Deadfall Adventures Announcement Trailer


04._egypt_gizaWhen your Great Grandfather is Alan Quartermain certain things are expected of you. In the year 1938 James Lee Quartermain finds himself on the Ahnenerbe (the Nazi department specialized in the occult) hit list as well as needing to travel the world in pursuit of the heart of Atlantis. The images attached show the variety of locations that he will travel to, from jungles in Guatemala, to the Arctic and of course every treasure hunters favoured destination Egypt.

If this premise sounds in the summer blockbuster vein then Nordic games together with Farm 51 have achieved what they set out to do. By drawing influence from Saturday morning matinees and the afore mentioned Summer blockbusters they hope that the younger Mr Quartermain can bring a bit of his family heritage to the new generation


The game will be released for the Xbox360 and PC. Making use of the Unreal 3 Engine this is this partnerships most ambitious game to date and from the screens and Trailer (see below) they are certainly making the most of the game engine.

Nordic games and Farm 51 are also responsible for Painkiller Hell and Damnation which is a game we on the site really enjoy ( See the review here).

If the mechanics of the game are as solid as their previous title the upgrade in graphics will really help this game in the long run.

I can not wait for this title and we hope to have a review when the game is released.

Paul Fiander

Images and video courtesy of Premier  Comms and Nordic games.


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