Mass Effect 3 Questing

When Bioware announce Mass Effect 3 was getting a Multiplayer we had the usual reactionary comments of we don’t want that experience in our game. However once the naysayers got out from under their blankets and used their thumbs to direct the plethora of characters with guns like the N7 Eagle, Mantis and Claymore. The move away from PvP to a 4 player co-op made the game have an extra level of tension as you want to help your teammates and do not know whats around the corner in terms on enemies.

However as with many games the more you play it the less surprising it is. You learn the maps, the routes you need to take and most of all the spawns.

So why are we returning the to the fight to save the Universe?

The answer is shown in the Trailer below.

The Retaliation DLC (which is free once you have an online pass) changes the game in a variety of ways from changing weather conditions, new Multiplayer characters,  new guns and alterations to existing maps. The biggest change of all is the new adversaries from the additions to existing species like the Geth Bomber to the most important change of all the Collecters have been brought into Multiplayer for the first time.

So we will be bringing you some new tips and tricks to help your XP hunting.

Good luck soilder the fate of the Universe is in your hands.

Article List

Playing as a Vanguard

Solo Quarian Infiltrator (male) on Firebase White


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