather effect octagon embossed with the Assassin’s Creed emblem at the back of the neck, the sleeves are a slightly different shade of red in taffeta which compliments the lining. There’s also a subtle inside zip pocket that’s great for keeping stuff safe such as phones or wallets.

jacob-and-evie-coats-111.jpg.jpegLike many of Musterbrand’s Assassin’s Creed items both past and present this comes with their unique customisable snap on buttons, three sit next to the left side of each of the toggle closures and a fourth is on the left shoulder. Just like a lot of their most recent hoodies this button is located on a square of the same leather style fabric, beautifully embossed with a flowery style background, this one’s on the left shoulder. I do have a little concern that due to the toggles being so close to the buttons there may be some wear on both items due to their proximity and unlike previous buttons there’s doesn’t currently appear to be stock of replacements. But there is a spare button included with the coat.

jacob-and-evie-coats-3.jpg.jpegIt’s also worth noting that Musterbrand’s own item branding has changed, for this item it’s a big black button subtly tucked away within a metal enclosure on the left side near the pocket.

I do have a few criticisms of the Jacob coat which are that it’s not as thick or heavy as I expected but the density of the fabric and the wax coating does mean it takes a level of wind chill away and will keep your body dry in wet weather. There’s also an absence of a hood which feels unusual for an item of this style, but you could purchase a Lancaster or purchase the Jacob as part of the Jacob Shilling Set which would solve both of my major criticisms as it comes with the Shilling hoodie for a very nominal additional fee.

jacob-and-evie-coats-204.jpg.jpegThe major advantage this coat has over the Arno is due to it’s lightness it’s actually more suited for parkour, and the arms don’t feel restricted. The Jacob is an almost perfect replica of Jacob Frye’s coat from the Outdoorsman Outfit that he wears in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, making it a brilliantly affordable item for cosplayers.



  • Beautifully crafted replica of Jacob Frye’s coat perfect for cosplaying

  • Deep covered pockets and inside zip pocket

  • Water and windproof due to wax coating

  • Light-weight and comfortable enough to free-run in

  • Doesn’t come with a hood but the Lancaster suits it really well

  • Would benefit from wearing items underneath it (ie Shilling Hoodie)

*Musterbrand products were supplied for review. Neither or myself are being paid to advertise their apparel. Photo-shoot and travel costs were covered by writer.

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