Max Payne 3 Questing

Welcome to the first edition of the Quest for XP series. The ideas below are based on my experiences of the game.  Its not a Masterclass by any means just think of it as a jumping off point from which to explore the playing field. I do hope it can help to give you a few ideas in progressing as quickly as possible. Please feel free to add any ideas you have in the section below.

1. Free aim vs Soft lock

This is the first choice offered to you within the multi-player menu. The two types allow for differing play styles. To begin with using the soft lock is a lot easier it allows you to learn your surroundings within the map as well as the characteristics of the guns from recoil to reload times. The other area where the soft lock option is especially useful is levelling up the right weapons. When you play Deathmatch in Free aim the game is populated with dual wield pistols and mach10`s. The mach10`s dual wield is not available till level 6 of the weapon’s rank and by levelling up in soft lock it can help give a large advantage in free aim. One nice touch about the default classes is they allow levelling up for the custom class so take a look at the Snitch class in order to improve this particular weapon.

2.Looting not just for chavs.

This mechanic allows you to pick up equipment, pills and other goodies from any fallen player on the map. You also gain a small amount of XP and cash from doing this.the lovely little trick the game pulls its sometimes that cash or XP can be significantly larger. This is especially true in the Max Payne vs the world mode as looting Max or Passos gives you extra cash. In one game it was two hundred and fifty dollars in another just a hundred it makes this mechanic a interesting option as “just like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get”. Although the cash itself is not going to give you that XP boost it will allow to level your gear and then help you to gain more XP. This can also leave you free to coax a few extra kills as when people know about the extra loot covering Max’s body can be very profitable. You can also use a booby trap perk so when you get looted after death you are rewarded as your body takes the life of the looter.


3.Don’t neglect the Rookie playlist

When you start playing the game choices are limited to Rookie levels. Use this time to try to learn both game types and maps. Spending the time looking around instead of looking for kills will help give you a leg up when you open up the main playlist which is opened up after 100 kills so you will get there at a rapid rate. The best part about playing at this level is higher level players will not be present so you are less likely to get owned.

4.Deathmatch the perfect place for XP

After trying out all the game types I could I have found that my highest rate of XP per minute was in Deathmatch (Max Payne’s take on Free for All). This true for both Soft lock and Free aim. Because the game lasts ten minutes you can wrack up tonnes of kills and assists  The multipliers like melee kill, head shots and others become even more important when linked with the high level of kills.

5.Take the time to watch the start screen in Deathmatch

The Deathmatch start screen shows you the area around you and this can help you to notice an opponent and so give you that quick early kill. Map knowledge is key for this to work as sometimes it can be a little disorientating as the camera angles can be awkward to say the least. The only word of caution I would give is remember this type of view is not restricted to just you so watch your back.

6.Vendettas making the best of a dodgy spawn system

I have never played a game where revenge kills were the norm. The spawn system in Deathmatch is to a point where you can kill the same player for a few minutes and not see another player. The game makes the most of it by allowing Vendettas. This mechanic is activated after a player is killed twice by the same player. If you then make the next kill you gain a significant XP boost. Also if you kill a player who has taken out a vendetta against you you are rewarded with bonus XP.

7.Bullet time not just for Neo.

When your the initiator of bullet time you feel like the king of the world when your on the receiving end it feels like the worse idea to put in a game. Learning when to use this mechanic can be really helpful in all game modes. There are times to use it in attack but also its a great defensive mechanism. If your trapped between opponents start the quick time and it can allow to avoid death by finding cover and allowing you to turn the situation to your advantage.

8.Customisation the only way forward.

After level four you start being allowed to alter classes to your particular tastes. There is a temptation to load yourself up with multiple guns, explosives and equipment. This comes at a cost every extra addition to the class gives you an increase in weight for example a SMG will keep you in the light category but a LMG will instantly get you moved to the medium class. Increases in weight lowers the speed you can move but more importantly reduces your ability to recover from injury. However you are able to equip body armour and/or helmets to help reduce bullet damage meaning getting your camp on is made more effective, this can be very useful in the objective based gang wars. Think about how you want to play the game if you rush keep it light if you prefer to keep still than load up or mix it up and try to find that perfect mix. For me its rushing all the way I use an SMG of Shotgun and a boost and that’s it.


9.Popping Pills is not always bad.

One of the benefits of looting is random collection of painkillers. They can give you quick recovery from damage and allow you to fight another day. Its a helpful tool but also easy to forget about in the heat of battle. There is a injury meter in the bottom corner of the screen and it will show you how many pills you have.The pills have an almost instant effect so you can use them in the middle of a gunfight to great effect.

10.Using all the tools to win a confrontation.

Getting to grips with all the controls of your player is a great way to win skirmishes. The cover mechanic is really handy for being inconspicuous but also for trying to recover from injury. Covering also allows you pop out and take shots timing becomes the key when taking shots but always be aware of someone else sneaking up behind you. The roll mechanic can help you to get the jump on opposition as well. Quick movement especially in free aim puts you in great positions to attack. The melee has stepped away from the Call of Duty one stab kill, apart from if you stab from behind just like Battlefield except you do not get any over the top animation. However the main tool for me is using the vertically of the maps climbing up a building or on top of some crates gives you a greater view of the field allowing communication to teammates and can be good for a kill or two.


These ten tips will hopefully give you a boost in your quest to level up. There are other mechanics in the game such as the boosts to play with and of course completing challenges for kills with guns etc but they are more hinted to within the game. For a review of the multiplayer please keep an eye out in the review section.

Paul Fiander

aka Wellbeingosteo

Pictures courtesy of Google Images.

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