The Quest for XP (Quick Hit) – Battlefield 3: Using A PDW-R

With its high damage for a Personal defence weapon coupled with a good rate of fire this gun seems a bit underused.

However this tip will hopefully see you utilise what can be a very good gun especially with this great combination of attachments suitable for the close quarter’s maps.

As I have already mentioned in the guide I did for the Close Quarters expansion, Hip firing is a highly effective tool. With this in mind you can utilise the Laser sight and Extended Mag combination on this weapon, not all the PDW’s allow for this combination.

The laser sight (unlocked at 20 kills) is available in the second attachment slot. It adds a little extra stability when your hip firing and also can dazzle targets at close range. It’s not a huge advantage but using the hip fire correctly is and this attachment does give you that slight advantage.

The Extended Mag (unlocked at 60 Kills) helps in my opinion to take away the guns biggest failing its limited clip size. Without the extended mag your gun has 21 bullets with the attachment you get an extra 10 bullets. This helps in two ways;

Firstly more bullets in case you run into multiple enemies or have difficulty putting one enemy down. The extra bullets can also aid in keeping targets suppressed allowing you to call for back up

Secondly this weapon has a reload speed of 2.5 seconds with a bullet in the chamber which is pretty standard for the PDW’s but when your empty the reload speed is 3.4 seconds. Although the extend mag does not reduce this with the extra capacity you are less likely to drain your clip before reload.

With these attachments this weapon has become highly effective at putting down opponents in the confined spaces of these maps and I encourage you to give it a go.

See you on the Battlefield

Paul Fiander

aka Wellbeingosteo

Photos courtesy of Google Images


4 responses to “The Quest for XP (Quick Hit) – Battlefield 3: Using A PDW-R

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  2. Prefer the PP2000 with that combination seems to take people down quicker with Bullets to spare…. PWD-R for me with a Silencer although I find the P90 outclasses all in this category…

  3. The PDW-R has a higher low end damage than the PP2000. If your accurate at close range the PP2000 will win but at medium distances the PDW-R just has the edge with an extra 3.3% damage.
    But with all these tips they are not for everyone but just something to try.
    Do agree the P90 is the king of PDW’s.

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