Platinum Report – Need For Speed Most Wanted

Platinum Report - Need For Sped Most Wanted

I’m not exactly what you would call a platinum hunter. For that you need to look at our resident platinum stig but on the odd occasion I do manage to surprise myself and manage to power through and gain that elusive Platinum. On one such occasion I managed just this on Need For Speed Most Wanted. This was also my first platinum on the Playstation Vita but the trophies are exactly the same on the PS3 so I thought what better reason to write a Platinum Report.

A lot of the trophies are fairly straight forward. You will gain most of them just through general gameplay but there are one or two that may need a hint or tip here and there.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Single Player

Most Wanted Rides. (+Alpha Dog, Charming, Blackout, Lexus Ranger, Track Weapon, Arachnophobic, Main Event, White Gold, Mighty Wind, Don’t Blink, Go Pro Or Go Home)

This gold trophy plus the 10 other most wanted trophies are actually fairly simple to obtain. Basically its your average ‘finish first’ affair with the additional opponent takedown at the end. Now, Some people chop and change cars in order to move up the most wanted list of drivers and cars. This is purely up to you. I personally feel that it is better to find a car that you are happy with and that you feel you can control at high speeds. For me this was far more important. I actually managed to win and then take down all ten of the most wanted drivers in the Aston Martin. Obviously as I drove I unlocked the mods and then the pro mods for this car which in turn gave me the Go Pro Or Go Home trophy as well. I found that as I drove this more and more I was easily able to predict how the car would handle in a tight corner or as i swerved though traffic during a race. I even found it fast enough (maybe with a little bit of luck on a couple of occasions) to take on all of the ten most wanted cars as well. There is nothing t say you have to use the same car or change cars so it’s purely up to you.

With regards to the take downs of the beaten opponents. Don’t worry too much if they sometimes escape you as you attempt to take them down. The will leave you for a short time but carry on driving around and a few minutes later they will race past you or show up on your local map screen again for you to have another attempt at.

Gates, Billboards, Jack Spots & Speed Cameras

Well this is where the real grind for this game is. 66 Speed cameras, 156 Billboards, 123 Jack Spots and 135 Security gates to race, crash and bash through.

Got To Smash Them All

The billboards are probably the most awkward to actually get once found as some of them are a bit tricky to get to as they are hanging on the edge of some buildings or at the end of a longer than usual jump but all are easy to get once you a) find them and b) work out where the run up to them is. The map screen shows the location of the billboards that you have already found. Below can be found a completed map screenshot showing all the billboard locations for you to tick off.

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Billboards


Speed cameras are pretty much the same as the billboards. As you drive around especially during races you are bound to find most of them easily and set them off with no troubles. The map screen again shows off the ones that you have already been through so you know to look elsewhere, Unlike the billboards, the speed cameras are more evenly spaced out and so roaming around the map in free drive mode will find any that you don’t catch during any races. Below you will see another screenshot of the map showing all the speed camera locations.

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Speed Cameras

The Gatecrasher

Security gates. Ahh the damn damn damn security gates. This was the biggest pain in the arse for me and the trophy that took the longest to complete. Unlike the previous two, there is no map screen for the security gates showing which you have already been through. To complete this you will have to go around and hun them down. The obvious place for most of them are in the built up city locations and especially clustered around billboards and Jack Spots. Take extra care to ensure you have checked every location. I found that the one gate that I spent hours hunting for was actually a well hidden second entrance/exit alley way next to a Chevrolet Camero Jackspot in the bottom right corner of the map screen. A handy tip for these gates is when you find one of them make sure you completely knock all of it down. This way when you are racing around the gates you haven’t crashed through will stand out rather than having to stop and check to see if what you spotted was a full unchecked gate or one you have previously found.

Note: Any billboards, Speed Cameras and Security gates that you go through during an online race will not count towards you single player total and therefore not towards the relevant trophies.


Jack Spots are again another one where it is mainly just a case of driving around and coming across them. Some are more obvious than others. Look in the corners of building sites, tops of parking areas, by petrol garages. There is also a fairly large amount in the park area so check this thoroughly. Below is a screenshot of the map showing all the Jack Spot locations for anyone wanting to check them off their list.

