Eurogamer Impressions Samsung Notebook Series 7 Gamer (NP700G7C-S01UK)

High end gaming laptops are becoming more frequent in the market place, so companies are having to innovate as mush as they can to gain our attention. Samsung are a company with a great reputation for their products and this newly released laptop seems to offer great specifications for a lower price than its competitors.

With this in mind I wanted to test the gaming additions they had created to see if the device is a valid option for your hard earned money.

Firstly the Keyboard, the keys had good spacing with a nice level of resistance. I feel is one of the main components when choosing a product like this (unless you intend to only use a controller). If the keys are too close together its easy to make mistakes when trying to do precise movements. The key resistance is also important for long term use if the keys are too soft brushing them will cause mistakes and if they require too much pressure you run the risk of fatigue with the muscles that support your wrist and fingers. Due to the size of the keyboard relative to the screen you are afforded a nice sized wrist rest area. This is very practical as it keeps the heel of your hands away from the lower line of keys helping you to avoid accidental key stokes while in high pressure situations.

The keyboard Illumination is a nice touch especially for the novice gamer who is trying to get to grips with using a keyboard to game with. The WASD keys are illuminated in red where all the other keys are blue. The Special red keys are the ones used by most games for initiating movement, however these can not be changed if you do not like traditional key bindings. I think the illuminations are a good idea for new users to help getting to grips with the keyboard but I do question its long term usefulness as to play well you have to work on touch alone.

The trackpad felt very user friendly while on the main windows screen, however it was not as precise as it would need to be in the gaming environment. I find this is true of most laptops the need for intricate movements make a mouse an essential purchase if you intend to play FPS games and other games that rely on precision to make the  difference between winning and losing.

The screen was very good at showing colour and most importantly black. The ability to pick out opposition players in all situation is extremely important both in terms of improving your K/D and avoiding the risk of eye strain. This is also helped by the brightness of the screen. The game on display was Modern warfare and we played the level preceding the Bog part of the campaign. If you remember this section its played through at night and there are a plethora of explosions going on all around you. The visuals while we played held up to the task this being said the game is quite old now, but in terms of colour and fidelity its hard to knock this laptop.

Our test was run at one o’clock meaning the laptop had been running around the three hour mark at that point. The fan was not making a lot background and the system itself did not feel hot to the touch. It was a good way to test if the Turbo cooling system built into the laptop was efficient. Admittedly the laptop was not running games for all that time but between the mixture of use and high ambient temperature the fact it was not not overheating was a great sign for its long term use.

I was genuinely impressed with this laptop and think it could be a great choice for those who want the versatility of of a laptop but still want a good level gaming experience. The price in comparison to its competitors is very good and Samsung have not skimped on the casing or feel of the laptop. The additions they have made to the design are helpful in ensuring this is a practical alternative to a desk based gaming PC.

Paul Fiander (wellbeingosteo)


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