Injustice: Gods Among Us

Format:                  Multi Platform

Developer:            NetherRealm

Release Date:      2013                                     

Publisher:            Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

NetherRealm studios have returned to link up with Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment to bring another story based fighting experience. Their previous game Mortal Kombat in my opinion was the best story mode in the genre and although there is not a lot of competition for the title they are head and shoulders above all of their peers.

So now it’s time to see if lightning can strike twice as the studio take on the world of DC Comics. With a huge roster of available characters coming from DC’s 78 years of publishing this game is promising to be a cross over lovers wet dream.

The hope for a lot of players is that the Net code will be sufficient to allow for these confrontations to take place over the networks but for me I just hope the story can do the source material justice.

Paul Fiander

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