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Jack Spots

Second Is Nothing

Finish First In Every Race, In Every Car. Ahh yes the thorn in the side of us all. It’s great that this title has so many different cars but that is also the bane when it comes to gaining this trophy. The only way to really go about doing this is with a long grind going through each car one at a time and completing each of the 5 races. Some of these will get completed as you go through the ‘story’ portion of the game becoming the most wanted driver but alas you will have to go back through and race many, many other races. Some are admittedly easier than others. Friends had particularly hard times completing the 5 races for the Bugatti Veyron where as for me, the hardest race by miles was the speed challenge for the Ariel Atom. I spent race after race perfecting 3 or 4 particular corners to maximise speed whilst not smashing into the oncoming walls or mis-timing a jump. Keep at it as practice will make perfect and they are all do-able.


Takedown Every Racer At Least Once In A Single Race. Logic would dictate that you start off by taking out the nearest car to you at the start but a much more time-saving way of completing this one for me was to race up to the lead car and taking them out first. From there, work your way back down the pack as the slower cars will be easier to catch and won’t leave you with that mad dash with half a lap left to catch up to the lead car and take them out on the last corner.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Trophy Combo Tip.

In one go you can gain a whole heap of trophies. One such way would be to equip the Ford F150 Raptor SVT and go on a rampage. Equip the Raptor with re inflate tyres. Go for a drive and when you see an unsuspecting cop car, smash it. This will give you trophy no.1 (First Strike) from there it’s all about keeping the police after you so you can raise your wanted level. On the first roadblock they put out to stop you race past it, avoiding any collisions to give you trophy no.2 (Slip The Cuffs). The second and subsequent roadblocks you can smash through till your heart’s content. Smashing one will give you trophy no 3 (Battering Ram). Wrecking 10 police cars on the road and in roadblocks will give you trophy no 4 (Mauled). Police will start to use spike strips in their roadblocks as your wanted level goes up. With the re-inflate tyres equipped to your Raptor you should make short work of the roadblocks and let your tyres get spiked. By doing this 5 times you will gain trophy no. 5 (Iron Boots). Whilst driving around causing chaos, look for an open area and while there have a little fun drifting in circles. Be carefull no to make the circles too tight as these will count as donuts and not drifting. Doing a 250 yard drift will give you trophy no. 6 (Sidewinder). By this point you should have angered the police to such a level as you are now most wanted. No is time to escape. make sure you have gone through a billboard and then use a Jack Spot during this police chase and you will gain trophies no. 7 (Kitchen Sink) and no. 8 (Switcheroo). During the pursuit drive through a garage to give you trophy no 9 (Fix Me Up). After that Fill up your nitrous on the highways and then let loose with the speed boost, use the lot without hitting any barriers or cars and you gain trophy no. 10 (Feeling The Need). Blasting past a speed camera while escaping from the cops at 200mph will gain you trophy no. 11 (Fast Forward). Now if you can use a Jack Spot to jump into the Marussia B2 you can then go for the perfect dozen and escape the police using all your driving skill and cunning to gain trophy no. 12 (Beast From The East). That’s 12 trophies in one chase sequence plus a very healthy haul of speed points which will help to open up more most wanted cars to take down.

Need For Speed Most Wanted


The Modfather

Gain 3 Pro Mods In Multiplayer Mode. This one at first had me feeling as though I was going to be in for a grind but inspiration caught me at just the right time. The 3 pro mods don’t have to be on the same vehicle so pick the pro mod that is easiest for you to get and just replicate this on 3 vehicles.

One such speedy technique if you want to get through this is to equip the re-inflate tyres. With these on you can then hold the brakes on and burnout the tyres until they explode and then wait a few seconds for them to re-inflate and re-do this process 32 times until you gain a pro mod. Recording a 100 yard drift 160 times whilst using Short Gears will also gain you the pro mod and is one that can be achieved in a short time even though it sounds like one that will take up time. 50 Nitrous takedowns is another one that sounds like a long slog to get but with the right speed list matches this shouldn’t take you too long to get at all.

Mix Master

Play A Custom Speedlist You Have Created. This is actually a really simple trophy to get but one that it seems a lot of people leave until last. Basically it’s exactly what it says. Create a speed list to use in a multiplayer game. Once done, go online and host a game. It doesn’t have to be with friends so any random players will do. Play your speed list through and there you go, job done. This one is a handy one if you want to custom make a speed list with race or event types that will help you get other online trophies such as After Market and The Modfather.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

I hope that this guide will help you along with finishing your play through of Need For Speed Most Wanted and gaining your Platinum on the Playstation Vita and also the Playstation 3. We would love to hear from you if this helped at all and if you gained your platinum and especially if it was your first.

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