InnoGames have a habit of creating fun Browser based MMO titles and their new title will be taking us out to see in the name of adventure.


This Nautical based game will be full of adventure and discovery as well as intense sea battles. Giving the chance to play out your nautical dreams and follow in the footsteps of Drake, Nelson, Cook or Columbus.

You will get to choose between one of three fully customisable class of ship and gain improvements by leveling up.

The game has an open world basis but you can also compete in PvP battles for that focused action. You will also play in PvE scenarios as well.

There will be Three distinct worlds to fight in called Ithosia, Kartu and the Empire of the Sun all available for plundering to your hearts content.


If this sounds your cup of tea or bottle of Rum then you can join the Beta at www.kartuga.com. Where you will probably get the chance to sink my battleship (As i’m in the Beta as well). This will let me give a fuller report on the game after I have spent some time with it.

The best thing is its all free to play. screenpve15

Paul Fiander




Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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