Platinum Report: God Of War, Ghost Of Sparta

Platinum Report God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

I have always been a fan of the God of War series. I have played both of the originals in HD and the third installment. I enjoyed every one of them and have a Platinum in all as well. Now, when I heard there would be a HD of the PSP’s installments, I was excited. It took me a while, but I finally got the Origins collection and played Chains of Olympus and even though, it wasn’t so great as I expected, I played through it and got the Platinum. Now it’s time for the Ghost of Sparta to kneel before me. The last God of War to Platinum, before my collection is complete. Until Ascension comes out, that is.

The trophies are basic God of War. You collect a good amount of them by just finishing the story. Just remember to start on “hard” difficulty, so you don’t need to play it again, though you can if you like. It isn’t a very long game nor difficult, but that’s the portable in PSP speaking.

There are four types of collectibles: Gorgon eyes, phoenix feathers, minotaur horns and Godly possessions. Let’s concentrate on the first three. These aren’t too difficult. If you search precisely, you will find all of them. You need 15 pieces of each collectible and there are still some extras tossed towards the end of the game, so no worries.

Now, the Godly possessions. This sounds difficult at first, remembering previous games with this trophy, but it’s not. You’re basically given all possessions without any hassle. Just need to remember to play the sex mini-game (yay!) three times to get one goodly possession and after an Athena-statue being destroyed (spoiler!), look right. That’s it.  All the other ones that can be achieved on your play through are pretty much going to be tossed right in front of your feet. There’s one possession that is acquired elsewhere, but more on to that later.

God Of WarWhile concentrating on the collectibles there are more specific trophies that require some attention. Heartless requires you to rip out 10 Kere’s wraith hearts. These are the annoying enemies that are fast and can go beneath ground and jump you. You will encounter your first Kere’s in a pack of three. Kill two by QTE’s, let the third kill you, restart, repeat until trophy pops up. Another misable trophy is The Midas Trick. While pursuing King Midas, you’ll encounter a golden chest. You can’t open it, but you can TRY to open it. Try to open the chest for 30 seconds and the trophy is yours.
After playing through the game I started the “Challenge of the Gods”, which is a series of challenges with wide variety. Unlike previous games, this actually has two sets of challenges: Ares’s and Athena’s. Though there are more, they’re much easier than the previous titles. Probably because the game was originally designed for a handheld. You will have hardly any difficulty with them.

But wait! What do you see? Athena’s set is locked, you say?! Well, yes, it’s locked and that brings us to the most annoying and time-consuming trophy you’ll have to face. To get the last Godly possession, you’ll have to collect 1,000,000 orbs and spent them in the Temple of Zeus. By spending orbs you unlock new gear for the Combat Arena and of course, the Athena challenge set. Just remember to activate “The King’s Ring” in the options, that speeds things up a little. After achieving the grind and unlocking everything, including upgrading all your weapons if you still need to, you only need the 1) Greatest Hits (1000 hit combo) and 2) Burning Sensation (Kill 500 with fire) trophies from the Combat arena.

Use for 1)

Health – Infinite
Magic – Infinite
Costume – Doesn’t matter
Backdrop – Doesn’t matter
Difficulty – Easy
Creature Slot #1 – Minotaur, Count = x2, Health = Infinite, Attack = off. and Respawn = on
Creature Slot #2 – Minotaur, Count = x2, Health = Infinite, Attack = off. and Respawn = on

Then just hit left on the d-pad. You can watch TV while you’re at it. Makes the time fly better.

Use for 2)

Health – Infinite
Magic – Infinite
Costume – Doesn’t matter
Backdrop – Doesn’t matter
Difficulty – Easy
Creature Slot #1 – Atlantis Female, Count = x3, Health = Normal, Attack = off. and Respawn = on
Creature Slot #2 – Atlantis Male, Count = x3, Health = Normal, Attack = off. and Respawn = on

Use Thera’s Bane (R1 + Square) and let your inner pyromaniac free!

God Of WarAfter completing those tedious tasks, there’s only one more trophy standing between you and the Platinum. To me, it was the trickiest trophy to be honest and I didn’t know this until the end of the game, but luckily it’s pretty early on in the game so you can start a new game like I did. You’ll meet a titan named Thera. You will make her scream (not in that way), but by rotating your analog sticks. Rotating at the correct speed you will ALMOST rip her magical powers into you, thus making her scream. You need to do to this for over a minute, so 61 seconds. It’s pretty tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easy, but it will take time. If you rotate too much and complete the QTE, no worry. Just restart the last checkpoint and try again.

After getting that, it’s Platinum time!!!

Overall, I enjoyed Ghost of Sparta. It was fun, action-packed and told another story in the life of the God of War. The trophies were a little easy, mixed with some tedious grinding ones, but nothing impossible. I definitely recommend this and, if you liked this, all the other God of Wars. If you don’t own any of these, it’s your lucky day, because the entire collection will be released in one set entitled ‘The God Of War Saga’.

Go get it!

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