Painkiller Hell & Damnation; DLC and Console Release announcements.


Nordic games and Farm 51 are adding even more content to their 2012 recreation of the classic painkiller franchise. The companies plan on a further five pieces of DLC in the coming year beginning with The Clock Strikes Meat Night which is available on Steam from today for GBP 6.49. (Hit the title for the hyper link.


With new Dual weapons, maps and gretaer expansion of both the single and co-op experience this game is looking to give you a lot more bang for your money.We will be putting up a review of this DLC in the coming days. The images attached will give you some idea of the carnage this DLC will bring to an already great game.


The next piece of news is the release date on console. It’s scheduled for release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 5th 2013. With a standard edition being slated for £24.99 and a special edition come in at £10 more the chance to do battle with the minions of hell is almost within reach of console players as well as those on PC.


With Nordic and Farm 51 working together to bring you this most content on this title its a relationship we hope will bring further titles in this vein. But that is a wish that I hope the gaming fairies will grant.

Paul Fiander


Images from Premier Comms


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