The Quest for XP (Quick Hit) – Battlefield 3: Sniping with a shotgun


Shotguns are usually a gun most associated for close quarters combat. They have lethal efficiency up close and due to the pellets they use they are also able to damage/suppress multiple targets close up.

There is a way however to make the shotguns a more versatile weapon at medium range. The 12g Slug ammo is the attachment we need to utilise to alter the mechanics of the weapons in question. The shotguns allow you a number of choices in the ammo department and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The slug is a single projectile so different to the pellet based ammo found with the rest of the attachment choices. They are fin stabilised and this is what gives it it’s longer range. The slug moves slower than a ballistic bullet and so you have to learn the idiosyncrasies of using this setup.  You also have to more accurate with your shot as you lose the spray of pellets to the pin point accuracy of a single projectile.

The alteration to the range of the shotguns is for the Pump action shotguns a range of 40 metres and 20 metres with the Semi automatic. Due to the limit placed on the rapid fire shotguns this technique is more use with the Pump actions.  This is also backed up by the damage stats with the Pump action causing 100-34% and the Semi autos restricted to 50-34% damage.

With the increase in range you can also start playing with your sight option. I would not recommend the 12x scope as the guns do not warrant this kind of range. My personal favourite is the ACOG scope; this is because it still gives you peripheral vision around the scope allowing you to react to multiple targets more efficiently. The other choice would be the 6X scope but this can make you more of a target as you are blinkered into sight making you an easier target at close quarters. But the choice depends on the scope you feel most comfortable using.

For the Third attachment slot you can use extended mags or the laser sight. The extra shots are very useful but on a map like Operation Metro the extra hip fire accuracy you achieve by using the laser is a very good option.

I have found this setup a lot of fun to play with and would recommend using it. It makes the Spas, M1014 and the 870MCS more viable on all maps and gives your kits extra versatility. Take a look at a quick bit of gameplay of me going out with the 870 and having a tonne of fun.

When you do get used to it though it can give you great rewards. Good luck.

See you on the Battlefield

Paul Fiander

aka Wellbeingosteo

 Photos courtesy of Google Images.


2 responses to “The Quest for XP (Quick Hit) – Battlefield 3: Sniping with a shotgun

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  2. Great article. I had actually experimented with using the shotgun for sniperesque missions, but forgot the slug piece of the equation. I also didn’t know that the semi-autos were nerfed in the damage and range dept, although it makes sense. I’ll have to give it a go.

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