This Geek’s Ce Chic – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Collection Hansom scarf review

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Hansom scarf Sale Price £30 (RRP £39) 

Received folded in a plastic wallet again without branding, only a barcode and SKU sticker, but it comes with an A5 card stating “WARNING! This garment is very delicate. Please take care when wearing jewelry, snagging may occur.” As instructed I delicately unfolded the scarf and to my surprise I wouldn’t call it a scarf, as it’s more the density and width of a shawl, with an incredible length to it.

Looking at the images on Musterbrand’s website for the Hansom I was under the impression that this would be a standard high quality scarf, not dissimilar to the Metal Gear Solid collection Scarf and with the knitting style of the Guiltotine scarf. Oh boy was I wrong. 


The Crimson colour is a perfect compliment to the linings of both the Evie and Jacob coats, with the four corners, detailed with a black leather style right angled triangles that compliment the coats. The 50/50 mix of Merino wool and Acrylic garter stitched make the Hansom super soft, surprisingly light considering the amount of fabric and this an exceptionally luxurious item.


Due to the amount of material this can be worn in a nearly infinite amount of ways from multiple folds and wrapped as scarf, or as a shawl either just over the shoulders or as hood. As an accessory goes this is incredibly versatile and I think it would be doing the Hansom a great disservice to imply that it’s aimed purely at females.


It does compliment the Evie perfectly and can be used like her cape from the game but I would be happy to wear this with other items and not feel self conscious about it. Like the Lancaster this also features with a Syndicate emblem button on a Square brown leather style patch.


  • Beautifully made, super soft fabric

  • Glorious red that matches other AC:Syndicate Collection items

  • Versatile, can be worn in numerous styles

  • Very long, may not be to the taste of both sexes.

*Musterbrand products were supplied for review. Neither or myself are being paid to advertise their apparel. Photo-shoot and travel costs was cover by writer.

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