This Geek’s Ce Chic – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Collection Evie Coat Review

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Evie coat Sale Price £145 RRP £189 *

Female Assassin’s Creed fans may have been a little disappointed with the look of the feminine version of the Assassin’s Creed Unity coat, as it was more of Jacket than the full length Arno. Musterbrand have rectified this for Syndicate collection with the Evie coat and I’m a little jealous of how amazing this looks.

jacob-and-evie-coats-18.jpg.jpegAt first glance it appears the Evie is just the female version of the Jacob coat, but we know the Devil’s in the details. This coat has some fabulous touches, from the different cuffs to the Jacob and the addition of a hood, which was my only real gripe with the Jacob. The hood is well detailed with the asymmetrical style worn by the Frye siblings, it’s beautifully lined with the same red satin as the inside of the jacket. The cut of the coat is different to the Jacob too certainly more feminine and fitted, whilst still featuring many of the same features as Jacob. jacob-and-evie-coats-12.jpg.jpegThe cross-hatching quilted style is present on the lapels and the inside the front but deliberately absent from back, with the middle of back features a mock belt strap, adding some variety to the rear view.

jacob-and-evie-coats-13.jpg.jpegThe fabric is the same grey 70/30 Mix of Cotton and Polyester and detailed with the black corduroy threat, same three toggles and the four Assassin’s Creed Syndicate emblem buttons. It’s also packaged the same way folding with tissue paper protecting the buttons and in a Musterbrand logo the plastic bag.

jacob-and-evie-coats-15.jpg.jpegLike the Jacob it is light and would benefit from wearing layers underneath it, but with the hood it’s perfect for winter and wet weather or you could always grab the Evie Fairfax Set for a current bargain price as it comes with the Fairfax hoodie. It’s truly a beautiful coat and if you’re a female Assassin’s Creed fan or you know one I’m sure it’d be well received and treasured especially when combined with the Hansom scarf.



  • Incredible looking coat Evie would be proud to wear

  • Water and windproof with Frye styled hood

  • Beautiful detailing

  • Incredible Crimson linings

  • Not an accurate replica of Evie’s coat

*Musterbrand products were supplied for review. Neither or myself are being paid to advertise their apparel. Photo-shoot and travel costs were covered by writer.

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