Platinum Report: Trine 2

Platinum Report Trine 2

According to the official website “Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game of action, puzzles, and platforming.” Even after earning the platinum trophy, this is just about my full extent of understanding of the game. I know that it’s a fantasy based game where you can be a wizard, a thief, or a knight and switch between the characters to use their various skills to reach the end of the level. There is a story too, it somehow revolves around this Trine thingy and a dream I think and well…I just didn’t understand it. I had never played the first game, but had heard good things about it. Trine 2 was offered as a free download for members of Playstation Plus, and one of my good friends told me that he had heard the platinum was really easy to get. Being the shameless trophy whore that I am, this was all the convincing I needed to take on the quest.

To say that earning the platinum trophy in Trine 2 was easy is not entirely accurate, it’s also fast. My co-op partner Miguel Martinez (psn: migma84) and I sat down to play this game one evening. Our first trophy popped just before 8pm and the platinum trophy was earned about 4 hours later at a quarter after midnight. It didn’t even require a full play through of the game. I think we made it to the seventh stage and had earned every trophy that could be had playing cooperatively. Some areas were a bit of a challenge in their “puzzling, platforming,” but I realized that if one player could get past the obstacle and advance through the level to the next checkpoint, the second player could just die and respawn at the new location.

Admittedly I am writing this piece two months, to the day, after playing this game so some of the details are a bit fuzzy. The only trophy that I can remember that perplexed us was the one called “A Hail of Arrows” in which you were supposed to shoot 3 arrows into the air and catch them with the Knight’s shield. We couldn’t figure out if you needed to do it as one player by shooting 3 arrows into the air with the thief and then switching to the knight to catch them. Turns out that you can do it as separate players and there is an upgrade for the thief that allows you to shoot a spread of arrows. Once you have upgraded the thief to that level, you can just have the other person be the knight and hold up the shield while the player as the thief just lobs arrow after arrow toward the knight.

Also of interest is that you can pretty much re-spec any of the characters on the fly, so when you have unlocked enough points you can just throw upgrades at the character you need to get a particular trophy without worry. The final trophy that needs to be earned in single player is “Flying Solo” wherein you need to complete a whole level playing as one character only, without switching to either of the other two. It’s best to go after this trophy after you have done your co-op run so that you can fully upgrade the wizard and do a run through Chapter 2. If you die, just restart the last checkpoint so you don’t have to change to one of the other characters. All in all it was a dead easy and really quick platinum trophy, even if I STILL don’t understand the game. I think a good introduction to “The Platinum Report.” I hope my fellow staff members will embrace this new series and write their own reports in the future. I’m looking at you Karbaasi.

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