Shift 2 Unleashed Questing

 In association with Blessy84.

Driving games are an area of gaming where in my opinion the more realistic they are the better. You do get great arcade racers like Motorstorm Apocalypse and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit but these are not the huge sellers that the simulators like Gran Turismo and Forza are. In recent years we have seen a new face enter the Simulator market and the Shift franchise has made steady strides in gaining market share.

EA’s racer has ditched the Need for Speed tag and become all grown up. With rewards for nearly everything it’s a XP whore’s dream driving experience. You get the chance to drive some seriously intense cars that take some managing, that said it’s a great ride and these tips will hopefully give you a leg up in the quest for the maximum rank.

The following tips are from a community member (psn=Blessy84) they are focused on learning individual tracks and will also help you to not only rank up but also grab a few cheeky trophies on the way.

As stated above Shift rewards you for nearly everything and you can take advantage of this when trying to gain the Day Walker and Night Rider Trophies. These trophies are awarded when you master every track in the game during the day and at night. Mastering is done in two ways:

Keeping to the Best Line

The best line is the Graphic overlaid on the track depicting the Racing Line. If you keep to this line you are rewarded with a constant stream of points as well as getting a boost of XP once you have 100% coverage.

Mastering Corners

Each track also has rewards for hitting each corner perfectly. These rewards again come in a constant stream with a Bonus once the track is mastered.

To complete these objectives it’s better to use a slower more stable car like the Audi S3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta (as depicted below) or the Old fashioned Mini (my personal favourite). This is because precision is more important than speed for these challenges. Modifications to suspension and tyres can also be very helpful.

As for the actual races you are able to do this in one of three ways, playing the campaign or online are the obvious choice. However these two can come at a cost as not all events/tracks are open to you until you gain ranks and you cannot afford to buy new cars straight away, as well as the opponents in the single player are very aggressive and are desperate to push you on the Marbles and this can ruin your lap.  Also with an older game the online community will have better track knowledge as well making online racing a chore.

Instead create a Quick race and set the opponents to 0 then you are able to learn the track as well as rank up at the same time giving you more XP and in the processes extra cash to mod your cars (you get money in this way when you rank up not when you win a race). Also by raising the difficulty you are able to better learn the way the cars handle at differing levels giving you a heads up for the future in single player and win races towards gaining trophies.

I hope these ideas are able to give you a leg up in quest for that maximum rank and my thanks to Blessy84 for his ideas on the game.

See you on the Track

Paul Fiander


All Images from EA press


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