Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Format:               Multi Platform

Developer;         Criterion Games

Release Date;    01/11/12

Publisher;          Electronic Arts

Open world titles are a big part of the gaming sphere from Red Dead Redemption to infamous the ability to play the game the way you like is a great pull for lots of gamers. In the Racing sphere only one company has tried and succeeded with this format.

So after Criterion’s brief jaunt with a more mission based game in Need for Speed: Hot pursuit it’s time for the British based developer to return to the open world environment it began with Burnout.  The tag line for the game is “the only rule in most wanted is to race without rules”. This allows the racers to start and finish a race but how they get there is up to the individual.

The one constant in any open world game is the Law and even though there are no rules to racing but there are still rules to the road. The title of the game is most wanted and that is how the player levels up by winning races and causing mayhem. It sounds like a winning combination and another edition into the great run of racing games we are experiencing at this time


Paul Fiander

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